Monday, January 01, 2007

The First Post of Hell Month

I severely doubt that I got enough sleep last night. However, no matter how paranoid I get, I will never be an insomniac.

I was on team again yesterday at church. Me, Kimi, Nate, Chuck, and the band. Lonny and Evan did a song for the first time in a while because Evan was in town. Good times, had by all, I suppose.

It's been a busy week.

I went to theatre on thursday; took pictures of a bunch of kiddos in the costume shoppe. I think my favorites were the pictures of Julian in feminine clothing, as he is on the football team and whatnot. Sorry, Mary, I forgot about you. Embarrasing. :)

Then after, I went to Dillon's with a bunch of people and made stir fry and egg rolls. We decided to make our very own restaurant and serve "Jazz it up" Sauce.

Friday I went shopping and purchased some interesting items. Later, Miss E. Wardell came over and we had our long-awaited Pirates marathon. Oh, and stop throwing bagels at me.


Last night was fun. Lots of hopping about and whatnot.

(...egduj ot kciuq era ohw esoht dna decaftihs eht htiw gnilaed dna...)


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