Saturday, April 29, 2006


The past week has been filled with



bloody knives





stage makeup

15 hour school days




pizza hut



snack food

hair straighteners


santa clause

dinner with my drama family


laughing so hard I wanted to throw up.

I love my drama family. Dinner with the drama family is so much more fun then dinner with my actual family. And no matter how stressed out I am, how bitchy I get, how exhausted, how hungry, how annoyed, how scared, how nervous, how happy, how excited, how hyper, how crazy... theres always somebody to be my hero. My drama family. And then some.

Me: In 1st hour Mr Lutzke was talking about how Mr Rogers used to creep him out...
Hannah: HOW can Mr Rogers freak anybody out?
Me: I know. But except... I never liked that lady in the merry go round...

Mrs Nagy: Oh, Lady Elaine? Yeah... shes a bitch.

HAHAHA I LOVE MRS NAGY... my drama mama number 2. If I run away from home, I'm going to live with her. :) And obviously then, Zak and Alec.

I finally got my stabbing scene down. Rachel... we are the greatest.

Pizza Hut... friday night tradition. Awesome as always. Hilarious pictures. Most definitely.

Nick's been doing so good. Nick... you rock. I wouldnt be able to do it. I really wouldnt.

Two more performances... cast party at Laura's tonight. YAY! These are the best times.


Beccanator out.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Well... I just got back from the WHS Band Can/Bottle drive... and I smell like a brewery. It was fun though... we danced in the rain and Ski bought me a WHOLE BOTTLE of sparkling white grape juice... ahhh yum!

The play is coming up. I wont be home much next week... I'll be at school at LEAST until 10 pm.

Some random Argentinean chick is coming to stay with us for a while... but because of the previous statement, I wont see her much. Sucks.

Last night was battle of the bands. We didnt suck. :)

After party was fun... me and Hannah played violent tennis for a while "LIAR!!!" haha... and then had another Wicked/Phantom Of The Opera kareoke night.

All I have to do is... just pretend that it isnt my heart that I'm dumping.


Beccanator out.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Touche, Varlot.

Lazy ass teenager.

I went to school today with my big fuzzy sparkly pink blanket so I could maybe possibly find time to take a nap. However my lunch hour was spent selling Three Musketeers tickets with Chelsey and Hannah, and after school I did my homework while watching the maestro choreograph the stage combat.

ShaNolen sent me to buy him a water and I found a dollar stuck in the vending machine. Got it out. Highlight of my day.

Since tomorrow we're going to BoarsHead, I'll be piled in homework. Yippee. Better get some FST notes from Amy... then Chem notes from Amy... then back for a jam session at 7... we're REALLY not ready for Battle of the Bands. Oh well. Free food.

It would be cool if life wasnt so damn slow. I live in Hickville. Nothing ever happens here.

Except that one time.... when that one thing happened.

And since I've been such a little social butterfly, I'm getting influenced again. Seems to me that I just let this seep through my pores because I think that I know what's going on. I think that I know myself, but I have no idea. I haven't had a rational thought in... I dont know how long. And if I have, I'd never know it.

Had a bad day... la la la la... I think I like that song. It is one of those songs that would usually annoy me alot, but since the first time I heard it was at Bri's, I like it. At least I think that's why. Because when me, Adrienne, and Karis went to Bri's... it was pretty much one of the funnest things of my life. The lyrics are all right, too.

Sometimes this hurts. And sometimes this heals. I think I'm in the middle of a bipolar little phase of life that I've put myself in to. I cant decide whether it hurts more or heals more. Or maybe I'm just inching myself out of it without realizing so. I think I'm letting life slip through my fingers. And that's why I'm standing up tomorrow.

Wow, this computer is gay.

*walks through life*

I'm so irritable today.

*skips through life*

So insane.

*runs through life*

Get it over with.

*sprints through life*

Wait... WTF? I cant sprint. I'm obese, remember?

Actually I'm not. I dont think so, at least. I was doing just fine.

Just la dee frickin fine.

And I still am.

So shut up, you stupid kid. I wanted you to see something... see someone when you looked at me. Your opinion doesnt even matter. It should though. I'm your sister.

I really shouldnt be saying these things. Not here. But I am. So suck it.

Wow... this post was theatrical, to say the least. And just so desperately random and pointless... such is life.


Beccanator out.

Friday, April 14, 2006

But Byron... Its Christmas

Rather a fun time I've been having lately.

Between sword-fighting (excuse me... "bocan quarreling"), sun-tanning my back during lunch hour, trespassing on construction ground while walking home, freaking Kyle out, running lines with Rachel, licking nacho cheese off of Sammi Jo's feet, eating onions, getting 10 new baby fish for Tango, drinking my weight in frozen cherry pepsi, playing anger-fueled DDR, set building, and jam sessions, I've been a little preoccupied.

"I do not hold life so dear as to be afraid of dying."-The Three Musketeers

Its funny. About 3 months we've been working on this play and I never heard that line until now. In fact, I'm not sure I understand the whole story. Of course, that could be because I have a 28 scene span in which I shall be backstage eating swiss cake rolls and brushing my hair.

If it weren't for the sword-fighting, I think I'd die of boredom.

I'm just glad my dad's not in the war, I haven't joined a cult and changed my name to April, I haven't been heartbroken, I haven't been wasted, I haven't lost a job, I haven't had Christmas since December, I haven't demolished a movie theater, I haven't been shot at, I haven't run into a semi truck, I haven't gone to court, I haven't killed a loved one, and I haven't been discriminated against. Not today, at least.


Beccanator out.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Because Its Ladies Night, Eat Apple Pie

Prepare for a ridiculously long post, because Spring Break '06 has been the sweetest ever.

