Monday, April 17, 2006

Touche, Varlot.

Lazy ass teenager.

I went to school today with my big fuzzy sparkly pink blanket so I could maybe possibly find time to take a nap. However my lunch hour was spent selling Three Musketeers tickets with Chelsey and Hannah, and after school I did my homework while watching the maestro choreograph the stage combat.

ShaNolen sent me to buy him a water and I found a dollar stuck in the vending machine. Got it out. Highlight of my day.

Since tomorrow we're going to BoarsHead, I'll be piled in homework. Yippee. Better get some FST notes from Amy... then Chem notes from Amy... then back for a jam session at 7... we're REALLY not ready for Battle of the Bands. Oh well. Free food.

It would be cool if life wasnt so damn slow. I live in Hickville. Nothing ever happens here.

Except that one time.... when that one thing happened.

And since I've been such a little social butterfly, I'm getting influenced again. Seems to me that I just let this seep through my pores because I think that I know what's going on. I think that I know myself, but I have no idea. I haven't had a rational thought in... I dont know how long. And if I have, I'd never know it.

Had a bad day... la la la la... I think I like that song. It is one of those songs that would usually annoy me alot, but since the first time I heard it was at Bri's, I like it. At least I think that's why. Because when me, Adrienne, and Karis went to Bri's... it was pretty much one of the funnest things of my life. The lyrics are all right, too.

Sometimes this hurts. And sometimes this heals. I think I'm in the middle of a bipolar little phase of life that I've put myself in to. I cant decide whether it hurts more or heals more. Or maybe I'm just inching myself out of it without realizing so. I think I'm letting life slip through my fingers. And that's why I'm standing up tomorrow.

Wow, this computer is gay.

*walks through life*

I'm so irritable today.

*skips through life*

So insane.

*runs through life*

Get it over with.

*sprints through life*

Wait... WTF? I cant sprint. I'm obese, remember?

Actually I'm not. I dont think so, at least. I was doing just fine.

Just la dee frickin fine.

And I still am.

So shut up, you stupid kid. I wanted you to see something... see someone when you looked at me. Your opinion doesnt even matter. It should though. I'm your sister.

I really shouldnt be saying these things. Not here. But I am. So suck it.

Wow... this post was theatrical, to say the least. And just so desperately random and pointless... such is life.


Beccanator out.


PirateKayle said...

Sounds like you had a bad day, maybe tommorrow will be better.

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

so many spaces... kinda reminded me of a play...