Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Out of Time

Been busy. School and all that... basically marching band is eating my life. *sighs* It always does...

And the really sick thing? Both my marching band and my rock band decided to do Holiday by Green Day. I'm listening to it right now and it's making me want to marc time. Damn.

We all had to write that english narrative essay, so I wrote mine about a microwave and a secret government shelter. People look at me and say "Only you, Becca..."

Tryouts for Once Upon a Mattress were yesterday... they went well I suppose. Everyone else thought they sucked... yet there's Hannah and I thinking "We did pretty damn good." I guess it's just a matter of perspective. Lily-Lacca didn't say anything encouraging... Bragle though was overly enthused about my performance 1) because he screwed up my accompaniment (but I didn't care) and 2) because I switched places with Casey and he forgot I was going to try out in the first place.

At least I spent some quality time with the other Hannah and Kelsey Shuck and Andrew and Little Miss Kelsey. All because Physics is the antichrist.

How Preston figures out my life goals is beyond me. He DOES read the blog... yeah that's weird, I know. He saw me in the hall and said "Astrophysics?" I nodded, and he says "Sweet." Nice.

*wonders how I'll ever get there*

I spend enough time googling Swarthmore, anyway. Like anybody even knows where that is.

I should probably write some other stuff too... doesn't matter at the moment though.

Well... my dears... Jesus loves you. Yeah, I know, Outgoing Obnoxious.


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