Saturday, December 30, 2006

What a Woman.

Imagine a child of six sitting on a hard wooden piano bench. The sounds produced when the child bangs on the keys are annoying, if not ominous to a good night's sleep. From this mental image, one could not imagine the musical future of this child or the masterpieces she would create.

It is now ten years later, and said child has learned the ways of the piano. She flew through Levels 1, 2, 3,4, and 5 throughout the years and performed at numerous recitals. She skipped over to Schuman, Willis-Clementi, Chopin, and Mozart. So what? There are millions of children who can pass five levels of piano. Millions of children can play Mozart. What is so special about this one? From the years of banging on keys, even she herself could not imagine what was in store for her. She hadn't any idea where music would take her, if anywhere, until fall of 2004.

She had recently switched piano teachers (just for something new) and this teacher was geared towards song-writing. Song writing? Surely the thought had crossed her mind, but could it be done? Could a girl of 14 compose? She was faced with a challenge: arrange a multi-part christmas medley to be played by her cousins. Coming from a musical family, she had enough players to cover oboe, flute, trumpet, and clarinet. Let the writing begin.

Hours she spent upon that bench, pencil and composition paper in hand, arranging the medley and placing each note with care. Months later, when the final product was finished, she found herself with her first masterpiece: A Christmastime Medley.

A month after Christmas, another masterpiece was produced. This one was named by the girl's grandmother: A Happy Day in May. This unique composition for piano blended two very distinct genres. She took a happy-go-lucky tune, split in in two, and slapped a waltz right in the middle. The result? Stunning.

The next year, she recieved song-writing software for Christmas. There, she had the ability to compose for instruments she did not even play, for instance, the contrabass cello. She composed a solo for contrabass cello in Spring of 2006 called Kirchhof-Nebel. Another amazing masterpiece.

The legend continues. As a matter of fact, she composed her latest piano work yesterday. A work in progress, but progress none the less.

As a child of six, she had no idea what kind of talent would burst out of her. She is very proud of herself, as is her family, and will remain composing until her dying day.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Makes Her Fly

Christmas is over, and I suppose I turned out okay. I hope so, anyway.

But no, the stress is not over.

Evidently I have Tale of Two Cities homework that I haven't even started. Apparently I have plans I want to carry out. I guess I have theatre practice on thursday from 11 to 4.

And I most definitely have my road test tomorrow, and I have no idea what happens when one tries to parallel park an Astro van.

I wish myself luck, and the will to win. I tire of being a failure, so I won't be one. Easy enough.

I have nothing else to say.



I passed. It's as simple as that. :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Run, Run, Rudolph; Run While You Still Can.

Call me crazy, but things are getting a little twisted around here.

Oh, but for the record, here's a little insert before I get to my rant. Phil and I had a wonderful time being rock stars at the coffee shop yesterday, thanks to my devoted fans :) Love you guys. And also thanks to Abbey for letting us perform in the first place, and for the free coffee.

Back to business.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this, but why the HELL does the Christmas season always ruin everything? Usually during this time, people have "What a wonderful time of year!" stuck in their psyche. Why? Is it the decor? The music? The all-around "good" feeling? Perhaps. Here's a news flash: NONE of those things last. And usually, they all fail around the same time in the most inconvenient of manners.

Since we all think that Christmas is going to be some wonderful reunion of family and friends and all around goodliness, we assume that all is well. We assume that everything is going to flow just swimmingly; that nothing can go wrong at all. Turns out, when things do go wrong during this season, we feel absolutely dreadful. Dreadful because of the positive morale everywhere else. It amplifies what just happened to your plans because everything is supposed to work out so well. It never does. Christmas has become something to tip-toe around. Sometimes it kills whatever you had left. Sometimes it squeezes everything from you until you're only the shell of yourself and you whither away until the new year.

Christmas, once holy, once righteous, has become a time of commercialism and lament. Not at all what it should be. How it is and how it should be have become two polar opposites. Why? There are several positive elements to the Christmas season. There does exist a good feeling, beautiful sights, warmth and cheer, the works.

But there's always something that makes you go "Holy shit, merry Christmas to me." in the worst possible way.

I'm sure some of you can realte to these somewhat cynical yet also somewhat realistic views on Christmas, but I'm also sure some of you won't. I'm sure some of you will draw in some sort of inarticulate breath and prepare for a rebuttal. Alright, go ahead. Actually, I urge you to do so.

Give me one good reason to convince me that Christmas hasn't begun to waste away to nothing.

