Sunday, August 06, 2006

On My Wireless Back in '52

Monday: Recovered from choking on my Uvula twice the night before

Tuesday: Delivered birthday cheer to Hannah, then delivered brownies to the drum majors and the band directors at the school. I ended up staying the whole day telemarketing chocolate, meeting new kids, and really wanting Taco Bell. I squirted dear Ms Kelsey's chair with Goo Gone, and it turned into a regular party as Katie, Kevin, Laura, Amy, Carolyn, and Brad were there too. When everyone else left, Amy and I hauled 200 pounds of chocolate to my house in a shopping cart. Unfortunately for us, shopping carts don't roll in grass. We used our sweet biceps to get that home.

Wednesday: Bought man shorts at Pac Sun. Saw John Tucker Must Die with Elizabeth, listened to her rant about Smile FM, and got laughed at by... somebody we don't know but thought we did. Since I'm still a bit sick, my ears are plugged up but when I mentioned this to Elizabeth she began mouthnig words to me to convince me that I was really deaf. What a cutie. I honestly love that girl to death. :) *Elizabeth careens down the highway in rage against Smile FM*

Thursday: Began creating our giant Twister board out of six sheets with Katie. We measured the 65x95 inch sheets and figured out that there had to be 5 square inches between each circle and painted away. Then I had an absolute blast at choir rehearsal, though I do not fully have my voice back yet. I hung out with my two newest best friends: Alan and Kelly. Then I headed over to Amy's party, ate about 4,000 calories. recoeved a safety campground tourguide (DANGER!) and watched movies till the cows came home. Yours, Mine, and Ours, When a Stranger Calls (CURSE YOU VERIZON!), and Shattered Glass (horribly retarded movie).

Friday: Woke up in a tent at Amy's. Made a stepping stone out of cement and little glass circles. Finished the giant Twister board, cleaned the tablecloths, and got paint on the floor. Went to Brain Freeze with Grandpa, Chelle, Michael, and Hannah. Went to Pirates of the Caribbean II with Micheal. It's amazing... but it doesn't end. Boo. Can't wait till III.

Today: Set my alarm for 10:15. Woke up, went to the coffee shop, had breakfast with Amy, went to Felpausch with Amy, went to the dollar store with Amy to get candy for band camp, went to Amy's to pick up my stepping stone, went home, lost a balloon to the sky. Watched the Phantom of the Opera, made Amy a taco, headed to the band meeting. Returned the shopping cart from Tuesday, delivered the taco, presented the Twister board to dear Ms Kelsey. Went home, had a small pool party with Katie, Kevin, and Amy. Aleksa showed up, watched Amy and I do really stupid things, bruise ourselves on the tubes and jump on the diving board attempting to stand on the tubes. It was honestly one of the most fun small parties I've had. Everyone left, and Ski showed up. We played Candlyland and virtual Wheel of Fortune. I kicked my brother's butt by $79,000. Bang.

Tomorrow: Church, rehearsal, whatever.

Monday: Leave for band camp.

I'll be back soon, so don't cry for me, Argentina.



Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

sounds like fun. enjoy your band camp.

Kelly said...

HAHAHA why that reminds me of Beverly! OMG Becca, she had a b-day party at Red Cedar Grill where I work, I almost pissed myself!

Katie (Olivena) said...

that twister board was pretty sweet.