Saturday, August 26, 2006

There Were No Pickles.

That's right. NO PICKLES at the concession stand at our very first football game of the season... on the bloody soccer field. But... we won! I only went because I'm forced to on account of my membership in the WHS marching band... and our show sucked. SUCKED. Well... from my point of view.

I really don't feel like blogging... but I feel like I should. Even so... it's been 0 comments for two posts. TWO! That hasn't happened since my LiveJournal days. At least I got comments on the same post from MySpace...


I'm sore.

School's out for the summer.

Cruel irony. Cruel that they make us play that song when in reality... it's school, kids. School is here.

But not till the fifth.

We've got no class. We've got no principles. We've got no innocence. We can't think of a word that rhymes.

Uh... oh yeah. I'm having a band party thursday. Free. 6-12. If you're in WHSMB, be there. Or be square.

No more pencils, no more books. No more teachers' dirty looks.

Dupuis and Kelsey are letting us stop at Taco Bell for our away games... yay! I love them.

School's blown to pieces.



Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

god, I wanna listen to some Alice Cooper now...

Katie (Olivena) said...

the show DID suck... the football players came too early, we didnt march (except for 5 sets), AND at Beach Boys, we all got freakin lost... oh well, seeing miss kelsey trying to be a cheerleader was worth it...

you better come to my party Friday!

Nettie said...

I'm back now. I comment. And I'm already in school. And the elementary/high school kids went back on, like, the seventh. That's August, mind.