Monday, July 31, 2006

Such an Old Man.

My dad turned 50 today. Dang. My brother and I were too sick to go to church but we went out to lunch when he and the girls got back. Dad got pied in the face by some Mexicans at Cancun. It was sweet :)

And also as a birthday present my dad got to take me to Meijers to pick up some more Nyquill since I drained what we had left. Today was the first day of my life in which I used a nasal decongestant spray. I don't mean to be ugly, but really... squirting diluted hydrochloric acid up my nose is not my idea of fun. However... it actually felt kind of cool. Still... I couldn't help but shudder.

Be careful what you snort, kids.

I REALLY need to be well by tuesday. Tuesday is Hannah's birthday and I don't want to go infect her when delivering her gift. Also, Elizabeth and I are going to go see a movie sometime next week... so I better be better! (Ugh... already missed a party and two movie trips... grr!) Thursday is Amy's party... PLUS rehearsal number 2 for August 13th performance at church. Band camp is the 7th through the 12th so I'll just have to tell Miss Kelsey I wont be doing too much yelling... gotta save the voice.

By the way... Little Miss Kelsey put me in the friggen Wind Ensemble. I guess I expected that anyway. Oh well.

I suppose that's all there really is to say. Not much at all.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chukleslovakia... Chuk is the MAN.

So camp was last week... I'd definitely say that this week was second best out of the 9 years of going there. Best counselor, second best week. Miss Jessica (as Jazzi and I decided to call her) pretty much let us get away with anything :)

I made some sweet new friends (including Jazzi and Meg who live real close). I guess I'll describe them here.

Jazzi: Spunky, spontaneous, trouble-making sweetie. Love her to death.
Meg: She and Jazzi are joined at the hip. She's just darlin... we'll definitely be hanging out.
Erin: My beastly door-swinger with cute feet
Amanda Love: Just a cutie :)
Alyssa: Really quiet, but really fun.
Charlotte: Smart, strong, loud, theatre kid like me :)
Lauren: One of the cutest most friendly Tawas cheerleaders I know
Amy: Known her since 7th grade. Really intellegent. Fast reader :)
Miss Jessica: My favorite counselor pretty much. She's my Argentenian hero and I'm her best friend.

I wrote a poem about the week and read it at the talent show at the end. I actually called it a "comedic ode". It was wonderful... I'll put it up some day.

Our group of tribes was called Chukleslovakia... run by the one and only Chuk Pierpont. Doug was our speaker again... good stuff. :)

There are WAY too many great memories to put... but if you go here then you can check some pics. I'll have some sooner or later... hopefully.


Beccanator out.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Love the F-Arts.

So yeah. I'm in Charlevoix. Fun things are happening here... promise. :)

Cousins were here, but they left today. The Voss family will be back Wednesday (WITH KELLIE!) But I dont know when the other Robinsons will be back up. Uncle lost his job... entire company went bankrupt. *cries* Sucks.

Anyway the water skiing and tubing have been sweet. Went to Lake Michigan through the channel... got my thighs all burned. Lipton tea is my new fetish. Kinda cool.

There's really not much to say. The 4th was fun... as usual... they had a smiley-face firework :)

And every parade I've been to this year has gone wrong. For instance... the 4th parade in Boyne. There happened to be a fire so the fire trucks up and left while they were parading themselves clad with children. I actually found it amusing.

Anyway... I cant even begin to sum up the past week in this post, so fare-thee-well until... whenever.


Beccanator out.