*sighs* I understand this post was... theatrical... and I don't hate Christmas, just the cruel irony. This was just... to get a point across, ok?


Friday, December 22, 2006

For the Love of Operaman

A five dollar striped hat is on top of my head. It is doing a great job of keeping my head warm, but my fingers and toes? Not so much.

I guess I could put "Faster Internet Browser" on my christmas list. Along with "No Tale of Two Cities English Homework" and perhaps "Have the Les Mis T-Shirt Design Itself". I can dream, can't I?

I'm also wondering why everytime I switch web pages on any browser, the transition page is always white. Why? Can they not think of a color that is less terrifyingly ominous? White. How overrated. I suppose it's another thing that makes Becca think that the world has turned against her. Oh well.

Upon the return of Miss E. Wardell, I think I asked something like "Where the flying * have you been?" To this she replied, in a nutshell: "Sick." Fair enough. Still, life was dull and boring without talking about the Scandanavian Cracken all hour and having Tonya come sit herself between us. "Whatever, Tonya."

We even escaped the clutches of the Half-Evil Sub. Sorry, graduates, but at least you had some yummy Turkey Feast dishes.

And I'm beginning to wish I had brought home that macaroni salad. Oh, lamentation, botheration, anything of that sort.

At least I hung out with Steve and Elizabeth. Elizabethmylove whom I haven't seen in months. So... I skipped the choir concert to go to the coffee shop. Bad Becca.

I found a pair of jeans in a record time today. And a $36 sweater of all things holy. It was quite difficult to put that baby back on the rack.

I saw Karismylove at the Toll House Cafe. I miss that kiddo, boy do I ever.

Katiemylove came over last night. We watched movies after shopping for a bit (FINALLY got the right size fishnets), and deicided to be fatties and eat pizza. Hooray for the fatties. :)

Adriennemylove barely escaped a visitation from me today.

My cousin tried to explain Eragon to me, but neither mother, Auntie, nor I could get past the "Erkles" without peeing our pants laughing. Or eating chocolate-covered espresso beans, my new fetish.

If there's one thing I hate, it's gift-wrapping. Christmas is gonna nip me in the ass. Long live gift bags!

And for the record, I'm a rock star tomorrow. 7:00 at the Capp. Oops. Maybe I didn't want you all to know that.

And the house smells of chex mix. And, perhaps, intrigue?


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

Nothing to report. Except a couple parties, concerts, pow-wows, excessive fatigue, and the freezing-over of phalanges. They're the only frozen things in Michigan right now.

And I'm getting a little tired of snappy-casual holiday garb.

I still need to go Christmas shopping. Eh, I have what? 8 days?

Bring it on, Christmas, bring it frickin on.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bored in Bethlehem... or something.

Been busy. Mostly with Christmas stuff... and it only stresses me further to realize that it's not over.

So for lack of anything better to post (because my brain feels like deep fried oatmeal) I'll just post some poetry slammin' poetry that I was forced to write for Mr Barnes's class.


As I wandered through the garden
I collected a rose or two
And as I pressed on further
My bouquet of roses grew.

The garden never seemed to end
I had known it since I was born
I had danced through all the beauty
I had fought through all the thorns.

One day I was walking alone
The sun was shining through
The garden brought a stranger
And the stranger said “I love you.”

With my young soul ignited
And discretion that I lack
I gave away my roses
And I never got them back.

Now I wander through the garden
With no roses of my own
I’d never give them all away
If I had only known.

Freedom Ring

Once upon my wedding day, anxiety filled my heart
I heard a voice behind me and I jumped up with a start.
It was the priest, I dare to say, and he wanted a few words.
And what he said to me that day was the best I’ve ever heard.
He said: “You look troubled, what is holding you back today?”
I said: “I don’t know where I’m going, but I think it’s the wrong way.”
His normally gentle eyes faded darker into black,
I had a heavy soul and I wished he would come back.
I waited for his return before I said what was burdening me.
I said: “I want a place where I can be safe, sound and free.”
He paused for just a moment then whispered in my ear
He said: “If there exists a freedom, you’ll not be finding it here.”

