Monday, February 20, 2006


So for the long weekend I've been up in Manton (Traverse City area) at The Woods; my great grandparents' old house. It's in an area that's rather secluded; some of the roads dont get plowed because they're seasonal roads, houses are miles apart, and the snow is up to your knees.

So naturally, we go down to the seasonal road East 6 and go down the wicked steep ridiculously long sledding hill... which does happen to be plowed. We break out the old sleds with runners and see how far we can get... and the second day Uncle Don rigs up the "black tub" sled to the back of his green quad and drives down to give us rides back up :)

We also go snowmobiling... and since I can drive one (not legally, but the folks up there wouldn't say anything, and besides, who sees a cops in Manton? Not us...) I take little adventures to explore the back roads. I reach up to 60 mph, but my steady pace is 40-50 mph. Nothing too fast or furious.

Unfortunately, I dont know the back roads very well. And snowmobiles take wide turns. So inevitably, I accidentally run my front into a snowbank on the side of the road. I abruptly find out that flooring it doesnt work in a situation like this, and for the life of me I couldnt find the reverse. So I do what I can. I take the back bar of the snowmobile and lift and pull as far as I can to turn the sucker around. However the blades in front aren't turning the way I want them to, so I have to dig the snow out around them. Lift and pull, lift and pull, dig and shove, lift and pull. Since the ground was slippery, I really couldnt use my legs for this so my strength came from my arms and back. These puppies are heavy, I tell ya. Finally, though, I yanked her out and floored it out of there. And when I woke up the next morning... wow. I could barely move. :)

When we were too tired out we just layed around and watched Beethoven movies... or old disneys... whatever there was, really. Aunt Lila and Aunt Faith came to visit... and one profound remark about Vernors' came up... which I believe is the best possible way to end this post.

"Vernors tastes like shampoo."-Aunt Faith

Yep. We're back to Delicious.

Beccanator out.


Nettie said...

You got a long weekend? And snow? No faaaaaaaaaaaaaair.

PirateKayle said...

Disney is awesome. lol and way to be smooth on that snowmobile. Sounds like an awesomely sweet weekend though.

Melissa said...

Fun in the snow...nothing better!!! Miss ya, the Melissa letter is in my brain I just have to get it on paper :)

Katie (Olivena) said...

Vernors is sick and disgusting... BLEAH!