Monday, September 25, 2006

Taco Bell... or bust.

Yesterday was homecoming... wow. It was a complete blast. I think it was the best year yet, probably because I went dateless. :) My dress is hot too.

Carolyn came over early with Allison and Emily and I did her hair and makeup... and eventually when people started piling into my bathroom they wanted me to do their hair too. Poor Ken... the only man in the group... but hey, he had six hot babe dates! Well, at least, to Taco Bell and then Beaners. Yeah, we went to Taco Bell before the dance. We're classy like that.

At the dance, Sui got a really funny picture of me putting on deoderant. Gotta love Sui. Really, I do. :)

We basically just danced our little hearts out... and my mother decided to stalk me (again) but I really don't care. She had people to talk to. She's friends with the teacher chaperones, the DJs, the parents, the students, everybody. *gives thumbs up in sarcasm* I take after her, in that aspect and that aspect alone. *wink*

I started a dance train, too. I rock. Beyond words.

Today I've decided that I'm addicted to Frank Sinatra. I downloaded like a million of his songs today... I love jazz and half the songs I didn't even realize were his. Eh, who knew?

Can't take my eyes off of yoooou...

I skipped Crosswalk today. HAH! Well... that would've been a lot more rebellious if Crosswalk was actually scheduled for today... but I digress. Church... ugh.

You make me feel so young...

French Horn test tomorrow. Then all-cast meeting for Once Upon a Mattress, which I did get a part in, thank you very much. Then either I go to the YL barn party or stick out another two hours of marching rehearsal. Seems like a no-brainer, but its not very smart to miss a Monday Night Rehearsal. Plus, when we're outside, its not too bad. Especially when you have a teacher who just loves to dump compliments on you...

What a sweetie.

This post has not done my weekend justice, however I need sleep. I'm coming down with a cold, and will be piiled in PreCalc and Physics in roughly 13 hours. So, that being said... goodnight.



Melissa said...

Sounds like you are having a rockin' year at school...that's what its about...have fun...miss ya!

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

interesting how both williamston and valpor are doing once upon a matress this year. what role are you playing?