Thursday, August 31, 2006

South Frickin Dakota?

So... as it stands, here's the schedule.

First Semester
0 Jazz.............Kelsey
1 Desktop Publishing..........Lynch
2 Pre Calculus...........Nelson
3 Physics...............Keith
4 Band............Kelsey
5 English...............Barnes
6 Theater..............Nolen

Second Semester
0 Jazz...........Kelsey
1 American Government..........Weber
2 Internet Web Design............ Lynch
3 Physics...............Keith
4 Band........................Kelsey
5 English...................Barnes
6 Pre Calculus............... Nelson

Here's what I'm gonna try to change. I only need 1 semester of a computer class so I'm gonna try to drop either Internet Web or Desktop to TA for Kelsey. And... maybe I can try to get Duffey instead of Barnes, because Barnes and I won't get along. Maybe I'll just sit and glare until he gets sick of me and kicks me out of his class. Works.

Party tomorrow. HOORAY!

I kinda feel like writing something deep, but can't find the words. This is what you get.

Oh, and for those of you in the South, good luck with Tropical Storm Ernesto.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

There Were No Pickles.

That's right. NO PICKLES at the concession stand at our very first football game of the season... on the bloody soccer field. But... we won! I only went because I'm forced to on account of my membership in the WHS marching band... and our show sucked. SUCKED. Well... from my point of view.

I really don't feel like blogging... but I feel like I should. Even so... it's been 0 comments for two posts. TWO! That hasn't happened since my LiveJournal days. At least I got comments on the same post from MySpace...


I'm sore.

School's out for the summer.

Cruel irony. Cruel that they make us play that song when in reality... it's school, kids. School is here.

But not till the fifth.

We've got no class. We've got no principles. We've got no innocence. We can't think of a word that rhymes.

Uh... oh yeah. I'm having a band party thursday. Free. 6-12. If you're in WHSMB, be there. Or be square.

No more pencils, no more books. No more teachers' dirty looks.

Dupuis and Kelsey are letting us stop at Taco Bell for our away games... yay! I love them.

School's blown to pieces.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

There's a Pretzel in My Pants.

Well... at least... there was. Along with the kettle corn I got from the homosexuals standing in the line for Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure...

So I hung out with Adrienne, Brianne, and Jordan over the weekend. Here's a thing from Adrienne's MySpace since I don't feel like typing it all...

So I had quite an exciting weekend I must say, starting with Saturday night when Becca came over. Her, me and my bro decided to be cool and go down to the Ox Roast and mingle. We almost payed three bucks a person to ride the swings even though we were going to Michigan's Adventures the next day. We found out that Emo does exsist in DeWitt which was a shocker. Becca went off on a mad search for the gypsies of DeWitt but sadly never found them.

We watched the fireworks right on the river, only for them to fool us of a finale three times. Fun times. After the excitement of the ox roast we got a hot and ready $5 pizza (I wish guys came that way) and ate it at the park that was closed, but we were cool like that. We made a pit stop at Mickey D's afterwards and we brought out our ghetto side. Do your chains hang low? (look up song) Becca freaked the Mickey D's worker half to death by dancing her heart out right up at the drive thru window...yea.

After all that excitement we can home and had a rip roaring bonfire and we had a couch burning.(check out the pics on my page) Becca and I discovered the newest way in stress therapy. Throw apples right off the tree into the firery depthes of....our rip roaring bonfire. Once we had relieved all our stress and anger, or so we thought, we decided to see if we could hit the other people with apples. That lasted about 5 minutes until my brother took a very ripe, hard apple and chucked it at about 60 miles per hour heading at no one else but me. It came, hit my hip bone(the apple split, we have the evidence) and I fell to the ground. We stopped our game after that....What sound does an apple make??

Then the next day we went to Michigan's Adventure and had pretty much a BLAST... hahaha of course.