A Wish for Allison

When your world suddenly turns upside down,
When all your smiles turn to frowns,
When your dreams seem much to hard to grasp,
When you’re enslaved by a tight-fisted past,
When drops of saltwater blur your vision
When you have to make a tough decision,
Think of this, an honest plea
A wish for you, for you from me.
Press on further through your pain,
Sometimes go against the grain.
Search for love, it can be found,
And it will sweep you off the ground.
Place your trust in loyal friends,
Go on when the path takes a sharp bend.
Focus on what’s yet to be,
Open doors when you earn the key.
Reach for what you most desire,
Pursue what sets your heart on fire.
Look for beauty, face your fears,
Don’t be afraid to cry your tears.
Dig the earth and touch the stars,
Wait for time to heal your scars
Turn the cold into the warm,
Be a light house through the storm.
Always faithful, always true,
This is what I wish for you.

Night Song

It comes in darkness, under the blanket of a swirling black tapestry
Of stars and velvet sky
It never speaks a word; instead it serenades you as you drift away
Into delirium
It pushes, pulls you out of, into, away from, towards the deepest
Part of your very core
You will fall out of the highest window, soar over the highest mountain
Still eclipsed in its grasp
A night song so pure, so sound, so magical, your imagination will
Take a journey through time
And when it is through you are left as a shell of a man yearning for more
But you would sooner die
Before learning of what force this mystical being belongs to, or where
You will see it again.
For it is so dark, so silent, so secret, so good, so beautiful, that
It’s indescribable.

Seven Candles

I had a row of candles
Each candle had a name
They’ve since been blown out,
I only have myself to blame.

The seven candles sat upon
An altar in my mind
I should’ve put them somewhere else
That nobody could find.

The first three of the seven
Told what I held dear
Joy, Peace, and Laughter
Were represented there.

The last three of the row
Were things that brought me light.
Friendship, Mercy, Happiness
Were illuminating the night.

But by and by, time races on
And with it comes confusion
Of watching your life pass you by
Being haunted by its illusion.

I became blind to all things wrong
All was as it should be
Until the day I found my candles
Dark inside of me.

They went one at a time
As I never thought they’d do
But every time one of them went
Part of me died too.

I was lying on my altar
Gazing at wicks turned black
When I realized there was one candle
On which I turned my back.

In the middle sat Love
It had the brightest glow,
I remember when, and sigh because
Love was the first to go.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

That Don't Impress Me Much.

Yesterday everybody had their fingers crossed for a snow day. Since everybody expected one, naturally, I figured there wouldn't be one. I figured God would roll up his sleeves and knock us all off of our asses. I figured he'd make it 70 degrees and sunny.

Turns out, we were both right. Partially.

I heard rain on the roof and figured any snow that had fallen was washed away. I was right. Then, I heard mom come in to turn off my alarm.

Snow day.

With not an inch of snow on the ground.

It just doesn't get any more bizarre.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PANIC at the Craft Show (and Other Tales of a Chemically Unbalanced Weekend)

Because of a weekend of
early morning recording sessions
turkey day
Emily frickin Wardell
waiting for inspiration
shopping with Laina and Karlie
paying with a $100 bill at Taco Bell
spaztastically purchasing Elf... finally...
creepy lumberjack man (and being the "prettiest thing he's ever seen come out of the woods") *wink*
decorating the tree
hoarding concession food
cousin day
being he-girls
working the craft show
going up town and leaving angry voicemails
2 hour phone conversations
running people's lives entertaining deer
becoming famous
chilling with artists
watching Steven down 2 shots of espresso
basking in the glow of the coffee shop
learning that Brad is NOT leaving
being a hero





I've decided that life is rockin'. For now.


Monday, November 20, 2006

When Your Soul Embarks

I\'m updating at school. Rebel, yes.

Last night was closing night. As always, its bittersweet. We had the cast party at my cousins\' house and we spent our time watching the recording of Saturday night\'s performance and watching all the action parts in slow motion. That was particularly fun because there\'s a scene where I trip onto a mattress and then there\'s another scene where my friend Travis has to throw me down on the stage and I slide a good five feet. Watching that in slow motion, though, only makes the bruises throb. Oh well, its something to laugh at.

Hopefully I\'ll be able to put pictures up sometime.

I always say that.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Heading Nowhere.

Been busy. I like it, though. Keeps me out of... trouble? Yes. That's it. Trouble.

... and I'm feeling more alone than I ever have before...

We open in 7 days. It's gonna be a damn good show. I transposed the pit parts for one of our songs and it ate my time. I guess I could take this opportunity to gain a new-found respect for music writers, but I choose not to. Know why? Because, for heaven's sake, this wasn't the first time I've attempted to transpose, or for that matter, compose. However, I took it for granted. I'd forgotten how ridiculously time consuming it all is. The whole business requires one to sacrifice one's entire life and devote it to creating scores of wordless poetry that will seldom be appreciated by those who read it.

