Thursday, May 25, 2006

And You Accidentally Smashed My Face Into The Wall

So Hilary thought it was cool to stick her saxophone brush into my face.

So I thought it was cool... to instinctively open my mouth

and get a face full of mold.

So I see it coming.

Everything falls out of my band locker at some point.

Especially during first hour with the relay baton.

"Good thing you're not on a RELAY TEAM!"-Miss Kelsey

So much attitude from such a small woman... baffling.

But anyway... back to the band locker story...

I saw it coming, I admit.

I see it in slowmotion... I'm on the floor in its path.

The giant dreaded french-horn case.

Hilary and I scream.

I dive across the room, french-horn in hand.

I probably dented it.

I always seem to fall when I have it in hand.

And when Hilary's around.

And we explode into a fit of laughter.

Flash flood today.

I got drenched, then got in the car.

And drove.

We dropepd my brother off at Impact

Then went to Subway to see Cliff and Matt

Who gave me a sandwich

and a WHOLE extra cookie

Even though I already had three for $1.06.

We talked about summer

And how much fun we'll have

And Matt's having a bonfire saturday

And I'm having a party monday.

Have fun, kids.

Memorial Day Weekend '06


Beccanator out.