Tuesday night was Ladies Night with Brianne, Karis, Adrienne and I. We stayed up till 5 in the AM doing... you're gonna hate me for this... hair and makeup... I know... so girly... but they took out my zillion braids (that was crazy) and straightened it (a feat in itself) so I'm happy. We also found every possible way to annoy the Pterodactyl (aka Bri's brother) who does nothing but watch 8 hours of junk TV every night, make whey protein shakes and take 3 showers a day. We each enjoyed spitting into his whey protein shakes, for the record.

We did so many random things like helping Brianne rake rocks out of the grass (while taking the trash cans to the field on the other side of the road and filling them with rocks just to piss Pterodactyl off) and sitting on Bri's random wall platform thingy and taking pictures.

Are the STARS out tonight?

Speaking of stars, at 5 when we finally went to bed we saw a disappearing-reappearing star out Bri's window. It would shine bright, dim, disappear, grow visible, shine bright, dim, and disappear again. We reached a consensus, after much deliberation, that it was in fact a satellite in an extremely slow orbit that was rotating and reflecting off the sun. Sounds reasonable to me.

The next day we went to Wal Mart and then Johnny Rockets... and dealt with the lady who thought it was cool to give Adrienne her change in quarters. I mean I'm not harping on her as a person, but honestly we were in a hurry and juggling quarters is not my idea of fun. :)

Then we went to the church for Cafe Training from 6-9. I learned how to use a cash register (although NOBODY told me that the change drawer would pop out and bite me) After that Karis and Bri went home and the rest of us watched Narnia until the Behind The Scenes guys kicked us out at 11.

Yesterday at 12:30 I met my drama class at the school to go to Ann Arbor for stage combat training. We got to the U of M Campus Theater Arts building around 2 and stayed until 9. Maestro Chris Barbeau, the guy who trained Robin Williams for Hook, is our instructor so he taught us footwork (advance, retreat, bolaestra, lunge, potanando, stop thrust, ect.), parries, attacks, and other moves like binds, moulanes, and figure eights. It was frickin intense. My joints hurt and my legs are tight but I'll deal.

The best part, though, other than the Maestro's stories, was the car rides. I rode in Mr Whightman's car with Cassy, Matt, and Rachel. We watched A Walk To Remember and when we stopped to get some food on the way back, some crazy things happened.

We stopped at McDonalds and we decided it would be sweet to sword fight with the coffee stirrers and straws... which it was... until I decided that it would be sweeter (no pun intended) to sword fight with my apple pie. Too late did Matt scream "ITS OPEN" and it went flying halfway across the restaurant. I, of course, just shoved it back in the box. No harm done, I always say. Rachel introduced me to the wonderful world of fries dipped in chocolate shakes. Not bad, not bad.

That isnt even the best part.

While turning off of the Webberville exit, the car's transmission quit. Mr Whightman pushed it off the road and then we all pushed it into the nearest gas station, which conveniently, was very near. We decided it would be WICKED AWESOME to swordfight in the gas station parking lot with our bocans, so we did. Much to the confusion of the general public, honks from semis, stares from kids, enjoyment of the bikers, and the age-old "WTF?" look from the teenagers, we four awesome kiddos practiced our footwork, six's, and sequences. Imagine us screaming "ADVANCE! ADVANCE! CROSS OVER ADVANCE! LUNGE, REVOVER BACK! RETREAT CROSS OVER RETREAT! PASS BACK! ADVANCE! BOLAESTRA PASS FORWARD INTO A LUNGE!" It was priceless.

Eventually Cassy's stepmom came and took Matt, Rachel and I home and we were much too excited to be tired anymore.

I have to work some today so I can get money to take Elizabeth out for her birthday tomorrow :) YAY!

I could easily let my past interfere with all this fun. I could easily burst into useless tears, but not today, pal. Not today, because I'm an extremely attractive sword-fighting diva. You dont mess with me, or I'll chop your head off with a single moulane.


Beccanator out.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Adventures of BLT Woman and Emo Kid

Since it is Spring Break, and I am awesome, me and Hannah decided that we would make quiche. So on Friday we had our ultimate Quiche/RENT/Wicked day and filmed about a half hour of video footage. We made 2 quiche pies and listened to RENT and Wicked for 3 and a half hours, decided my house takes up two climate zones, and made it our new mission to boycott "Cant Take My Eyes Off You" for homecoming court next year. After that, we took an adventurous walk around town and chatted... up Williamston-Putnam, down High St (to the Fish Fry, and over the mysterious SALT block), over the footbridge, down Riverside, back up Williamston-Putnam over to the Cappuccino Cafe. We didnt exactly have any money so we chillaxed under the neon sign until Stephanie called my phone. We met the family across the street at the theater and watched Shaggy Dog. "Did you just GROWL at opposing council?"

That was our extravagant day, full of laughs and such... and we can do that. Because we're super heros.

It's raining out again... oh I just love rain. Except for the fact that I really sort of want to take a walk again... but if I went to the coffee shop again it wouldn't be very wise... because I still have no money... but I digress. For two easy payments of $79.99 I could probably dump this and get out for a while (and then some). Oh damn. No you did NOT just start snowing. Well it was only for a second and it wont stick... but snow can REALLY rain on my rainy day. If that made any sense at all.

I belong to Jesus.

Last night was... hmm.

The earth turns

The sun burns

The eagles fly

But I die

Without you.

It was even worse than March 11 last night.

And even worse than that- I cant even decide what really happened because I've clogged my mind with so much of what did not happen. Maybe I'll change my mind. It's too late for these, though.

I seem to have mysteriously shaved part of my finger off in the shower today without noticing. It's rather painful to play piano or bass... even with a bandaid. Heal, oh vile slice, heal.


Beccanator out.