Pessimistic, but not everybody has the mind of a musician. Or Becca Robinson.

This girl, Becca. She can't do much. She only wants to be your hero.

...and this picture can be summed up in five words: Life can be randomly beautiful. (Despite the fact that I look like a complete clown, but I'm sure all of you are jealous of my viking hat. And, perhaps, that I seem to be the only one Miss K will trust with her hair. Well... it works out.) There's a lovely story behind this picture, actually it's filled with more hilarity than loveliness. I think I'd rather have hilarity anyway.


Thursday, November 02, 2006


I skipped the entirety of the school day in order to venture to BoarsHead to see quite possibly the most entertaining play I've ever seen in my 16 years of living. It's called Unneccessary Farce, and I highly reccomend it if you live in Lansing or near any other popular theatre venue where it might be shown. It premiered worldwide here, so perhaps it will spread. Anyway, it's a thought.

It's amazing. Such complex creatures can turn into such simpletons. The wise turn into the hypocrites. Those who display the inability to tame a firey tongue, and even worse: the childish act of comparison.

What a horrible word, comparison is. Annoying is more like it. Horribly annoying. There we go.

It hailed today. Hail has never ceased to amaze me. It only lasts for a few moments because the conditions have to be absolutely precise. It falls at a pace that lies somewhere between that of rain and that of snow, and you barely have time to run and get a pie pan to catch it before it stops. Then, in this particular circumstance, the sun comes back out and casts an eerie yellow glow on the remaining clouds. It's quite the experience, if you look at it through eyes filled with awe. If not, it's just another case of inconvinient Michigan weather.

Case in point: Life is what you make of it.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yes, yes. I realize I haven't written since the 9th. I just haven't had enough time to document each and every thought that has gone through my brain. I apologize.

Theatre is going just swimmingly; it's going to be a really good performance, I think. Lots more hours need to be put in though... but prancing about the costume shoppe is always worth it.

I bought some sweet shoes yesterday. I guess that's the news of the day.

Amy and I sat in Kelsey's office for a while for lack of anything better to do. I had theatre in the middle of that, but I really didn't expect them to be there an hour later when I got back. Never the less... sitting in her office listening to her rant and laugh about nothing in particular is entertaining in itself. I just adore that woman.

So... for the next week I have nothing but theatre, choir, and perhaps a single football game at St. Johns so I can see Bri and Dave. That'll be a "hoot".

I understand that I've been talking this entire post, but haven't said anything. There really isn't much to say when one is forced to summarize two exciting weeks in one's life.

How's this for profound?

There is a very fine line between protection and over-protection; however, there are only a precious few who can see it.


Monday, October 09, 2006

In Laughter and Strife

First off...

I had an AMAZING dance party on friday... with my AMAZING friends and AMAZINGLY Aleksa and Erin got me some AMAZING taco bell food... because they're AMAZING.

Juan came and DJed for us and we did some karaoke and danced to Cotton Eyed Joe because none of us can get enough of that dance. It was funny because Katie tripped over the cord and then she fell again and hit her head on the karaoke screen... gotta love that girl. It took me a frickin hour to open all their presents because about 40 people showed... I love them.

Sunday I sang with the choir at church and Amy came to see me. That was sweet... I never knew how freakishly awesome all those people are. They're like my little family. Well... big family I guess.

Oh... marriage. That's complete rubbish, isn't it? :)


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happily Birthday

Yeah... Happily Birthday to me... a.k.a National Becca Robinson Day.

The big 1-6.


Saturday, September 30, 2006


After my "date" with Caroline Lupini at the coffee shop, I realized how much I love my town. Well really... any town I guess. The lights. They're gorgeous. The stars. You can see them. The coffee. It's delicious. The people. They're friendly. For the most part, anyway.

I guess I plan on spending more and more nights at the shop... while I can at least.

Theatre is kicking off... which I've probably said about ten million times in the past three posts. I'm excited, really. Honestly, who wouldn't be excited when the choir director decides to serenade you with a country western version of your opening song? Well actually... that was a little weird, but it cracked me up for a long time.

Between three hour phone conversations about shark fins, and going on a field trip to see the MSU marching band (and, consequently, Andrew, Amy, and Hooah...) I still don't feel any more prepared for Grand Ledge on Wednesday. The pizza trap was a good idea, though, kudos to Brad.

