Thursday, June 29, 2006

Breathe Romance... WHO?

Yesterday I had a BLAST with Adrienne... we went to my old house to clean and we decided to make a cleaning company called Partners in Grime: The Dust Busters You Can Trust!

Of course, when we made our bill for my mother, we were cheated 12 dollars each because we're "inexperienced". Of course, that could be 22 dollars each because we added a 20 dollar fee for "cleaning an already-clean house" because it wasted our lives. Boo.

Then we decided to walk 5 miles to Subway and Starbucks in 85 degree weather. Wow. We underestimated that one :) It took us about an hour and a half. We were dead... but we love Subway and Starbucks. The guy at Starbucks was cute, too :)

Then we went back home and played kareoke... then we went to Crosswalk.

Karis and Bri were there and we met HUMPY... Karis's new dog!! Humpy is SO CUTE... and you can just guess why they named him Humpy... *looks away*

Then I worked in the cafe during Crosswalk... ate the free chips and the AMAZING peanut butter :) Accidentally forgot to put the nozzles back on the pop machine so it accidentally sprayed Aunt Laurie... oops.


I'm leaving on Saturday for a month. I reckon I'll be on tomorrow... but probably not another post. Never fear... there will probably be at least ONE opportunity to post during the month of July. Write if you please. :)

Love you all.

Oh yeah... and Adrienne left the rest of the 3 gallon tub of birthday cake Ice cream at my house... it was her "evil plan"...but there's no possible way I can be angry with that. :)

Delicious. Literally.

Beccanator out.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I Promised the Spirits

I've been up in TC for the past few days.

Found a diving mask at the bottom of the lake.

Went diving some more.

Found a golf ball

and a "burned plate".

Ate so much strawberry shortcake that it's unbelievable.

Dad took me shopping.

Went on a rampage at Younker's.

Slept for what seemed like days.

Roasted marshmallows.

Tripped over the "Caution: Wet Floor" cone at the grocery store.

Watched Pocahontas.


Oh, and Nettie? Kindly thank your company for marketing products that would counter the smell of cleaning several freshly caught fish.


Beccanator out.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust.

So this morning I went over to the Posthumas' house to clean. The Mrs has her mom coming over who will sit on her butt and critique every single friggen piece of dust on the cabinet when she arrives. Me and Adrienne decided to change that.

We cleaned for about 3 hours... had to breathe through a towel for some of that. Oh well. Got paid generously. *smiles* We rocked out the whole time.

Then lunch.

And after lunch... I broke the trampoline. The spring almost took off Adrienne's head. Well... foot... but it could've been her head if she was laying down.

And then... what else?

Oh yes. I fell in the pool. You know you're jealous. :)


Beccanator out.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Three Lefts Make a Right.


I'm in a quiet mood at the moment.

Just feel like listening to music.

and I just feel like... being alone.


Beccanator out.

Friday, June 16, 2006

If God is a DJ

then life is a dance floor.

Awesome couple o' days with the ladies. They brought a massive 3-gallon bucket of ice cream. Crazy. We went to the zoo, bowling, shot off fireworks, the usual. Good times.

So... yeah.

I'm pretty much having a good time not having school or anything to do... and not having LON CAPA. Report card came in today. I 4.0ed my chem final. *pats self on back* The GPA, however, fell to 3.964. Fuck Becca and her stupidity. It should've been higher. Ok, I'm not gonna lie. It's pretty damn good, but I can do better. I should've done better.

I'm kindof an only child at the moment. Michael is at a friend's house because he's going to film making class every day. Steph and Hannah are away at Barakel, which I drove them to and got 200 miles in for the record.

I may be just crabby, but I'm pretty sick of the emo-ness of society. For heaven's sake... its like a spoiled drunk 15 year old waving a gun in your face. It makes you wanna scream "Put it down, damnit, and just walk away."

Now that I'm pretty much over stuff I have a low tolerance for everybody else. I think that's what happened. However... I still have my days. No day but today, as they say. But hey, you have to deal with your selfishness and your little emo instincts. Yeah. I'm guilty of the emo-ness too. Suck on that. What a hypocrite am I. Love it.

What a selifish bitch I'm becoming. Let's see how many lives Becca can ruin now! I suppose I better shape up before camp... or you'll end up crying every night like last year because you wanted so badly to... wow. Nevermind. Heart to stone, ok?


Beccanator out.

