Sunday, May 07, 2006

Men Riding Dragons And Throwing Wolves at Maggets

The world is an adventure.

8:40- Woke up, called Amy shortly thereafter

10:30- Went to my cousin Erica's lacrosse game in East Lansing... and her team totally wasted every team they played. "EYES ON THE PRIZE, RICKY!" We love #35. Yeah.

2:35- Cleaned out the catacombs... joy.

3:30- Walk Across Williamston project with Kathryn... we started on the nature trail across the footbridge and took a picture of some canoers, then took pictures of the town hall, went to the farmers market and felpausch to take pictures of people (and we must've picked the most self-consious people in the world), then Tuesday Books for an interview. While we were at TB, we saw an author there to drop off her hot-off-the-press new book. She, apparently, listened in on our interview before dropping her new books at the counter. I guess she was impressed with our "interview skills" because she came up and happily gave us advice about finding what you love and putting it into a group setting. "My husband is a musician. I love music, but I am NOT a musician; I'll never pick up an instrument. But you must always have somebody to enjoy the music."

5:00- Vaccumed the walls... yay.

6:45- Left my house, called Amy... she couldnt make it to the coffee shop.

6:47- Laura drives up while I'm walking to the coffee shop. "BECCA! GET IN! I need help at the church dinner!"

7:00- me and Laura serve pie things at St Marys dinner

7:30- me and Laura go to the coffee shop so she can eat dinner, I drink Italian soda, make a face with her onions and butter on the roll plate, listen to musician, request Sweet Home Alabama

8:40- me and Laura go to Scary Movie 4 (the cat thing just cut it for me... we almost died laughing)

10:38- I write this post.


Beccanator out.


Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

i remember seeing that a few weeks ago. glad you enjoyed it...

Nettie said...

I thought you said cleaned out the cookie jar. I want cookies.