Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chukleslovakia... Chuk is the MAN.

So camp was last week... I'd definitely say that this week was second best out of the 9 years of going there. Best counselor, second best week. Miss Jessica (as Jazzi and I decided to call her) pretty much let us get away with anything :)

I made some sweet new friends (including Jazzi and Meg who live real close). I guess I'll describe them here.

Jazzi: Spunky, spontaneous, trouble-making sweetie. Love her to death.
Meg: She and Jazzi are joined at the hip. She's just darlin... we'll definitely be hanging out.
Erin: My beastly door-swinger with cute feet
Amanda Love: Just a cutie :)
Alyssa: Really quiet, but really fun.
Charlotte: Smart, strong, loud, theatre kid like me :)
Lauren: One of the cutest most friendly Tawas cheerleaders I know
Amy: Known her since 7th grade. Really intellegent. Fast reader :)
Miss Jessica: My favorite counselor pretty much. She's my Argentenian hero and I'm her best friend.

I wrote a poem about the week and read it at the talent show at the end. I actually called it a "comedic ode". It was wonderful... I'll put it up some day.

Our group of tribes was called Chukleslovakia... run by the one and only Chuk Pierpont. Doug was our speaker again... good stuff. :)

There are WAY too many great memories to put... but if you go here then you can check some pics. I'll have some sooner or later... hopefully.


Beccanator out.


Nettie said...

I don't think I can even pronounce that.

Becca said...

Neither could Amy.