Monday, June 12, 2006

It's Me Against the WORLD.

I'm pretty glad.


I'm really glad.

I'm glad for everything that has happened over the course of the past few years.




the girl I've become.

No matter what.

Everything that happened has shaped me.

And I love it.

I sneer at the girl I might've been. I mercilessly slaughter her. She is of no use to me. She is not to invade my mind.

I love who I've become.

No matter how





I get.

I love it.

No regrets.


Beccanator out.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


School ended Thursday. I had a chem final, then had a blast in theater. It went well.

I then went galivanting around the town with Laura, Emily, Carolyn, Amy, Mary, Erin, Matt, and Alison. (forgive me if I forgot anyone...) We went to Dairy Queen and Brain Freeze... both were closed... so we decided to head on over to Ginelli's. Laura and Emily and the rest of the catholic youth group got me a pillow that says "HOT STUFF"... you'd have to be at the youth group to know that particular story. Quite a blast.

Then we headed over to the park where I met my family, but I decided I was wearing WAY too many clothes for a day that hot. I went home and changed, then me and Chelsea headed over to Aleksa's for her party.

At Aleksa's we played with Sophie her puppy and played mad DDR for a few hours. It was pretty intense. My face turned purple. Yay slow metabolism excercise-induced purple face. Love it.

Then mom and I went over to the church to try out for the adult choir. We got in, plus a spot on lead team. Sweet. We have so many vocalists right now, it's even impossible to have one person go every month. I dont care. I'll be busy next year anyway.

Bunches of open houses... fun times. I just got back from McBride's. "ALEKSA GET YOUR BUTT HAIRS OUT OF THE POOL!" Wow... good times. I'm really gonna miss the seniors next year. Especially during band camp... gah. Now? I'm the sparkle factor. One problem. I lack sparkle.

Sitting on the roof is good. Begging your pardon while I have a chat with myself.

Things went wrong, not very wrong though. You were supposed to do better. Congrats, failure. No really though. You did fine. Go back. Dont go back. Whatever... just wait for a night with stars. And remember to put the ladder away.


Beccanator out.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Damn Straight its a Yacht."

I love Matt. :)

US history exam=over.
FST exam=3.5 (that's right, kids. That's damn right. *smiles*)

"Your pants are falling apart there, kiddo." -Struck's quote for today, directed, of course, at me, since pretty much all of my jeans are torn.


I'm gonna go make chimichangas now.


Beccanator out.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


In the words of Casey E. Shipman- "I think my heart broke today."

Well... I really wouldn't go that far. I think this year I'm more excited for them than sad to see them go. In a good way. Seniors '06... last day of High School forever. And jealous. I'm jealous too. The school is dull and gray... lacking its color. Elizabeth's smile, Cliff's sarcasm, Matt's hugs, Ski's emotion, Karlie's... uh...Karlie-ism...

Forever I'll miss them, but I know most of them I'll see next year. I saw ALL my band seniors from last year, I bet I'll see a good number of this year's seniors again.

I know they cant stay away. They cant handle it. :)

Because as much as I want to get out, I know I'll come back and visit. Because I cant handle it either. :)

"Becca... you're not out of place. You dont have a place. You're everywhere."-Amy Sierzega

Spoken like a true best friend, and she is a true best friend. Congrats, Miss Drum Major '06 :)

This is the nightmare we fall asleep

Yeah... the FST final is DONE and OVER. The English final is almost done... the band final is nonexistent, the drama final was Three Musketeers, the US History final and the Chem final will be complete and utter HELL. I should study. I have no work ethic. Screw that... for now.

Goal: no. Scratch that.

SMART Goal: (see, KaNolen?) STOP being an idiot, Becca, I know you cant help it... just STOP.

For your own sake. And sanity. And the sake and sanity of those around you.

But I cant help but feel that maybe she was wrong. Is it possible? Of course it is. But it seems so impossible. She makes you believe that she knows what she's talking about. I know she doesnt. However it makes no difference whatsoever. I'm still myself. I cant change that.

I already have. Enough of that. Enough.

I'm done.

God save me please... cuz I dont think she'll make it through the night.

Uh... good. Good thing. Good thing for you, Becca. Great thing.

Just to add to your generous supply of insanity, school's over in 5 days. Well... seven. Technically. Summer will come, and with it you shall be dragged away from your sane state of mind. Dragged. Literally.



Beccanator out.