I turn 16 on Thursday. Hoo-frickin-ray. Now if I could just finish driver's ed...

but whatever.

Tomorrow is my parents' 50's sock hop... they're throwing themselves a party because they and my uncle Gordy are turning 50 this year. It's gonna be fun... Chelsea and I borrowed an entire box of Grease costumes from the costume shoppe... goodness.

Monday's rehearsal is gonna be an hour longer because of Grand Ledge. I'll just take that as my cue to shut up and worry about only myself for once.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Taco Bell... or bust.

Yesterday was homecoming... wow. It was a complete blast. I think it was the best year yet, probably because I went dateless. :) My dress is hot too.

Carolyn came over early with Allison and Emily and I did her hair and makeup... and eventually when people started piling into my bathroom they wanted me to do their hair too. Poor Ken... the only man in the group... but hey, he had six hot babe dates! Well, at least, to Taco Bell and then Beaners. Yeah, we went to Taco Bell before the dance. We're classy like that.

At the dance, Sui got a really funny picture of me putting on deoderant. Gotta love Sui. Really, I do. :)

We basically just danced our little hearts out... and my mother decided to stalk me (again) but I really don't care. She had people to talk to. She's friends with the teacher chaperones, the DJs, the parents, the students, everybody. *gives thumbs up in sarcasm* I take after her, in that aspect and that aspect alone. *wink*

I started a dance train, too. I rock. Beyond words.

Today I've decided that I'm addicted to Frank Sinatra. I downloaded like a million of his songs today... I love jazz and half the songs I didn't even realize were his. Eh, who knew?

Can't take my eyes off of yoooou...

I skipped Crosswalk today. HAH! Well... that would've been a lot more rebellious if Crosswalk was actually scheduled for today... but I digress. Church... ugh.

You make me feel so young...

French Horn test tomorrow. Then all-cast meeting for Once Upon a Mattress, which I did get a part in, thank you very much. Then either I go to the YL barn party or stick out another two hours of marching rehearsal. Seems like a no-brainer, but its not very smart to miss a Monday Night Rehearsal. Plus, when we're outside, its not too bad. Especially when you have a teacher who just loves to dump compliments on you...

What a sweetie.

This post has not done my weekend justice, however I need sleep. I'm coming down with a cold, and will be piiled in PreCalc and Physics in roughly 13 hours. So, that being said... goodnight.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Out of Time

Been busy. School and all that... basically marching band is eating my life. *sighs* It always does...

And the really sick thing? Both my marching band and my rock band decided to do Holiday by Green Day. I'm listening to it right now and it's making me want to marc time. Damn.

We all had to write that english narrative essay, so I wrote mine about a microwave and a secret government shelter. People look at me and say "Only you, Becca..."

Tryouts for Once Upon a Mattress were yesterday... they went well I suppose. Everyone else thought they sucked... yet there's Hannah and I thinking "We did pretty damn good." I guess it's just a matter of perspective. Lily-Lacca didn't say anything encouraging... Bragle though was overly enthused about my performance 1) because he screwed up my accompaniment (but I didn't care) and 2) because I switched places with Casey and he forgot I was going to try out in the first place.

At least I spent some quality time with the other Hannah and Kelsey Shuck and Andrew and Little Miss Kelsey. All because Physics is the antichrist.

How Preston figures out my life goals is beyond me. He DOES read the blog... yeah that's weird, I know. He saw me in the hall and said "Astrophysics?" I nodded, and he says "Sweet." Nice.

*wonders how I'll ever get there*

I spend enough time googling Swarthmore, anyway. Like anybody even knows where that is.

I should probably write some other stuff too... doesn't matter at the moment though.

Well... my dears... Jesus loves you. Yeah, I know, Outgoing Obnoxious.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Miracle Child

Exciting week.

Tuesday was Chelsea's basketball game against Ashleigh's team. YAY! FAMILY ON BOTH TEAMS! Wow... it was entertaining. For the Chelsea's JV game I made a poster sign that said WE HEART CHELSEA... and then for the Ashleigh's V game I flipped it over and it said WE HEART ASHLEIGH... yeah. It was funny... my school got pretty mad at me for cheering for LCHS during the V game :) Well... WHS won anyway. *cheers*

Wednesday I had a meeting at the Dragonfly about choir. Yay!

Thursday... my cousin Joey's birthday.

Yesterday... BRAD'S SURPRISE PARTY!! That went... well... :) We had fun watching Blue Collar Comedy and sucking Helium. Good times.

