Saturday, September 30, 2006


After my "date" with Caroline Lupini at the coffee shop, I realized how much I love my town. Well really... any town I guess. The lights. They're gorgeous. The stars. You can see them. The coffee. It's delicious. The people. They're friendly. For the most part, anyway.

I guess I plan on spending more and more nights at the shop... while I can at least.

Theatre is kicking off... which I've probably said about ten million times in the past three posts. I'm excited, really. Honestly, who wouldn't be excited when the choir director decides to serenade you with a country western version of your opening song? Well actually... that was a little weird, but it cracked me up for a long time.

Between three hour phone conversations about shark fins, and going on a field trip to see the MSU marching band (and, consequently, Andrew, Amy, and Hooah...) I still don't feel any more prepared for Grand Ledge on Wednesday. The pizza trap was a good idea, though, kudos to Brad.

I turn 16 on Thursday. Hoo-frickin-ray. Now if I could just finish driver's ed...

but whatever.

Tomorrow is my parents' 50's sock hop... they're throwing themselves a party because they and my uncle Gordy are turning 50 this year. It's gonna be fun... Chelsea and I borrowed an entire box of Grease costumes from the costume shoppe... goodness.

Monday's rehearsal is gonna be an hour longer because of Grand Ledge. I'll just take that as my cue to shut up and worry about only myself for once.


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Katie (Olivena) said...

im so excited I actually dont have to work on Friday!!!YEAY I CAN COME!