Friday, December 22, 2006

For the Love of Operaman

A five dollar striped hat is on top of my head. It is doing a great job of keeping my head warm, but my fingers and toes? Not so much.

I guess I could put "Faster Internet Browser" on my christmas list. Along with "No Tale of Two Cities English Homework" and perhaps "Have the Les Mis T-Shirt Design Itself". I can dream, can't I?

I'm also wondering why everytime I switch web pages on any browser, the transition page is always white. Why? Can they not think of a color that is less terrifyingly ominous? White. How overrated. I suppose it's another thing that makes Becca think that the world has turned against her. Oh well.

Upon the return of Miss E. Wardell, I think I asked something like "Where the flying * have you been?" To this she replied, in a nutshell: "Sick." Fair enough. Still, life was dull and boring without talking about the Scandanavian Cracken all hour and having Tonya come sit herself between us. "Whatever, Tonya."

We even escaped the clutches of the Half-Evil Sub. Sorry, graduates, but at least you had some yummy Turkey Feast dishes.

And I'm beginning to wish I had brought home that macaroni salad. Oh, lamentation, botheration, anything of that sort.

At least I hung out with Steve and Elizabeth. Elizabethmylove whom I haven't seen in months. So... I skipped the choir concert to go to the coffee shop. Bad Becca.

I found a pair of jeans in a record time today. And a $36 sweater of all things holy. It was quite difficult to put that baby back on the rack.

I saw Karismylove at the Toll House Cafe. I miss that kiddo, boy do I ever.

Katiemylove came over last night. We watched movies after shopping for a bit (FINALLY got the right size fishnets), and deicided to be fatties and eat pizza. Hooray for the fatties. :)

Adriennemylove barely escaped a visitation from me today.

My cousin tried to explain Eragon to me, but neither mother, Auntie, nor I could get past the "Erkles" without peeing our pants laughing. Or eating chocolate-covered espresso beans, my new fetish.

If there's one thing I hate, it's gift-wrapping. Christmas is gonna nip me in the ass. Long live gift bags!

And for the record, I'm a rock star tomorrow. 7:00 at the Capp. Oops. Maybe I didn't want you all to know that.

And the house smells of chex mix. And, perhaps, intrigue?



Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

they should make the color green. everyone loves green

Katie (Olivena) said...

canteen boy, would you like to share my sleeping bag?

Good Job at Cappachino Expresso... yyou did an awesome job