Saturday, December 23, 2006

Run, Run, Rudolph; Run While You Still Can.

Call me crazy, but things are getting a little twisted around here.

Oh, but for the record, here's a little insert before I get to my rant. Phil and I had a wonderful time being rock stars at the coffee shop yesterday, thanks to my devoted fans :) Love you guys. And also thanks to Abbey for letting us perform in the first place, and for the free coffee.

Back to business.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this, but why the HELL does the Christmas season always ruin everything? Usually during this time, people have "What a wonderful time of year!" stuck in their psyche. Why? Is it the decor? The music? The all-around "good" feeling? Perhaps. Here's a news flash: NONE of those things last. And usually, they all fail around the same time in the most inconvenient of manners.

Since we all think that Christmas is going to be some wonderful reunion of family and friends and all around goodliness, we assume that all is well. We assume that everything is going to flow just swimmingly; that nothing can go wrong at all. Turns out, when things do go wrong during this season, we feel absolutely dreadful. Dreadful because of the positive morale everywhere else. It amplifies what just happened to your plans because everything is supposed to work out so well. It never does. Christmas has become something to tip-toe around. Sometimes it kills whatever you had left. Sometimes it squeezes everything from you until you're only the shell of yourself and you whither away until the new year.

Christmas, once holy, once righteous, has become a time of commercialism and lament. Not at all what it should be. How it is and how it should be have become two polar opposites. Why? There are several positive elements to the Christmas season. There does exist a good feeling, beautiful sights, warmth and cheer, the works.

But there's always something that makes you go "Holy shit, merry Christmas to me." in the worst possible way.

I'm sure some of you can realte to these somewhat cynical yet also somewhat realistic views on Christmas, but I'm also sure some of you won't. I'm sure some of you will draw in some sort of inarticulate breath and prepare for a rebuttal. Alright, go ahead. Actually, I urge you to do so.

Give me one good reason to convince me that Christmas hasn't begun to waste away to nothing.

*sighs* I understand this post was... theatrical... and I don't hate Christmas, just the cruel irony. This was just... to get a point across, ok?



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Katie (Olivena) said...

Christmas can be a drag, I know... I hate those damn christmas songs.... they make me so depressed.... oh well, Merry Freakin Christmas, luv ya