Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hoffnungslos Alleine

Fun times for Becca, right, where shall we start?

I guess we didnt have to do that set tear down thing. Sweet. Good. Second semester of theater=crap. So far. Why do I sign myself up for the most annoying classes ever? Well I suppose it's all quite self-explanitory... DRAMA... cute. Maybe I'll try out for Clue. Just so you kids know- when Rachel and I tried to do the extra curricular thing... Mrs Nagy definitely didnt support it. So good luck. I'll help out if need be. Hey, at least you have Randy.

And I wrote myself a godforsaken cello solo. I cant even play the cello. WTF? So I was bored.... desperately random. But it's effing sweet. A little low for cello though. I dont want to switch keys, however. Too bad for the cello players, suck it frickin up. Too bad if it's too low. I like it. It's called Kirchhof-Nebel. And it's by me. ALL by me.


Beaners has become my second home. Aside from going to clean the Ronald McDonald house. Hip Sip in a Zip. Yay.


So... umm... the play's over... I had a party... Zak had a party... they were sweet... ShaNolen got us a limo... that was sweet... uh yeah. I'm glad it's over though.


Blah dee blah blah make him happy and joyful and not tired or stressed like me. That's become so routine. But it needs to not be. I need to say it though. And it needs to come from my heart. No matter how "torn" it may be.

*chugs cough syrup*

Apparently they're something neurologically wrong with me, since my thumb swelled up randomly and came quite close to exploding. It's probably a heinous side effect to this disease I'm currently in. Note to self: Never mix cold caps with energy drinks. It ends badly.

So.... you who I shall call the awesome kid? Yeah. Really. Dont stop bothering me. It's what I need. I'm thinking about changing my mind after all. I know I said I wouldnt. Maybe I will. I just dont think you'd have time. I know. I dont even think I would know what to say. Half the time I cant even remember.

I swear sometimes I'm 379% sure that I'm psycho.

I want out. The kids say I could never leave this family. "No you cant". I hate that. How the hell... nevermind. Okay. This long horrible post must go on. Let me go. I shall start over and create an alternate identity. Maybe not that far... but I shall start over none the less. It shall be a fabulous odyssey. One thing holding me back though. The little break downs of those I live with. Hardly live with. I wish I was busy again.

Wow, shut up.


Beccanator out.


Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

if someone could teach me the cello, i'd play it for you.

Melissa said...

Psycho is a bad are AWESOME!