Saturday, September 30, 2006


After my "date" with Caroline Lupini at the coffee shop, I realized how much I love my town. Well really... any town I guess. The lights. They're gorgeous. The stars. You can see them. The coffee. It's delicious. The people. They're friendly. For the most part, anyway.

I guess I plan on spending more and more nights at the shop... while I can at least.

Theatre is kicking off... which I've probably said about ten million times in the past three posts. I'm excited, really. Honestly, who wouldn't be excited when the choir director decides to serenade you with a country western version of your opening song? Well actually... that was a little weird, but it cracked me up for a long time.

Between three hour phone conversations about shark fins, and going on a field trip to see the MSU marching band (and, consequently, Andrew, Amy, and Hooah...) I still don't feel any more prepared for Grand Ledge on Wednesday. The pizza trap was a good idea, though, kudos to Brad.

I turn 16 on Thursday. Hoo-frickin-ray. Now if I could just finish driver's ed...

but whatever.

Tomorrow is my parents' 50's sock hop... they're throwing themselves a party because they and my uncle Gordy are turning 50 this year. It's gonna be fun... Chelsea and I borrowed an entire box of Grease costumes from the costume shoppe... goodness.

Monday's rehearsal is gonna be an hour longer because of Grand Ledge. I'll just take that as my cue to shut up and worry about only myself for once.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Taco Bell... or bust.

Yesterday was homecoming... wow. It was a complete blast. I think it was the best year yet, probably because I went dateless. :) My dress is hot too.

Carolyn came over early with Allison and Emily and I did her hair and makeup... and eventually when people started piling into my bathroom they wanted me to do their hair too. Poor Ken... the only man in the group... but hey, he had six hot babe dates! Well, at least, to Taco Bell and then Beaners. Yeah, we went to Taco Bell before the dance. We're classy like that.

At the dance, Sui got a really funny picture of me putting on deoderant. Gotta love Sui. Really, I do. :)

We basically just danced our little hearts out... and my mother decided to stalk me (again) but I really don't care. She had people to talk to. She's friends with the teacher chaperones, the DJs, the parents, the students, everybody. *gives thumbs up in sarcasm* I take after her, in that aspect and that aspect alone. *wink*

I started a dance train, too. I rock. Beyond words.

Today I've decided that I'm addicted to Frank Sinatra. I downloaded like a million of his songs today... I love jazz and half the songs I didn't even realize were his. Eh, who knew?

Can't take my eyes off of yoooou...

I skipped Crosswalk today. HAH! Well... that would've been a lot more rebellious if Crosswalk was actually scheduled for today... but I digress. Church... ugh.

You make me feel so young...

French Horn test tomorrow. Then all-cast meeting for Once Upon a Mattress, which I did get a part in, thank you very much. Then either I go to the YL barn party or stick out another two hours of marching rehearsal. Seems like a no-brainer, but its not very smart to miss a Monday Night Rehearsal. Plus, when we're outside, its not too bad. Especially when you have a teacher who just loves to dump compliments on you...

What a sweetie.

This post has not done my weekend justice, however I need sleep. I'm coming down with a cold, and will be piiled in PreCalc and Physics in roughly 13 hours. So, that being said... goodnight.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Out of Time

Been busy. School and all that... basically marching band is eating my life. *sighs* It always does...

And the really sick thing? Both my marching band and my rock band decided to do Holiday by Green Day. I'm listening to it right now and it's making me want to marc time. Damn.

We all had to write that english narrative essay, so I wrote mine about a microwave and a secret government shelter. People look at me and say "Only you, Becca..."

Tryouts for Once Upon a Mattress were yesterday... they went well I suppose. Everyone else thought they sucked... yet there's Hannah and I thinking "We did pretty damn good." I guess it's just a matter of perspective. Lily-Lacca didn't say anything encouraging... Bragle though was overly enthused about my performance 1) because he screwed up my accompaniment (but I didn't care) and 2) because I switched places with Casey and he forgot I was going to try out in the first place.

At least I spent some quality time with the other Hannah and Kelsey Shuck and Andrew and Little Miss Kelsey. All because Physics is the antichrist.

How Preston figures out my life goals is beyond me. He DOES read the blog... yeah that's weird, I know. He saw me in the hall and said "Astrophysics?" I nodded, and he says "Sweet." Nice.

*wonders how I'll ever get there*

I spend enough time googling Swarthmore, anyway. Like anybody even knows where that is.

I should probably write some other stuff too... doesn't matter at the moment though.

Well... my dears... Jesus loves you. Yeah, I know, Outgoing Obnoxious.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Miracle Child

Exciting week.

Tuesday was Chelsea's basketball game against Ashleigh's team. YAY! FAMILY ON BOTH TEAMS! Wow... it was entertaining. For the Chelsea's JV game I made a poster sign that said WE HEART CHELSEA... and then for the Ashleigh's V game I flipped it over and it said WE HEART ASHLEIGH... yeah. It was funny... my school got pretty mad at me for cheering for LCHS during the V game :) Well... WHS won anyway. *cheers*

Wednesday I had a meeting at the Dragonfly about choir. Yay!

Thursday... my cousin Joey's birthday.

Yesterday... BRAD'S SURPRISE PARTY!! That went... well... :) We had fun watching Blue Collar Comedy and sucking Helium. Good times.

Well... at least I got my physics homework done.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Spain Bans Skinny Models

I am pleased and proud to see that SOMEONE finally has come to their senses... and that 'someone' happens to be one of my countries of origin.

*does high five with Spain*

I shall now describe the past week in a jumble of words.

school.boring.lack of sleep.easy mac.chef boyardee.Kevin's games.pickles.going kids.pickle juice.pissed off cheerleader mom. marching.crazy.Not face.Miss

I gotta get a homecoming dress.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Something's Gotta Give

School started today... I went, I guess.

Not so Delicious... but it'll get better.

Friday, September 01, 2006

When Freshman Boys Sing Kareoke

Last night my party was pretty much a complete success. Alot of people showed, more than I thought would. Dupuis even showed up ("How do you get upstairs?")... and Reed... but we don't have to mention that anymore. *wink*

It was the first time people actually played outside... so we had basketball going on and I took everyone to the Spanish Garden and we climbed to the roof. :) It was pretty fun... and Amy got some hilarious pictures of that one.

The party was for the new exchange student from Thailand named Sui. She's pretty awesome, most definitely. We played kareoke and had an absolute blast... mom got pictures of that too. Maybe I'll put em up later...

The best part, I thought, was when Zak, Ben, and Scott sang kareoke... because they're freshmen and their voices haven't changed yet so they actually did a decent job. :) Kudos to you, boys.

Quote of the Night award goes to:

Katie Endahl!!

We unlocked a "Retro Cowgirl" character for Kareoke and she said, and I quote:

"Well that's depressing... her boobs look like melons!"

It's Katie... so it's funny. Laugh, all of you.

Today I think my mom is on crack. We had a huge bowl of ice cream for lunch. That never happens in this household. I quite enjoyed it. Whatever she's on... get a higher dose because that was just awesome.

Well... I got through August and I turned out okay.