Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PANIC at the Craft Show (and Other Tales of a Chemically Unbalanced Weekend)

Because of a weekend of
early morning recording sessions
turkey day
Emily frickin Wardell
waiting for inspiration
shopping with Laina and Karlie
paying with a $100 bill at Taco Bell
spaztastically purchasing Elf... finally...
creepy lumberjack man (and being the "prettiest thing he's ever seen come out of the woods") *wink*
decorating the tree
hoarding concession food
cousin day
being he-girls
working the craft show
going up town and leaving angry voicemails
2 hour phone conversations
running people's lives entertaining deer
becoming famous
chilling with artists
watching Steven down 2 shots of espresso
basking in the glow of the coffee shop
learning that Brad is NOT leaving
being a hero





I've decided that life is rockin'. For now.


Monday, November 20, 2006

When Your Soul Embarks

I\'m updating at school. Rebel, yes.

Last night was closing night. As always, its bittersweet. We had the cast party at my cousins\' house and we spent our time watching the recording of Saturday night\'s performance and watching all the action parts in slow motion. That was particularly fun because there\'s a scene where I trip onto a mattress and then there\'s another scene where my friend Travis has to throw me down on the stage and I slide a good five feet. Watching that in slow motion, though, only makes the bruises throb. Oh well, its something to laugh at.

Hopefully I\'ll be able to put pictures up sometime.

I always say that.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Heading Nowhere.

Been busy. I like it, though. Keeps me out of... trouble? Yes. That's it. Trouble.

... and I'm feeling more alone than I ever have before...

We open in 7 days. It's gonna be a damn good show. I transposed the pit parts for one of our songs and it ate my time. I guess I could take this opportunity to gain a new-found respect for music writers, but I choose not to. Know why? Because, for heaven's sake, this wasn't the first time I've attempted to transpose, or for that matter, compose. However, I took it for granted. I'd forgotten how ridiculously time consuming it all is. The whole business requires one to sacrifice one's entire life and devote it to creating scores of wordless poetry that will seldom be appreciated by those who read it.

Pessimistic, but not everybody has the mind of a musician. Or Becca Robinson.

This girl, Becca. She can't do much. She only wants to be your hero.

...and this picture can be summed up in five words: Life can be randomly beautiful. (Despite the fact that I look like a complete clown, but I'm sure all of you are jealous of my viking hat. And, perhaps, that I seem to be the only one Miss K will trust with her hair. Well... it works out.) There's a lovely story behind this picture, actually it's filled with more hilarity than loveliness. I think I'd rather have hilarity anyway.


Thursday, November 02, 2006


I skipped the entirety of the school day in order to venture to BoarsHead to see quite possibly the most entertaining play I've ever seen in my 16 years of living. It's called Unneccessary Farce, and I highly reccomend it if you live in Lansing or near any other popular theatre venue where it might be shown. It premiered worldwide here, so perhaps it will spread. Anyway, it's a thought.

It's amazing. Such complex creatures can turn into such simpletons. The wise turn into the hypocrites. Those who display the inability to tame a firey tongue, and even worse: the childish act of comparison.

What a horrible word, comparison is. Annoying is more like it. Horribly annoying. There we go.

It hailed today. Hail has never ceased to amaze me. It only lasts for a few moments because the conditions have to be absolutely precise. It falls at a pace that lies somewhere between that of rain and that of snow, and you barely have time to run and get a pie pan to catch it before it stops. Then, in this particular circumstance, the sun comes back out and casts an eerie yellow glow on the remaining clouds. It's quite the experience, if you look at it through eyes filled with awe. If not, it's just another case of inconvinient Michigan weather.

Case in point: Life is what you make of it.