Well... at least I got my physics homework done.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Spain Bans Skinny Models

I am pleased and proud to see that SOMEONE finally has come to their senses... and that 'someone' happens to be one of my countries of origin.

*does high five with Spain*

I shall now describe the past week in a jumble of words.

school.boring.lack of sleep.easy mac.chef boyardee.Kevin's games.pickles.going kids.pickle juice.pissed off cheerleader mom. marching.crazy.Not face.Miss

I gotta get a homecoming dress.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Something's Gotta Give

School started today... I went, I guess.

Not so Delicious... but it'll get better.

Friday, September 01, 2006

When Freshman Boys Sing Kareoke

Last night my party was pretty much a complete success. Alot of people showed, more than I thought would. Dupuis even showed up ("How do you get upstairs?")... and Reed... but we don't have to mention that anymore. *wink*

It was the first time people actually played outside... so we had basketball going on and I took everyone to the Spanish Garden and we climbed to the roof. :) It was pretty fun... and Amy got some hilarious pictures of that one.

The party was for the new exchange student from Thailand named Sui. She's pretty awesome, most definitely. We played kareoke and had an absolute blast... mom got pictures of that too. Maybe I'll put em up later...

The best part, I thought, was when Zak, Ben, and Scott sang kareoke... because they're freshmen and their voices haven't changed yet so they actually did a decent job. :) Kudos to you, boys.

Quote of the Night award goes to:

Katie Endahl!!

We unlocked a "Retro Cowgirl" character for Kareoke and she said, and I quote:

"Well that's depressing... her boobs look like melons!"

It's Katie... so it's funny. Laugh, all of you.

Today I think my mom is on crack. We had a huge bowl of ice cream for lunch. That never happens in this household. I quite enjoyed it. Whatever she's on... get a higher dose because that was just awesome.

Well... I got through August and I turned out okay.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

South Frickin Dakota?

So... as it stands, here's the schedule.

First Semester
0 Jazz.............Kelsey
1 Desktop Publishing..........Lynch
2 Pre Calculus...........Nelson
3 Physics...............Keith
4 Band............Kelsey
5 English...............Barnes
6 Theater..............Nolen

Second Semester
0 Jazz...........Kelsey
1 American Government..........Weber
2 Internet Web Design............ Lynch
3 Physics...............Keith
4 Band........................Kelsey
5 English...................Barnes
6 Pre Calculus............... Nelson

Here's what I'm gonna try to change. I only need 1 semester of a computer class so I'm gonna try to drop either Internet Web or Desktop to TA for Kelsey. And... maybe I can try to get Duffey instead of Barnes, because Barnes and I won't get along. Maybe I'll just sit and glare until he gets sick of me and kicks me out of his class. Works.

Party tomorrow. HOORAY!

I kinda feel like writing something deep, but can't find the words. This is what you get.

Oh, and for those of you in the South, good luck with Tropical Storm Ernesto.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

There Were No Pickles.

That's right. NO PICKLES at the concession stand at our very first football game of the season... on the bloody soccer field. But... we won! I only went because I'm forced to on account of my membership in the WHS marching band... and our show sucked. SUCKED. Well... from my point of view.

I really don't feel like blogging... but I feel like I should. Even so... it's been 0 comments for two posts. TWO! That hasn't happened since my LiveJournal days. At least I got comments on the same post from MySpace...


I'm sore.

School's out for the summer.

Cruel irony. Cruel that they make us play that song when in reality... it's school, kids. School is here.

But not till the fifth.

We've got no class. We've got no principles. We've got no innocence. We can't think of a word that rhymes.

Uh... oh yeah. I'm having a band party thursday. Free. 6-12. If you're in WHSMB, be there. Or be square.

No more pencils, no more books. No more teachers' dirty looks.

Dupuis and Kelsey are letting us stop at Taco Bell for our away games... yay! I love them.

School's blown to pieces.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

There's a Pretzel in My Pants.

Well... at least... there was. Along with the kettle corn I got from the homosexuals standing in the line for Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure...

So I hung out with Adrienne, Brianne, and Jordan over the weekend. Here's a thing from Adrienne's MySpace since I don't feel like typing it all...

So I had quite an exciting weekend I must say, starting with Saturday night when Becca came over. Her, me and my bro decided to be cool and go down to the Ox Roast and mingle. We almost payed three bucks a person to ride the swings even though we were going to Michigan's Adventures the next day. We found out that Emo does exsist in DeWitt which was a shocker. Becca went off on a mad search for the gypsies of DeWitt but sadly never found them.

