Friday, May 19, 2006

In This Town

Wow. Awesome night-driving experiences with Brendon last night. Fun stuff. :) *Brendon pisses behind a shed* Priceless.

And Hannah... only YOU would have that happen to you. Quite honestly. And how the HELL did they find it??? It still baffles me, baffles me completely.

MOCK ELECTIONS '06!!!! (for Symphony Band)

So last year I was voted
1) Most Hyperactive
2) Favorite Freshman

And this year... oh boy. I swept the board, kids.
1) Best Looking in Concert Uniform (tied with Karlie, I think it was the fishnets that won that one *wink*)
2) Best Personality
3) Favorite Sophomore (tied with Hilary)
4) Most Unique
5) Best Hair (I'd like to thank Kenda for that one)
6) Most Spirited/Enthusiastic
7) Best Laugh
8) Most Likely to Come to School NAKED

Karlie is SO pissed that I beat her at that one. HAH!

I pretty much rock. I guess its cool to see how people see me. Makes me realize how much fun I'm having.

Cant wait to go open-housing... but I'm gonna miss these kids. *sniffle* Karlie, Elizabeth, Rachel F, Rachel K, Melissa, Amber, Ski, Matt, Cliff, Ana, McBride, Amanda... then the drama dorks Justin, Chris, Kelsey, Laura, Chelsey, Sam.... and the other kids... Cassie, Emma, Kim...

At least I know some of them will be coming back to see me :)


Cant wait for drama club next year... hope it goes well. The musical just NEEDS to be great... but so many people... I dont know how to explain it. Its just going to be so different. Kelsey, Bragle, and Lily-Lacca. It'll be interesting. I hope. I want another tight family. I know it will be that way, just different.


Beccanator out.


Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

congrats on the awards. it only means you'll win even more next year.

Nettie said...

Please don't do number eight. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.