Friday, June 16, 2006

If God is a DJ

then life is a dance floor.

Awesome couple o' days with the ladies. They brought a massive 3-gallon bucket of ice cream. Crazy. We went to the zoo, bowling, shot off fireworks, the usual. Good times.

So... yeah.

I'm pretty much having a good time not having school or anything to do... and not having LON CAPA. Report card came in today. I 4.0ed my chem final. *pats self on back* The GPA, however, fell to 3.964. Fuck Becca and her stupidity. It should've been higher. Ok, I'm not gonna lie. It's pretty damn good, but I can do better. I should've done better.

I'm kindof an only child at the moment. Michael is at a friend's house because he's going to film making class every day. Steph and Hannah are away at Barakel, which I drove them to and got 200 miles in for the record.

I may be just crabby, but I'm pretty sick of the emo-ness of society. For heaven's sake... its like a spoiled drunk 15 year old waving a gun in your face. It makes you wanna scream "Put it down, damnit, and just walk away."

Now that I'm pretty much over stuff I have a low tolerance for everybody else. I think that's what happened. However... I still have my days. No day but today, as they say. But hey, you have to deal with your selfishness and your little emo instincts. Yeah. I'm guilty of the emo-ness too. Suck on that. What a hypocrite am I. Love it.

What a selifish bitch I'm becoming. Let's see how many lives Becca can ruin now! I suppose I better shape up before camp... or you'll end up crying every night like last year because you wanted so badly to... wow. Nevermind. Heart to stone, ok?


Beccanator out.


Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

damn emos...

Melissa said...

You can't ruin anyone's are a blessing! However, I know how you feel sometimes...enjoy your summer...relax, refresh, rejuvinate!