Thursday, August 24, 2006

There's a Pretzel in My Pants.

Well... at least... there was. Along with the kettle corn I got from the homosexuals standing in the line for Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure...

So I hung out with Adrienne, Brianne, and Jordan over the weekend. Here's a thing from Adrienne's MySpace since I don't feel like typing it all...

So I had quite an exciting weekend I must say, starting with Saturday night when Becca came over. Her, me and my bro decided to be cool and go down to the Ox Roast and mingle. We almost payed three bucks a person to ride the swings even though we were going to Michigan's Adventures the next day. We found out that Emo does exsist in DeWitt which was a shocker. Becca went off on a mad search for the gypsies of DeWitt but sadly never found them.

We watched the fireworks right on the river, only for them to fool us of a finale three times. Fun times. After the excitement of the ox roast we got a hot and ready $5 pizza (I wish guys came that way) and ate it at the park that was closed, but we were cool like that. We made a pit stop at Mickey D's afterwards and we brought out our ghetto side. Do your chains hang low? (look up song) Becca freaked the Mickey D's worker half to death by dancing her heart out right up at the drive thru window...yea.

After all that excitement we can home and had a rip roaring bonfire and we had a couch burning.(check out the pics on my page) Becca and I discovered the newest way in stress therapy. Throw apples right off the tree into the firery depthes of....our rip roaring bonfire. Once we had relieved all our stress and anger, or so we thought, we decided to see if we could hit the other people with apples. That lasted about 5 minutes until my brother took a very ripe, hard apple and chucked it at about 60 miles per hour heading at no one else but me. It came, hit my hip bone(the apple split, we have the evidence) and I fell to the ground. We stopped our game after that....What sound does an apple make??

Then the next day we went to Michigan's Adventure and had pretty much a BLAST... hahaha of course.

Today I had a sectional at 6 and Cliff came! After the sectional we decided to go to Subway to see Matt so me, Cliff, Chelsea, and Carolyn headed over to Subway for a few hours. Matt always gives us free food so I went back behind the counter to make myself a "salad" that consisted of lettuce, pickles, banana peppers, and black olives. :) Every time a customer came in I had to hide in the back room where Cliff showed us where the frozen cookies were. I explored until the customers left, and then Matt taught me how to make a 6 inch meatball sub. Matt ended up dropping 3 loaves of monterey cheddar bread on the floor for like 2 seconds so Chelsea and I took them :)

And now my mom's yelling at me for "stealing food". Hah. I'm such a bad kid.


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