Monday, February 19, 2007

The Case of the Salty Bananas

I went up to Manton for the weekend and had, as usual, a blast. We went snowmobiling and quadding in the snow, which was, in itself, an adventure. :)

We went trailblazing, trail riding, road riding, and did some illegal things :) My bad. I even got some air on the snowmobile... man I'm cool.

The most excitging thing, though, happened on sunday morning when we were eating breakfast. Uncle Paul was eating his sugar bananas and said "Man, I must've put too much salt on those potatoes..." but it turns out there was salt on the bananas. Of course, most of the family just had to try one of the bananas after this. The weird thing was, though, that mom swears she used whatever was in the sugar bowl on the bananas, and there was sugar in the sugar bowl. CREEPY!

Also, turns out, feeding alka seltzer to seagulls will make them explode. Note to self: Try that up in Charlevoix when the sherrif isn't looking. :)