Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Dance to the Bells of Notre Dame

Here I sit (again) wishing I was at Beaner's or some other house filled with coffee. But what I wish for most of all, more than all my hopes and dreams perhaps, and more than anything or anybody, is this: I wish life was a musical. I wish it had a perpetual soundtrack. I wish you could just waltz through each day with music serenading you all the way. I suppose my life is almost a musical, but it's just like me to be discontent. Well, I suppose my childish wishes will have to wait.

All in all, I have to wonder if I'm close to my breaking point. I figure there will be one, but I never really thought about it that way. Since throwing away the key, I've actually felt much better. I knew though, from the get-go, that it was probably a false hope. I'm not sure if I'm actually regressing or if it's simply the time or location... but I chuckle at myself. Look at me talking logic when I haven't a lick of wisdom! Even so, you can't really screw yourself over if you've already dealt with it, right? Once dealt with, it's done with, right? I wish I could believe that.

However, I'm satisfied with the way things turned out afterward. The last time greeted me with confusion. I had been worse off than I was before then, yet the fire in my eyes was gone. I don't know who put it out. I do not intend to find out. Intentions never got me anywhere. I guess I can just blame it on myself, promptly forgive myself, and get it over with... but that hardly makes sense to even me.

Since then, however, I've been able to let go. I'm just afraid that I let go of things that were good. When I let go, I let go of everything. I figured it was a foolish thing, but it was the right thing. At least, I think it was the right thing. I've run out of ways to look at humanity positively, and I've run out of sanity. But there is hope.

I rely on myself. I do not need you. If I do, well then, I'll never find out.

And this, perhaps, could be viewed as small window to my soul for the first time in a while.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

Turns out that walking home today was like an episode of Skating with the Stars. Okay... maybe a spoof of Skating with the Stars because it was an ice rink out there (yes, even on top of the snow) and I'm not an ice skater. Figures. (If Kelly is reading this she's probably laughing at me because she's a real ice skater who ice dances to Britney Spears... yeah, you know I just had to put that out there.)

Mr. Bragle signed my Madrigals form, so yes Casey, I'm actually doing it this year. Only thing standing in my way is that audition... I should probably figure out what to sing. And how to sing.

Also, Amy and I decided to do Independent Study with Ms Kelsey so we can all go on wild musical adventures together. Sounds like fun; who wants to come along for the ride?

Delicious. :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Case of the Salty Bananas

I went up to Manton for the weekend and had, as usual, a blast. We went snowmobiling and quadding in the snow, which was, in itself, an adventure. :)

We went trailblazing, trail riding, road riding, and did some illegal things :) My bad. I even got some air on the snowmobile... man I'm cool.

The most excitging thing, though, happened on sunday morning when we were eating breakfast. Uncle Paul was eating his sugar bananas and said "Man, I must've put too much salt on those potatoes..." but it turns out there was salt on the bananas. Of course, most of the family just had to try one of the bananas after this. The weird thing was, though, that mom swears she used whatever was in the sugar bowl on the bananas, and there was sugar in the sugar bowl. CREEPY!

Also, turns out, feeding alka seltzer to seagulls will make them explode. Note to self: Try that up in Charlevoix when the sherrif isn't looking. :)


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Maybe It's Not Too Late save me?

But I highly doubt that I need any saving.

Today is my sister's birthday. I remember this day vividly from a couple of years ago. I remember from the perspective of a girl who actually did need to be rescued. Remembering that I hated the eleventh day of the winter months (but now it's back to just March). I needed and I loathed and I writhed and I feared. That's all. I guess I don't talk about this girl much. She's dead to me now, and I'm glad. It's's over. I'm so glad.


My sister is eleven today! In celebration of her following my footsteps in the world of theatre (a.k.a she was cast as Dorothy in the fourth/fifth grade production of the Wizard of Oz), we picked her up some ruby slippers. She'll fall in love, I know she will.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chechnya, Frank Ticheli, and How to Fall in Love (with Theatre)

I have been, for the past few days, been encountering several mini-adventures. Things such as Global Warming (bitterly and ironically dubbed Snowball Warning by me) and my absolute hatred of dishwashers have occupied my mind.

