Sunday, June 11, 2006


School ended Thursday. I had a chem final, then had a blast in theater. It went well.

I then went galivanting around the town with Laura, Emily, Carolyn, Amy, Mary, Erin, Matt, and Alison. (forgive me if I forgot anyone...) We went to Dairy Queen and Brain Freeze... both were closed... so we decided to head on over to Ginelli's. Laura and Emily and the rest of the catholic youth group got me a pillow that says "HOT STUFF"... you'd have to be at the youth group to know that particular story. Quite a blast.

Then we headed over to the park where I met my family, but I decided I was wearing WAY too many clothes for a day that hot. I went home and changed, then me and Chelsea headed over to Aleksa's for her party.

At Aleksa's we played with Sophie her puppy and played mad DDR for a few hours. It was pretty intense. My face turned purple. Yay slow metabolism excercise-induced purple face. Love it.

Then mom and I went over to the church to try out for the adult choir. We got in, plus a spot on lead team. Sweet. We have so many vocalists right now, it's even impossible to have one person go every month. I dont care. I'll be busy next year anyway.

Bunches of open houses... fun times. I just got back from McBride's. "ALEKSA GET YOUR BUTT HAIRS OUT OF THE POOL!" Wow... good times. I'm really gonna miss the seniors next year. Especially during band camp... gah. Now? I'm the sparkle factor. One problem. I lack sparkle.

Sitting on the roof is good. Begging your pardon while I have a chat with myself.

Things went wrong, not very wrong though. You were supposed to do better. Congrats, failure. No really though. You did fine. Go back. Dont go back. Whatever... just wait for a night with stars. And remember to put the ladder away.


Beccanator out.

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Melissa said...

I'm doing the dance of joy for you being out of school...woo! hoo!