Friday, March 31, 2006

I've Got Baggage Too...

So The Jeans of Wrath (minus Kostik) just had the sweetest jam session of their lives. I, for one, have redeemed myself from being stuck on keyboard. I am sweeto on keyboard for Soul Meets Body, but since we need 3 songs for battle of the bands, we decided to do an original. Kevin had wrote one a while ago called Pobre Ana (based on that ridiculous book from Spanish 1 class) and I, yes I, Becca, Becca who does not play bass, is playing bass! :) It's a simple progression and Kevin told me which frets to use. I'll learn more on the way, but we'll put Kostik on a guitar for this song.


So I now have Katie's keyboard and Kostik's bass and amp in my room clogging up my floor space... but I dont care. We sound decent for having 3 sessions. Pretty sweet. Battle of the bands, here we come.


Beccanator out.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ladel, Ladel, Ladel

All together, this was a rather low-key day. I got my research paper back from Lutzke. 4.0. barely, but still. 4.0. We ended up watching the tail end of October Sky again in chemistry, and I did my math homework in drama. My sister is in the elementary production of Cinderella, so she's been at the high school this week practicing and performing. That was cool.

Me, Cliff, and Chelsea went to Mr Bowles about Invisible Children and raising awareness. Surprisingly, it went ridiculously well. He is all for it as long as we associate ourselves with a school-related group and present in front of the staff on April 11. We asked Miss Kelsey to be one of our supporters and she agreed whole-heartedly (sometimes... I just have to love that woman to death) and Cliff is going to talk to Mrs Lynch. All we need is a thumbs-up from the faculty and we have the permission to shrink the schedule for a day and show a screening. I have faith though, I think its going to be good. And I think its going to be big.

As of yesterday, The Jeans Of Wrath have been born. (a.k.a, my rock band) The extent of my rocking comes through Katie's keyboard, but so be it. The band is me on keyboard, Katie and Kevin on guitar, Kostik on bass, and my brother Mike on drums. For battle of the band tryouts tomorrow we're doing Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cutie. Eh, hopefully it will sound halfway decent. We're allright. Heck, its only been a day. :)

Another day... and another kid to make it. I love Cassy... "Well I'm sorry, I dont know the ladel song." "Uh, that's because its the DREIDL song..."

What a cutie. Gott alove Cassy and all the memories we made with a single word: ladel.


Beccanator out.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

There's A Piano On My Cake.

Thinking about it I must admit... I'm growing increasingly frightened of the person I am becoming. In another way I like it. I am, however, concerned about the things that I may or may not be convincing myself of. I know it was not that bad. I know that. I've been able to forget these types of things now. But I'm hardened. I'm blowing it all up. I'm pretending. I'm brainwashing. I'm.... lonely. In a way I wish it would just get worse. I wish sometimes that it would happen... something terrible... just for an opportunity to find and to hold on to the one person who would save me every day. I dont know who saves me. On the other hand... I dont want to know. I dont want somebody to be perfect for me. I have my reasons for wanting loneliness. I just didnt think it would hurt this bad.

I guess I could just grab a personal pizza and call it a day. I need to remember to call Britt. Somebody remind me. I never turned in my tech application. Well, at least that frees up another week. I finally finished my research paper. I'm forbidden from the church tonight because apparently since none of my small group leaders can be there I'm not responsible enough to just sit in the prayer room and talk with Karis, Adrienne and possibly Brianne. Or stare at the wall. They talk and I stare at the wall. Suits me just fine. The thing is... we just talk anyway. Whether there are leaders there or not. Some things are just easier not to explain. So I'm still at home. I already took my walk for the day. No sense in taking another one when the sun is going down and I'm in my pajamas.

The hope of tomorrow hangs thick in the air... me and Hannah are planning on decorating Miss Kelsey's windows with my window markers because we went to festival on Friday and got straight ones. And yesterday my kids did a stellar job at their musical. My heart is always filled when I'm around them and they are singing. Otherwise... I havent been myself. No matter. I finally found myself able to praise today. But then... the skit with the flowers and the crying. But then there was also Melody and her beautiful song. There was a random lady that turned around and told me that I had a beautiful voice. That just made my day.

This has been the most worthwile post I've written in a while.


Beccanator out.

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Kiddo

So pretty much.... me and Alaina are flippin sweet. Not gonna lie. (I call her Kiddo so she calls me Mommy... weird? Yes. Awesome? Definitely.)

And I guess my blogiversary was 9 days ago. Oops. Well that obviously wasnt very important.

And it got up to 64 degrees today!!!!!!! *jumps in air* I'm excited...

I guess all I have left to do today is do my piano lesson (woo Chopin, he kicks Schuman's butt) and go to Kenda's salon yet again... that's three times this month... wow. Yay for hair. I've been changing it lately like my brother changes his boxers. Okay that's sick.

Noodle. That's such a sweet word.


Beccanator out.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's In Arizona

It is March 11. I know how I feel about March 11. So I did something so hauntingly beautiful that I would not even be able to begin to explain it, nor do I want to.


Beccanator out.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


So I guess I figured it out. (jay kay ell oh ell)

1)Adrienne and me in our ridiculous outfits being hot
2) Adrienne and Brianne in my band jacket ("If people from my band see me I'd get shot!"-Brianne)
3)ON THE COUCH bahaha
4) Me and Bri... the most attractive people in the world
5) me TOTALLY not even taking DDR seriously...

so good times.


Beccanatour out.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Really Like Your Spoon

Since this blog (well actually its the computer) now forbids me to add photographs, I am unable to post with visual aid the fun I've had in the past week or so. No Adrienne or Brie dancing DDR in the most ridiculous clothes, no Hannah or Matt with spoons on their nose at Kountry Kitchen, and no Ski bending his silverware. Well, so be it.

Today we had our first Three Musketeers rehearsal... I did nothing... except for hang out with Tia and Chelsey... "What time is it?" "PEPPERONI! I TOLD YOU ALREADY!" and then "I'm Tia. I dont know what I'm talking about so I'll just hand the microphone back to Chelsey."

Well that was fun.

Now I remember why I cut myself off. For heaven's sake... it's much easier not having to care for people when you dont know what's in their head. Now that I know some of what is going on I remember how much of a stressful thing it is to have friendships. It's not worth it. Especially when you just dont care anymore.

No more silly rules for me. My ridiculous life-goals like not getting married and dying before I'm 60 apparently freak people out and make them assume that I need help. Whatever. I dont care.

You know what bothers me the most?

"What are you doing? You think you can just drink your problems away? You cant face them like everybody else? What made you so fucking special?"-Gerald Di Pego


Beccanator out.