Saturday, May 27, 2006

Plumb Pudding

Verdict: No.

Becca does not get to fly out to Arizona for free to see her friend Brittany and her family who Becca has not seen in a year. Becca's mother has severe trust issues that Becca's mother needs to shove up Becca's mother's ass.

Well just for that, Becca's phone bills are gonna be friggen ridiculous in July. So there, says Becca.

Becca also has decided that she does not want to go to the lake. Becca's mother seems to think that it would be cool to go for the entire month of July. Again. But apparently, since one week will be 4th of July when Becca's cousins will be there, and since Becca does have friends up there, it wont be too bad. But it will be. Becca would rather stay here. But apparently Becca would not like it at home. Because Becca has a bunch of people that like to make decisions for her. Becca has no say. Becca sucks.

Apparently, Becca's friends all hate Becca because Becca is annoying as hell. Becca needs to grow up. Becca doesnt understand anything. Becca's a dumb shit.

Becca loves being hated. Becca loves having people say that Becca's friends hate her.

Becca's afraid because Becca loves her friends.

Becca's psycho. Becca needs to turn herself in to the psych ward. Becca would have lots of fun there. Becca would stare out the window and pray for rain. Becca would color her little white uniform with black sharpies. Becca would decorate her hideous white room while it gradually made her even more crazy. Why? Because Becca hates the color white. Becca cant explain it. Becca knows that nobody would understand why.

Becca has a headache.

Becca just cleaned her house for two hours. Becca earned money. Becca is happy.

Becca wishes exams were not so close. In fact, Becca is not too thrilled about summer vacation. Becca will be bored and go insane. Then Becca will go to the psych ward. Becca is crazy.

Somebody lock Becca up.

Becca says delicious.

Beccanator out.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

And You Accidentally Smashed My Face Into The Wall

So Hilary thought it was cool to stick her saxophone brush into my face.

So I thought it was cool... to instinctively open my mouth

and get a face full of mold.

So I see it coming.

Everything falls out of my band locker at some point.

Especially during first hour with the relay baton.

"Good thing you're not on a RELAY TEAM!"-Miss Kelsey

So much attitude from such a small woman... baffling.

But anyway... back to the band locker story...

I saw it coming, I admit.

I see it in slowmotion... I'm on the floor in its path.

The giant dreaded french-horn case.

Hilary and I scream.

I dive across the room, french-horn in hand.

I probably dented it.

I always seem to fall when I have it in hand.

And when Hilary's around.

And we explode into a fit of laughter.

Flash flood today.

I got drenched, then got in the car.

And drove.

We dropepd my brother off at Impact

Then went to Subway to see Cliff and Matt

Who gave me a sandwich

and a WHOLE extra cookie

Even though I already had three for $1.06.

We talked about summer

And how much fun we'll have

And Matt's having a bonfire saturday

And I'm having a party monday.

Have fun, kids.

Memorial Day Weekend '06


Beccanator out.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Between How It Is and How It Should Be

Okay, good enough.

"I'm sure all your friends thought..."
"It's my job..."
"She's so..."
"She doesn't know..."
"I'm not going to encourage..."

Wow. Every single day you take something else away from me. Pushes me farther away, you hear me?






And then you turn around and make me feel like a dumb shit.

I cant be myself without you getting embarassed.

And worst of all

I cant get a paper cut without you pouring lemon juice in it.

I hope you're happy.

And I think... in two years... I think I'll try defying gravity.

On my own.


Friday, May 19, 2006

In This Town

Wow. Awesome night-driving experiences with Brendon last night. Fun stuff. :) *Brendon pisses behind a shed* Priceless.

And Hannah... only YOU would have that happen to you. Quite honestly. And how the HELL did they find it??? It still baffles me, baffles me completely.

MOCK ELECTIONS '06!!!! (for Symphony Band)

So last year I was voted
1) Most Hyperactive
2) Favorite Freshman

And this year... oh boy. I swept the board, kids.
1) Best Looking in Concert Uniform (tied with Karlie, I think it was the fishnets that won that one *wink*)
2) Best Personality
3) Favorite Sophomore (tied with Hilary)
4) Most Unique
5) Best Hair (I'd like to thank Kenda for that one)
6) Most Spirited/Enthusiastic
7) Best Laugh
8) Most Likely to Come to School NAKED

Karlie is SO pissed that I beat her at that one. HAH!

I pretty much rock. I guess its cool to see how people see me. Makes me realize how much fun I'm having.

Cant wait to go open-housing... but I'm gonna miss these kids. *sniffle* Karlie, Elizabeth, Rachel F, Rachel K, Melissa, Amber, Ski, Matt, Cliff, Ana, McBride, Amanda... then the drama dorks Justin, Chris, Kelsey, Laura, Chelsey, Sam.... and the other kids... Cassie, Emma, Kim...

At least I know some of them will be coming back to see me :)


Cant wait for drama club next year... hope it goes well. The musical just NEEDS to be great... but so many people... I dont know how to explain it. Its just going to be so different. Kelsey, Bragle, and Lily-Lacca. It'll be interesting. I hope. I want another tight family. I know it will be that way, just different.


Beccanator out.

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm So Sick

And I guess nothing really matters at the moment.

Everything just blurred together and I'm typing without even being half sane.

I killed you.

