Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words, And I Have Five

Above you will find several extremely small pictures of Karlo's party... which was an extreme good time. :)

1.Alaina... being herself...
2. Me, Chelsey, and Hannah
3. Me and Brad
4. Karlo and Alaina
5. Meg, Elizabeth, Sara, Me

Yes, it was most enjoyable :) Chelsey and I found wax... goggles... UNEEDA BISCUIT... the CHISEL!!!! Hopefully I'll have pictures of these later.


Beccanator out.


Melissa said...

You guys look just awesome!!!

Got your letter...THANK YOU! Will be responding sometime this year, thanks for the pics...they were so awesome and enjoyable!

And let's see if Melissa can say Awesome anymore :)

Nettie said...

5,000 words, awesome!