Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Fifth Post of Hell Month

If I'm allowed to be surprised, I am. I am because I thought I'd be up to my ears in stress by now. I know I will be, and probably the only reason I'm not yet is because I've been lazy. On the other hand, there is still so much to do this month, and even February is starting to fill up. Fast.

Countdown to Finals: 6 Days
Countdown to Florda: 8 Days
Countdown to Les Mis: 15 Days

Pardon me while I run around screaming like a banchee. If you hear the sound of breaking glass, just ignore it and wait for me to come around with rosy cheeks and a dire need of oxygen. It'll happen soon.

Those who relieve me of unhappy feelings, however, are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I now deem it appropriate to quote from today's episode of "Life with Becca and Emily".

Emily: Becca, with you, I abandon all sense of reasonable thinking.
Becca: And with you, I abandon all hope.

And of course...

Emily: Did you need an ass cast? Hah! Ass cast! That was genius.

Imagine me having that much fun with a child I thought I'd never get a good chance to befriend. It's a funny little world, is it not?



AkeWanzi said...

Who is Jacob Hartges? Does he have a couple brothers and a sister? I think I know his mother.

Katie (Olivena) said...

whoooo......... band trip