Tuesday, February 28, 2006

RIP Chris Graham, Age 14

So I guess I know what the ambulance was for today. You lost control of your 4-wheeler riding down the road without a helmet. I didnt even know you. I cant even picture your face. But I know people who cared about you. Kiddo, it could've been prevented. If you were allowed a second chance...

But you cant get one. It's over.

I always seem to get sucked into the masses during these things. I went to Donna's dad's funeral last year. I helped search for the missing Lansing Christian kid last year. I always love to be involved with trying to make things ok...

So I guess we're supposed to wear white tomorrow. I've also heard black. So I'll just do both. Tomorrow Mr Bowles will say something over the PA. The Video kids will mention it over the announcements. Everyone will whisper memories or shocked stories.

But after our mourning, life will go on. But we wont forget. We didnt forget PJ, and we wont forget Chris.

Lord have mercy.

Monday, February 20, 2006


So for the long weekend I've been up in Manton (Traverse City area) at The Woods; my great grandparents' old house. It's in an area that's rather secluded; some of the roads dont get plowed because they're seasonal roads, houses are miles apart, and the snow is up to your knees.

So naturally, we go down to the seasonal road East 6 and go down the wicked steep ridiculously long sledding hill... which does happen to be plowed. We break out the old sleds with runners and see how far we can get... and the second day Uncle Don rigs up the "black tub" sled to the back of his green quad and drives down to give us rides back up :)

We also go snowmobiling... and since I can drive one (not legally, but the folks up there wouldn't say anything, and besides, who sees a cops in Manton? Not us...) I take little adventures to explore the back roads. I reach up to 60 mph, but my steady pace is 40-50 mph. Nothing too fast or furious.

Unfortunately, I dont know the back roads very well. And snowmobiles take wide turns. So inevitably, I accidentally run my front into a snowbank on the side of the road. I abruptly find out that flooring it doesnt work in a situation like this, and for the life of me I couldnt find the reverse. So I do what I can. I take the back bar of the snowmobile and lift and pull as far as I can to turn the sucker around. However the blades in front aren't turning the way I want them to, so I have to dig the snow out around them. Lift and pull, lift and pull, dig and shove, lift and pull. Since the ground was slippery, I really couldnt use my legs for this so my strength came from my arms and back. These puppies are heavy, I tell ya. Finally, though, I yanked her out and floored it out of there. And when I woke up the next morning... wow. I could barely move. :)

When we were too tired out we just layed around and watched Beethoven movies... or old disneys... whatever there was, really. Aunt Lila and Aunt Faith came to visit... and one profound remark about Vernors' came up... which I believe is the best possible way to end this post.

"Vernors tastes like shampoo."-Aunt Faith

Yep. We're back to Delicious.

Beccanator out.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Basket Case


Lame for the Stat project that me and Amanda can't figure out.

Yay band directors and friendly music therapists.

It was the year that I almost lost everything...

Yay for the Ronald McDonald House and small groups.

Lame for birthday parties and missing things.

You'll be standing there, sorry, unworthy
Look closer; guilty and bloody and...

Yay for songs with magical chord progressions.

Lame for being bipolar.

But I meant something entirely ugly...

Lame for emptying the dishwasher. And turning on the lights when I wanted it to be dark. And opening the door when I wanted it to be shut.

One year it rained on Christmas...

Lame for families. And lame for friends.


Beccanator out.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Was Ready For The World!!

And our obnoxious picture has gotten EVEN MORE OBNOXIOUS!!!! (I fixed it) :)

I showed it to Adrienne last night (we cracked up for a long time) at Crosswalk... where we did old school youth group games like when you blindfold people and have them eat nasty crap and then have them guess what it is... yeah I did that (represent) haha I ate sardines, pork rinds, oatmeal, baby food, and malted milk balls... and I totally won the guessing contest WOOO!! THEN we did "What Would You Do For A Dollar?" and I did some pretty nasty stuff.... haha hey I needed some extra cash and I will put pretty much ANYTHING (that's rated G) in my mouth... so I licked Crystal's toes... and then ate a malted milk ball that had been in Eric's AND Brent's armpit... ugh... so Brent's little armpit hair is floating around somewhere clogging up my arteries. Yummy. *throws up*

So now our new youth pastor Scott thinks I'm like the coolest kid ever. :) Sweet.

"Dude... what would you do for FIVE BUCKS??!?!?!?"

"I'd do anything!"

Lately I've been quite obsessed with the sample music that came with the new computer... particularly Kacy Crowley. Good stuff. I laugh at myself. Kacy Crowley is desperately close to country music... which isnt half bad but I usually laugh at country music listeners. Not that country isnt good... I tend to take rock better. But I liked it. Yay for Becca. :)

I took Struckles' Chem test today... actually it wasnt half bad. *crosses fingers for a 54/58*

The roads were disgustingly icy last night... so we had like 30 people at crosswalk. Courtney went into the ditch *laughs* and so did other kids between last night and this morning. I've never seen it so bad, it was literally an ice rink out there. But now the roads are dry and the snow is beginning to melt... so I'm happy.


Beccanator out.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You Horndog :)

What a cutie. Seriously I love that kid to death!!!! :)

So I guess Sunday was Superbowl XL... so I went to the church to hang out with Adrienne. Cliff brought JoJo, Amanda, and Matt... and also JoJo's sisters Moriah and Deirdra. That was pretty sweet... and again... I brought my DDR so that me and Adrienne could be intense like we always do. :) So that's what we did. And I am SO SORE... Extremely sore. You try doing some 8th notes at 200 beats per minute... for lord's sake!!


Sometimes it's a good thing to remind yourself how the song really goes. After seemingly adding so much to it... it's nice to clean out the clutter and listen to the real melody. No matter how off key it was.

As soon as I rejoiced for it being rainy and un-frozen... it snows about a foot. UGH. And... I'm definitely love how I'm sitting here in a tank top.

School has become a waste of my life, since things have slowed down so much that its absolutely driving me crazy. Heh. I now have time for myself. :)

Maybe I should introduce myself to myself again. I'm quite sure I've forgotten.

Hello, Becca... WOW You're attractive... I'd like you to know a little bit about myself. My eyes are brown. And I enjoy muffins. I kind of feel like making a chocolate upside down cake right now. And I can kick anybody's butt at DDR.... except the Asians. *wink*

Apart from those darn two CAPA questions that I cant figure out for the life of me... I'm all good.



Beccanator out.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Glitter and Rain

Here's the cute one....And there HAS to be a goofy one.

Yep. Me and Adrienne. Thick as thieves. :) (and PS I love how I can twist my face into something so utterly unattractive... haha)

This is how it was at Crosswalk on wednesday. We had family night, and we were finally in our new building. It's flippin sweet... and I cant WAIT till the superbowl party when Cliff, JoJo, Matt, Amanda, and maybe Elizabeth shall join me in my triumphant glory. Pamela, who felt a bit sorry about the burning chicken at the Christmas banquet, made like a zillion cheddar-baked chickens for us. And they were amazing. It's just incredible what this woman can do with food! :)

I just got back from Hannah's opening night of the Secret Garden... where she played the coolest Martha I've ever seen! Wow... it was great... hopefully I'll have pictures up soon. haha... A little kid came up to me and asked for an autograph on her program... and I definitely wasnt even in the cast!! I mean what can I say? I'm just that cute. *wink*

Today I actually felt like getting off my butt... so I went outside and played basketball and tennis with my little sisters and brother. It was actually quite fun. I might do that more often. Plus the moist air made my hair curl even tighter :) I like rain. Especially rain when it should still be frozen outside.


Beccanator out.