I killed you and I'm so sorry.

I hate killing things. Even if they are only pet fish.

Right now... I'm a Murderer.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Thing For Cows

A year ago we were in Tennessee. I want to go back so badly... seems like yesterday when we went. So much has happened since then. Actually... nothing's happened. Maybe that's why it seems like yesterday.

And a special thanks to all who helped me and Hannah execute phases 1 through 5 of Operation Hotdog yesterday. I'll explain when the mission is complete. Until then, it is absolutely top secret. Three more phases to go... yes!

I've been driving for the past 3 days... I suppose I've done alright. I've alot to learn... I know that. But I'm comfortable on the road. Too comfortable, it seems.

*perks up*

It started raining harder. It's been raining for the past few days. Oh, I love it to death. *sings If All the Raindrops were Lemon Drops and Gum Drops, oh what a Rain that would be...*

...yeah. Like I said. Nothing is going on.


Beccanator out.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Sometimes I have the overwhelming urge to just nuke my family.


And I fear I would enjoy it far too much.

Then, me, Amy, Hilary, Hannah and of course, Tango, would create a commune in Borneo where we would live out the rest of our lives as critically acclaimed impromtu broadway actresses.

Good times.

Cant remember, or can I, actually searching for sharp objects at school. No... no I can.


Hey, guess what? My hand looks like a shopping list... actually it kind of us. It's a to do list.

Sat 10-12
DE@ Mem. L
lon capa *insert check mark*
FST *insert check mark*
chem test Fri.
drivers-ed slip *insert check mark*

Oh yeah. And I'm driving on thursday. So... beware oh small creatures of this oh so small town... just... stay off the roads from 5:30 to 6:30, k?

Baby you're the one I choose
Folks would KILL to fill your shoes!

Bah humbug. *wink*

Tolerance is running low, especially for myself. Last year I was so much more intellegent, so much more street smart. At least I think so. So much more together, because I was falling apart. Because I had a lot more to deal with. This year I'm just so frickin lazy and all I have to do is school and regular life. Nothing hard has hit me this year. Except, of course, finding out that I suck. Oh well, this too shall pass.

I liked it better when I felt like I was in hell.

That's not normal.


Beccanator out.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Men Riding Dragons And Throwing Wolves at Maggets

The world is an adventure.

8:40- Woke up, called Amy shortly thereafter

10:30- Went to my cousin Erica's lacrosse game in East Lansing... and her team totally wasted every team they played. "EYES ON THE PRIZE, RICKY!" We love #35. Yeah.

2:35- Cleaned out the catacombs... joy.

3:30- Walk Across Williamston project with Kathryn... we started on the nature trail across the footbridge and took a picture of some canoers, then took pictures of the town hall, went to the farmers market and felpausch to take pictures of people (and we must've picked the most self-consious people in the world), then Tuesday Books for an interview. While we were at TB, we saw an author there to drop off her hot-off-the-press new book. She, apparently, listened in on our interview before dropping her new books at the counter. I guess she was impressed with our "interview skills" because she came up and happily gave us advice about finding what you love and putting it into a group setting. "My husband is a musician. I love music, but I am NOT a musician; I'll never pick up an instrument. But you must always have somebody to enjoy the music."

5:00- Vaccumed the walls... yay.

6:45- Left my house, called Amy... she couldnt make it to the coffee shop.

6:47- Laura drives up while I'm walking to the coffee shop. "BECCA! GET IN! I need help at the church dinner!"

7:00- me and Laura serve pie things at St Marys dinner

7:30- me and Laura go to the coffee shop so she can eat dinner, I drink Italian soda, make a face with her onions and butter on the roll plate, listen to musician, request Sweet Home Alabama

8:40- me and Laura go to Scary Movie 4 (the cat thing just cut it for me... we almost died laughing)

10:38- I write this post.


Beccanator out.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Flies Away

"To be great is to be misunderstood."-Emerson

Today I bought a shirt that had a fleur-de-lis on it. *notes Three Musketeers reference* That made my day.

Tomorrow is friday. Good.

Yesterday we had a chocolate feast at crosswalk. Got some funny pictures of me and Adrienne attacking the deliciousness. Wonderful.

Sunglasses. No, you may not see my eyes. Something about them being "windows to the soul" makes me nervous.

Shopping alone is gay.

Happy Birthday, kids :)

Monday: Bekah Dolloway
Tuesday: JoJo Willbrink
Wednesday: Chelsea Robinson (MY COUSIN! I wrote her an ode.)
Thursday: Hilary Holland
Friday: Steven King (no, not the author, my friend)

Yesterday we had a fog delay :) Me and my brother walked to the coffee shop to sit and do homework. When we were done, we walked to Speedway because their coffee is cheaper. Then we went to school, started at 3rd hour. Days just need to start like that.

On Sunday, I hope, Chelle is coming over and we're watching RENT. I'm burning myself the RENT soundtrack, and then we'll (hopefully) go to Bubble Island. Yay!!! I havent been there since the Relient K concert :) Good memories.

Finished my script. I guess I could be honest just this once- I wish I picked a different topic.

Oh well. Que sera, sera.

I give up.

Closing thought:

Jeg misunner de med depresjon. De er trist fordi de er syk. Jeg er trist fordi jeg suger.


Beccanator out.