Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Sometimes I have the overwhelming urge to just nuke my family.


And I fear I would enjoy it far too much.

Then, me, Amy, Hilary, Hannah and of course, Tango, would create a commune in Borneo where we would live out the rest of our lives as critically acclaimed impromtu broadway actresses.

Good times.

Cant remember, or can I, actually searching for sharp objects at school. No... no I can.


Hey, guess what? My hand looks like a shopping list... actually it kind of us. It's a to do list.

Sat 10-12
DE@ Mem. L
lon capa *insert check mark*
FST *insert check mark*
chem test Fri.
drivers-ed slip *insert check mark*

Oh yeah. And I'm driving on thursday. So... beware oh small creatures of this oh so small town... just... stay off the roads from 5:30 to 6:30, k?

Baby you're the one I choose
Folks would KILL to fill your shoes!

Bah humbug. *wink*

Tolerance is running low, especially for myself. Last year I was so much more intellegent, so much more street smart. At least I think so. So much more together, because I was falling apart. Because I had a lot more to deal with. This year I'm just so frickin lazy and all I have to do is school and regular life. Nothing hard has hit me this year. Except, of course, finding out that I suck. Oh well, this too shall pass.

I liked it better when I felt like I was in hell.

That's not normal.


Beccanator out.

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