Today I had a sectional at 6 and Cliff came! After the sectional we decided to go to Subway to see Matt so me, Cliff, Chelsea, and Carolyn headed over to Subway for a few hours. Matt always gives us free food so I went back behind the counter to make myself a "salad" that consisted of lettuce, pickles, banana peppers, and black olives. :) Every time a customer came in I had to hide in the back room where Cliff showed us where the frozen cookies were. I explored until the customers left, and then Matt taught me how to make a 6 inch meatball sub. Matt ended up dropping 3 loaves of monterey cheddar bread on the floor for like 2 seconds so Chelsea and I took them :)

And now my mom's yelling at me for "stealing food". Hah. I'm such a bad kid.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Your Firearms are USELESS Against Them.

This week has been ridiculously busy... lets see...

Wednesday at 6 I was supposed to have a sectional at the high school... but only five of us showed. It was me, Brad, Carolyn, Thomas, and Austin so we decided just to go back to my house and chill. We watched AVP and mom fed them hot dogs. They were happy. :)

Then Chelle picked me up at 8 and we headed out to East Lansing to Coldstone. I met Jazzi and Meghan (and Zach) at Coldstone and it was really cool because I havent seen them since camp. We walked to Bubble Island and then Douglas J so Meg could get some shampoo. We only hung out for like 20 minutes because they had other plans but it was cool that we got to see them.

Chelle and I went to her house and we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (squirt the Windex and walk away). I slept over and then we called grandma in the morning because we had no food. Grandma and grandpa made us lunch and we went over to their house. Then, grandpa gave me a ride home on the backroads on his motorcycle and... I'm not gonna lie... I felt pretty sexy.


THEN when I got home I mopped the floors for 20 minutes and then Crystal picked me up to go to Soaring Eagle Casino/Resort to a FREE (!!!) Pillar concert :) We stopped at Crystal's to get Brianne and then took a few "detours" to get to Mt Pleasant. We stopped at Taco Bell and then met Adrienne and Jordan in the Entertainment Hall of Soaring Eagle. We weren't even there a half hour and me and Bri got pilled over by the security guard so he could tell us not to take pictures in the casino :) We're cool. Crystal spent a dollar at a slot machine because she'd never done that before... it was SO funny... she didn't know what the hell she was doing.

The opening acts sucked so we wandered around the hotel for a couple hours... just walked RIGHT by the check in desk and wandered around in places we probably were not supposed to be. We're complete angels... riiiight. Then we decided to walk around the entire perimeter and Jordan almost went swimming in the pond with the fountain. We walked through the staff parking lot and saw the lead singer of Pillar on his phone. Then we went through the parking garage and got back in time for the third opening act.

He was this rapper guy who was pretty good but we REALLY wanted to rock out to Pillar... so FINALLY they came out and it was FLIPPIN SWEET! Let's just say... my neck was pretty stiff by the end of that and everyone wished they had my hair. *wink* Yay headbanging! Crystal and I had a two-person mosh pit because it was such a small concert. But seriously... a free Pillar concert? That never happens. It's my dad's favorite band, too :)

Friday I went to Hannah's for her party. Aleksa, Sydni, Hannah, Chelsey and I went to Lake Michigan with Hannah's mom and we made a sand pyramid because we decided that we were the "Egyptian exchange students". We buried Chelsey and decided she would be the pharaoh-ess. Aleksa and I had a 45 second sand fight... and I was the only one who rolled down the sand dune :) Also... spinning around in knee-deep water is the funnest thing in the world!

Then we came back and met Ashley at Hannah's house. We ordered pizza, decorated flip flops, ate "ice crake" and fell asleep relatively early around 12:30. We were all pretty tired.

"Doo doo doo SERIOUSLY.... MENOMINA!"
"I just barfed on an anthill. Cool. I think they're pissed."
"Whippen Dipper!"
*click click click* "WORK IT, BABY!" *click*
"I like PINK trains!"

Yeah. I don't feel like explaining ANY of those... they're much too funny for explaining.



Monday, August 14, 2006

Broadway is Dark Tonight

Band camp... was gay.

