Saturday, May 27, 2006

Plumb Pudding

Verdict: No.

Becca does not get to fly out to Arizona for free to see her friend Brittany and her family who Becca has not seen in a year. Becca's mother has severe trust issues that Becca's mother needs to shove up Becca's mother's ass.

Well just for that, Becca's phone bills are gonna be friggen ridiculous in July. So there, says Becca.

Becca also has decided that she does not want to go to the lake. Becca's mother seems to think that it would be cool to go for the entire month of July. Again. But apparently, since one week will be 4th of July when Becca's cousins will be there, and since Becca does have friends up there, it wont be too bad. But it will be. Becca would rather stay here. But apparently Becca would not like it at home. Because Becca has a bunch of people that like to make decisions for her. Becca has no say. Becca sucks.

Apparently, Becca's friends all hate Becca because Becca is annoying as hell. Becca needs to grow up. Becca doesnt understand anything. Becca's a dumb shit.

Becca loves being hated. Becca loves having people say that Becca's friends hate her.

Becca's afraid because Becca loves her friends.

Becca's psycho. Becca needs to turn herself in to the psych ward. Becca would have lots of fun there. Becca would stare out the window and pray for rain. Becca would color her little white uniform with black sharpies. Becca would decorate her hideous white room while it gradually made her even more crazy. Why? Because Becca hates the color white. Becca cant explain it. Becca knows that nobody would understand why.

Becca has a headache.

Becca just cleaned her house for two hours. Becca earned money. Becca is happy.

Becca wishes exams were not so close. In fact, Becca is not too thrilled about summer vacation. Becca will be bored and go insane. Then Becca will go to the psych ward. Becca is crazy.

Somebody lock Becca up.

Becca says delicious.

Beccanator out.


Hannah said...

Becca's friend Hannah says that if Becca goes to the psych ward then Becca's friend Hannah is going to go with Becca!

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

becca's friend krissy latte says that becca needs a hug. and some company at the ward...