Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yes, yes. I realize I haven't written since the 9th. I just haven't had enough time to document each and every thought that has gone through my brain. I apologize.

Theatre is going just swimmingly; it's going to be a really good performance, I think. Lots more hours need to be put in though... but prancing about the costume shoppe is always worth it.

I bought some sweet shoes yesterday. I guess that's the news of the day.

Amy and I sat in Kelsey's office for a while for lack of anything better to do. I had theatre in the middle of that, but I really didn't expect them to be there an hour later when I got back. Never the less... sitting in her office listening to her rant and laugh about nothing in particular is entertaining in itself. I just adore that woman.

So... for the next week I have nothing but theatre, choir, and perhaps a single football game at St. Johns so I can see Bri and Dave. That'll be a "hoot".

I understand that I've been talking this entire post, but haven't said anything. There really isn't much to say when one is forced to summarize two exciting weeks in one's life.

How's this for profound?

There is a very fine line between protection and over-protection; however, there are only a precious few who can see it.


Monday, October 09, 2006

In Laughter and Strife

First off...

I had an AMAZING dance party on friday... with my AMAZING friends and AMAZINGLY Aleksa and Erin got me some AMAZING taco bell food... because they're AMAZING.

Juan came and DJed for us and we did some karaoke and danced to Cotton Eyed Joe because none of us can get enough of that dance. It was funny because Katie tripped over the cord and then she fell again and hit her head on the karaoke screen... gotta love that girl. It took me a frickin hour to open all their presents because about 40 people showed... I love them.

Sunday I sang with the choir at church and Amy came to see me. That was sweet... I never knew how freakishly awesome all those people are. They're like my little family. Well... big family I guess.

Oh... marriage. That's complete rubbish, isn't it? :)


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happily Birthday

Yeah... Happily Birthday to me... a.k.a National Becca Robinson Day.

The big 1-6.