The food sucked (and they tried to feed a pig ham... I protested) so nobody really ate as much as they should've, then we'd be outside for 10 hours a day. The work wasnt that hard, but we just wanted to leave.

However some really fun memories happened as well.

*RAGED Popsicles (They're OutRAGEDous!)
*meeting Lydia!
*Miss Kelsey dancing to Baby Got Back
*going pantsless across a field (with a spotlight shining on me)
*the HA game (we got up to 60!)
*Andrew... enough said.
*Amy's constipated drum major conducting face
*Getting knocked on the floor in a mosh pit
*Amy choking me with water
*Kasie... *slurping noise*
*fixing Amy's shorts on the dressdown
*memories of Tennessee and opera singing band directors
*the campfire and me emcee-ing
*my umbrella
*the giant twister board

Hey, there's always a chance we'll be dead by next year so we won't have to go back. It's sad when you're actually excited about that.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

On My Wireless Back in '52

Monday: Recovered from choking on my Uvula twice the night before

Tuesday: Delivered birthday cheer to Hannah, then delivered brownies to the drum majors and the band directors at the school. I ended up staying the whole day telemarketing chocolate, meeting new kids, and really wanting Taco Bell. I squirted dear Ms Kelsey's chair with Goo Gone, and it turned into a regular party as Katie, Kevin, Laura, Amy, Carolyn, and Brad were there too. When everyone else left, Amy and I hauled 200 pounds of chocolate to my house in a shopping cart. Unfortunately for us, shopping carts don't roll in grass. We used our sweet biceps to get that home.

Wednesday: Bought man shorts at Pac Sun. Saw John Tucker Must Die with Elizabeth, listened to her rant about Smile FM, and got laughed at by... somebody we don't know but thought we did. Since I'm still a bit sick, my ears are plugged up but when I mentioned this to Elizabeth she began mouthnig words to me to convince me that I was really deaf. What a cutie. I honestly love that girl to death. :) *Elizabeth careens down the highway in rage against Smile FM*

Thursday: Began creating our giant Twister board out of six sheets with Katie. We measured the 65x95 inch sheets and figured out that there had to be 5 square inches between each circle and painted away. Then I had an absolute blast at choir rehearsal, though I do not fully have my voice back yet. I hung out with my two newest best friends: Alan and Kelly. Then I headed over to Amy's party, ate about 4,000 calories. recoeved a safety campground tourguide (DANGER!) and watched movies till the cows came home. Yours, Mine, and Ours, When a Stranger Calls (CURSE YOU VERIZON!), and Shattered Glass (horribly retarded movie).

Friday: Woke up in a tent at Amy's. Made a stepping stone out of cement and little glass circles. Finished the giant Twister board, cleaned the tablecloths, and got paint on the floor. Went to Brain Freeze with Grandpa, Chelle, Michael, and Hannah. Went to Pirates of the Caribbean II with Micheal. It's amazing... but it doesn't end. Boo. Can't wait till III.

Today: Set my alarm for 10:15. Woke up, went to the coffee shop, had breakfast with Amy, went to Felpausch with Amy, went to the dollar store with Amy to get candy for band camp, went to Amy's to pick up my stepping stone, went home, lost a balloon to the sky. Watched the Phantom of the Opera, made Amy a taco, headed to the band meeting. Returned the shopping cart from Tuesday, delivered the taco, presented the Twister board to dear Ms Kelsey. Went home, had a small pool party with Katie, Kevin, and Amy. Aleksa showed up, watched Amy and I do really stupid things, bruise ourselves on the tubes and jump on the diving board attempting to stand on the tubes. It was honestly one of the most fun small parties I've had. Everyone left, and Ski showed up. We played Candlyland and virtual Wheel of Fortune. I kicked my brother's butt by $79,000. Bang.

Tomorrow: Church, rehearsal, whatever.

Monday: Leave for band camp.

I'll be back soon, so don't cry for me, Argentina.