Monday, August 14, 2006

Broadway is Dark Tonight

Band camp... was gay.

The food sucked (and they tried to feed a pig ham... I protested) so nobody really ate as much as they should've, then we'd be outside for 10 hours a day. The work wasnt that hard, but we just wanted to leave.

However some really fun memories happened as well.

*RAGED Popsicles (They're OutRAGEDous!)
*meeting Lydia!
*Miss Kelsey dancing to Baby Got Back
*going pantsless across a field (with a spotlight shining on me)
*the HA game (we got up to 60!)
*Andrew... enough said.
*Amy's constipated drum major conducting face
*Getting knocked on the floor in a mosh pit
*Amy choking me with water
*Kasie... *slurping noise*
*fixing Amy's shorts on the dressdown
*memories of Tennessee and opera singing band directors
*the campfire and me emcee-ing
*my umbrella
*the giant twister board

Hey, there's always a chance we'll be dead by next year so we won't have to go back. It's sad when you're actually excited about that.



Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

at least some if it was fun. the miss kelsey dancing sounds interesting...

Katie (Olivena) said...

band camp blows

its a 4 man front tonight girls


Melissa said...

Sorry Band Camp was you anyway...hope you had a great summer...

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

i remember when mike wanted to wear that "band camp blows" shirt too... mostly cuz sara vogl was in band camp. good times...