Thursday, February 01, 2007

Trench Warfare: Wearing Every Shade of Cynical

January. The good thing is that it's over, and the bad thing is that it's over.

February is bringing new things though, and I'm pleased to say that my schedule is filling back up! *cheers*

Between practicing for Solo&Ensemble and the new play coming up, I will supposedly be rather busy. Hooray for a new play! I really am hoping to be cast in this one. Really. Like... I can't even describe it.

But now I'm back home for a while. Well... I always lived at home, but I'm never home. I have realized once again that my house is the Island of Perpetual Screaming. As much as it drives me nuts, I finally discovered a solution: The Bubble Bath Remedy. No matter how loud the kids are screaming, you'll get there. You will. I've been trying to spread this philosophy (not to much avail) but, hey. What can a girl do?

Last night I went to the school during solo night to see Dave because I haven't seen him in a while. I made him some muffins...yeah. It was a really funny night though; Mr. Scholes was there too. It was funny because, in my efforts to spread the Bubble Bath Remedy to little Miss K, I made her a CD entitled Becca's Basically Brilliant Bubble Bath Ballads. Scholes and Dave, upon reading this simultaneously, both turned and gave me the same look that can't be described in a single sentence. It had me laughing, anyway. It made my life. :)

It's been, all things considered, an extremely entertaining couple of weeks. That's all.


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Melissa said...

Bubble Baths are a beautiful, beautiful remedy for pretty much anything!