Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You Horndog :)

What a cutie. Seriously I love that kid to death!!!! :)

So I guess Sunday was Superbowl XL... so I went to the church to hang out with Adrienne. Cliff brought JoJo, Amanda, and Matt... and also JoJo's sisters Moriah and Deirdra. That was pretty sweet... and again... I brought my DDR so that me and Adrienne could be intense like we always do. :) So that's what we did. And I am SO SORE... Extremely sore. You try doing some 8th notes at 200 beats per minute... for lord's sake!!


Sometimes it's a good thing to remind yourself how the song really goes. After seemingly adding so much to it... it's nice to clean out the clutter and listen to the real melody. No matter how off key it was.

As soon as I rejoiced for it being rainy and un-frozen... it snows about a foot. UGH. And... I'm definitely love how I'm sitting here in a tank top.

School has become a waste of my life, since things have slowed down so much that its absolutely driving me crazy. Heh. I now have time for myself. :)

Maybe I should introduce myself to myself again. I'm quite sure I've forgotten.

Hello, Becca... WOW You're attractive... I'd like you to know a little bit about myself. My eyes are brown. And I enjoy muffins. I kind of feel like making a chocolate upside down cake right now. And I can kick anybody's butt at DDR.... except the Asians. *wink*

Apart from those darn two CAPA questions that I cant figure out for the life of me... I'm all good.



Beccanator out.


PirateKayle said...

lol DDR rox! Glad that you could meet yourself Becca, I'm sure you two will be the best of friends!

Melissa said...

Introduce yourself to yourself again...huh? I really like the idea of that. I think it has a really powerful meaning in a way...because sometimes we get so caught up in the crap of life (like school) and lose ourselves...hmmm! thanks for the nugget!