Friday, September 01, 2006

When Freshman Boys Sing Kareoke

Last night my party was pretty much a complete success. Alot of people showed, more than I thought would. Dupuis even showed up ("How do you get upstairs?")... and Reed... but we don't have to mention that anymore. *wink*

It was the first time people actually played outside... so we had basketball going on and I took everyone to the Spanish Garden and we climbed to the roof. :) It was pretty fun... and Amy got some hilarious pictures of that one.

The party was for the new exchange student from Thailand named Sui. She's pretty awesome, most definitely. We played kareoke and had an absolute blast... mom got pictures of that too. Maybe I'll put em up later...

The best part, I thought, was when Zak, Ben, and Scott sang kareoke... because they're freshmen and their voices haven't changed yet so they actually did a decent job. :) Kudos to you, boys.

Quote of the Night award goes to:

Katie Endahl!!

We unlocked a "Retro Cowgirl" character for Kareoke and she said, and I quote:

"Well that's depressing... her boobs look like melons!"

It's Katie... so it's funny. Laugh, all of you.

Today I think my mom is on crack. We had a huge bowl of ice cream for lunch. That never happens in this household. I quite enjoyed it. Whatever she's on... get a higher dose because that was just awesome.

Well... I got through August and I turned out okay.



Katie (Olivena) said...

haha... your party was sweet... too bad i missed Katie's quote though. DUPIS SHOWED UP??!! What the heck? lol...



see you tonight!

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

feel bad for missing it. sounds awesome...

i want ice cream now...

Nettie said...

Yes...yes, you did.