Clearly, the people who are Global Warming Activists do not live in Michigan. Despite our unseasonably warm December weather, this is one of the coldest Januarys I've ever experienced. Reality check: it was -10 degrees on Monday morning. No, that was most definitely not a typo. That's a definite negative ten. Call me crazy, but I could use a little Global Warming. I don't deny that it exists, it does. I just think that we have bigger issues to deal with in this state, this country, and this world. Global Warming... my arse. Find a better cause and call me in the morning.

Yesterday, along with Condolezza Rice (Erin), an assortment of 8th graders, the Band teachers, and a selection of my band class, I ventured to Taco Bell and then to a Frank Ticheli concert (and met the dude...yay!). I'm pretty amazed by what that man can do with music. No lie, his version of Shenandoah would put me right to sleep in the best possible way. We're playing Joy Revisited in band right now and the MSU band played it at the concert last night. It had me thinking "Oh... so THAT'S what it's supposed to sound like!" They also played the Simple Gifts piece that we did at festival last year. Good times... really. ;)

Today was my audition for Our Town and, as usual, I had the time of my life. Abbey paired me up with Jay (so we could be a dream team as always) and we rocked out the parts of Dr and Mrs Gibbs. Then, we proceeded to rock out the parts of Emily and George, and Abbey had me stick around to read as both Emily and Mrs Webb with Ashley Bessert. Yeah... I basically love theatre auditions.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Crooked Lamp

I was just thinking about that time last month when me, Kelly, and Emmaleigh went to get pizza for theatre class... and when Kelly slowed down her car all the snow on the top of her roof came cascading down the windshield and we all screamed because we thought we were being attacked by a great big abominable snowman. Shortly thereafter we exploded into laughter that can only be experienced by theatre sisters. Good times.

I went to Chelsea's last night and we played GuitarHero, DDR, and watched Pride and Prejudice. I really need to get that soundtrack.

It's basically a white-out outside. I don't really like to look at it. I can't really tell if the snow is coming from the ground or from the sky. My guess is the ground. All I know is it's going to suck to walk to school on Monday.

At least we have an audition workshop! Then the Ticheli concert on Tuesday. Wednesday is auditions. Hoo-to-the-ray.

Thinking back to my life goal of performing in the Les Mis musical one day... goodness me the music is amazing. At least I accomplished my smaller goal of performing I Dreamed a Dream before I die. I am, in fact, alive, and I have, in fact, performed it. The fact that Casey's voice is so much more beautiful than the real Eponine's just makes me smile. I'm really looking forward to next year's musical... no matter what it is.

Although there's been plenty, I could always use more nonsensical nincompoopery in my week.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Trench Warfare: Wearing Every Shade of Cynical

January. The good thing is that it's over, and the bad thing is that it's over.

February is bringing new things though, and I'm pleased to say that my schedule is filling back up! *cheers*

Between practicing for Solo&Ensemble and the new play coming up, I will supposedly be rather busy. Hooray for a new play! I really am hoping to be cast in this one. Really. Like... I can't even describe it.

But now I'm back home for a while. Well... I always lived at home, but I'm never home. I have realized once again that my house is the Island of Perpetual Screaming. As much as it drives me nuts, I finally discovered a solution: The Bubble Bath Remedy. No matter how loud the kids are screaming, you'll get there. You will. I've been trying to spread this philosophy (not to much avail) but, hey. What can a girl do?

Last night I went to the school during solo night to see Dave because I haven't seen him in a while. I made him some muffins...yeah. It was a really funny night though; Mr. Scholes was there too. It was funny because, in my efforts to spread the Bubble Bath Remedy to little Miss K, I made her a CD entitled Becca's Basically Brilliant Bubble Bath Ballads. Scholes and Dave, upon reading this simultaneously, both turned and gave me the same look that can't be described in a single sentence. It had me laughing, anyway. It made my life. :)

It's been, all things considered, an extremely entertaining couple of weeks. That's all.