We watched the fireworks right on the river, only for them to fool us of a finale three times. Fun times. After the excitement of the ox roast we got a hot and ready $5 pizza (I wish guys came that way) and ate it at the park that was closed, but we were cool like that. We made a pit stop at Mickey D's afterwards and we brought out our ghetto side. Do your chains hang low? (look up song) Becca freaked the Mickey D's worker half to death by dancing her heart out right up at the drive thru window...yea.

After all that excitement we can home and had a rip roaring bonfire and we had a couch burning.(check out the pics on my page) Becca and I discovered the newest way in stress therapy. Throw apples right off the tree into the firery depthes of....our rip roaring bonfire. Once we had relieved all our stress and anger, or so we thought, we decided to see if we could hit the other people with apples. That lasted about 5 minutes until my brother took a very ripe, hard apple and chucked it at about 60 miles per hour heading at no one else but me. It came, hit my hip bone(the apple split, we have the evidence) and I fell to the ground. We stopped our game after that....What sound does an apple make??

Then the next day we went to Michigan's Adventure and had pretty much a BLAST... hahaha of course.

Today I had a sectional at 6 and Cliff came! After the sectional we decided to go to Subway to see Matt so me, Cliff, Chelsea, and Carolyn headed over to Subway for a few hours. Matt always gives us free food so I went back behind the counter to make myself a "salad" that consisted of lettuce, pickles, banana peppers, and black olives. :) Every time a customer came in I had to hide in the back room where Cliff showed us where the frozen cookies were. I explored until the customers left, and then Matt taught me how to make a 6 inch meatball sub. Matt ended up dropping 3 loaves of monterey cheddar bread on the floor for like 2 seconds so Chelsea and I took them :)

And now my mom's yelling at me for "stealing food". Hah. I'm such a bad kid.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Your Firearms are USELESS Against Them.

This week has been ridiculously busy... lets see...

Wednesday at 6 I was supposed to have a sectional at the high school... but only five of us showed. It was me, Brad, Carolyn, Thomas, and Austin so we decided just to go back to my house and chill. We watched AVP and mom fed them hot dogs. They were happy. :)

Then Chelle picked me up at 8 and we headed out to East Lansing to Coldstone. I met Jazzi and Meghan (and Zach) at Coldstone and it was really cool because I havent seen them since camp. We walked to Bubble Island and then Douglas J so Meg could get some shampoo. We only hung out for like 20 minutes because they had other plans but it was cool that we got to see them.

Chelle and I went to her house and we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (squirt the Windex and walk away). I slept over and then we called grandma in the morning because we had no food. Grandma and grandpa made us lunch and we went over to their house. Then, grandpa gave me a ride home on the backroads on his motorcycle and... I'm not gonna lie... I felt pretty sexy.


THEN when I got home I mopped the floors for 20 minutes and then Crystal picked me up to go to Soaring Eagle Casino/Resort to a FREE (!!!) Pillar concert :) We stopped at Crystal's to get Brianne and then took a few "detours" to get to Mt Pleasant. We stopped at Taco Bell and then met Adrienne and Jordan in the Entertainment Hall of Soaring Eagle. We weren't even there a half hour and me and Bri got pilled over by the security guard so he could tell us not to take pictures in the casino :) We're cool. Crystal spent a dollar at a slot machine because she'd never done that before... it was SO funny... she didn't know what the hell she was doing.

The opening acts sucked so we wandered around the hotel for a couple hours... just walked RIGHT by the check in desk and wandered around in places we probably were not supposed to be. We're complete angels... riiiight. Then we decided to walk around the entire perimeter and Jordan almost went swimming in the pond with the fountain. We walked through the staff parking lot and saw the lead singer of Pillar on his phone. Then we went through the parking garage and got back in time for the third opening act.

He was this rapper guy who was pretty good but we REALLY wanted to rock out to Pillar... so FINALLY they came out and it was FLIPPIN SWEET! Let's just say... my neck was pretty stiff by the end of that and everyone wished they had my hair. *wink* Yay headbanging! Crystal and I had a two-person mosh pit because it was such a small concert. But seriously... a free Pillar concert? That never happens. It's my dad's favorite band, too :)

Friday I went to Hannah's for her party. Aleksa, Sydni, Hannah, Chelsey and I went to Lake Michigan with Hannah's mom and we made a sand pyramid because we decided that we were the "Egyptian exchange students". We buried Chelsey and decided she would be the pharaoh-ess. Aleksa and I had a 45 second sand fight... and I was the only one who rolled down the sand dune :) Also... spinning around in knee-deep water is the funnest thing in the world!

