Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chechnya, Frank Ticheli, and How to Fall in Love (with Theatre)

I have been, for the past few days, been encountering several mini-adventures. Things such as Global Warming (bitterly and ironically dubbed Snowball Warning by me) and my absolute hatred of dishwashers have occupied my mind.

Clearly, the people who are Global Warming Activists do not live in Michigan. Despite our unseasonably warm December weather, this is one of the coldest Januarys I've ever experienced. Reality check: it was -10 degrees on Monday morning. No, that was most definitely not a typo. That's a definite negative ten. Call me crazy, but I could use a little Global Warming. I don't deny that it exists, it does. I just think that we have bigger issues to deal with in this state, this country, and this world. Global Warming... my arse. Find a better cause and call me in the morning.

Yesterday, along with Condolezza Rice (Erin), an assortment of 8th graders, the Band teachers, and a selection of my band class, I ventured to Taco Bell and then to a Frank Ticheli concert (and met the dude...yay!). I'm pretty amazed by what that man can do with music. No lie, his version of Shenandoah would put me right to sleep in the best possible way. We're playing Joy Revisited in band right now and the MSU band played it at the concert last night. It had me thinking "Oh... so THAT'S what it's supposed to sound like!" They also played the Simple Gifts piece that we did at festival last year. Good times... really. ;)

Today was my audition for Our Town and, as usual, I had the time of my life. Abbey paired me up with Jay (so we could be a dream team as always) and we rocked out the parts of Dr and Mrs Gibbs. Then, we proceeded to rock out the parts of Emily and George, and Abbey had me stick around to read as both Emily and Mrs Webb with Ashley Bessert. Yeah... I basically love theatre auditions.



Melissa said...

What awesomely fun ROCK!

Kelly said...

Becca is a real friend, and I love her to death.

Katie (Olivena) said...

frank tichelli is a fox!