Then we came back and met Ashley at Hannah's house. We ordered pizza, decorated flip flops, ate "ice crake" and fell asleep relatively early around 12:30. We were all pretty tired.

"Doo doo doo SERIOUSLY.... MENOMINA!"
"I just barfed on an anthill. Cool. I think they're pissed."
"Whippen Dipper!"
*click click click* "WORK IT, BABY!" *click*
"I like PINK trains!"

Yeah. I don't feel like explaining ANY of those... they're much too funny for explaining.



Monday, August 14, 2006

Broadway is Dark Tonight

Band camp... was gay.

The food sucked (and they tried to feed a pig ham... I protested) so nobody really ate as much as they should've, then we'd be outside for 10 hours a day. The work wasnt that hard, but we just wanted to leave.

However some really fun memories happened as well.

*RAGED Popsicles (They're OutRAGEDous!)
*meeting Lydia!
*Miss Kelsey dancing to Baby Got Back
*going pantsless across a field (with a spotlight shining on me)
*the HA game (we got up to 60!)
*Andrew... enough said.
*Amy's constipated drum major conducting face
*Getting knocked on the floor in a mosh pit
*Amy choking me with water
*Kasie... *slurping noise*
*fixing Amy's shorts on the dressdown
*memories of Tennessee and opera singing band directors
*the campfire and me emcee-ing
*my umbrella
*the giant twister board

Hey, there's always a chance we'll be dead by next year so we won't have to go back. It's sad when you're actually excited about that.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

On My Wireless Back in '52

Monday: Recovered from choking on my Uvula twice the night before

Tuesday: Delivered birthday cheer to Hannah, then delivered brownies to the drum majors and the band directors at the school. I ended up staying the whole day telemarketing chocolate, meeting new kids, and really wanting Taco Bell. I squirted dear Ms Kelsey's chair with Goo Gone, and it turned into a regular party as Katie, Kevin, Laura, Amy, Carolyn, and Brad were there too. When everyone else left, Amy and I hauled 200 pounds of chocolate to my house in a shopping cart. Unfortunately for us, shopping carts don't roll in grass. We used our sweet biceps to get that home.

Wednesday: Bought man shorts at Pac Sun. Saw John Tucker Must Die with Elizabeth, listened to her rant about Smile FM, and got laughed at by... somebody we don't know but thought we did. Since I'm still a bit sick, my ears are plugged up but when I mentioned this to Elizabeth she began mouthnig words to me to convince me that I was really deaf. What a cutie. I honestly love that girl to death. :) *Elizabeth careens down the highway in rage against Smile FM*

Thursday: Began creating our giant Twister board out of six sheets with Katie. We measured the 65x95 inch sheets and figured out that there had to be 5 square inches between each circle and painted away. Then I had an absolute blast at choir rehearsal, though I do not fully have my voice back yet. I hung out with my two newest best friends: Alan and Kelly. Then I headed over to Amy's party, ate about 4,000 calories. recoeved a safety campground tourguide (DANGER!) and watched movies till the cows came home. Yours, Mine, and Ours, When a Stranger Calls (CURSE YOU VERIZON!), and Shattered Glass (horribly retarded movie).

Friday: Woke up in a tent at Amy's. Made a stepping stone out of cement and little glass circles. Finished the giant Twister board, cleaned the tablecloths, and got paint on the floor. Went to Brain Freeze with Grandpa, Chelle, Michael, and Hannah. Went to Pirates of the Caribbean II with Micheal. It's amazing... but it doesn't end. Boo. Can't wait till III.

Today: Set my alarm for 10:15. Woke up, went to the coffee shop, had breakfast with Amy, went to Felpausch with Amy, went to the dollar store with Amy to get candy for band camp, went to Amy's to pick up my stepping stone, went home, lost a balloon to the sky. Watched the Phantom of the Opera, made Amy a taco, headed to the band meeting. Returned the shopping cart from Tuesday, delivered the taco, presented the Twister board to dear Ms Kelsey. Went home, had a small pool party with Katie, Kevin, and Amy. Aleksa showed up, watched Amy and I do really stupid things, bruise ourselves on the tubes and jump on the diving board attempting to stand on the tubes. It was honestly one of the most fun small parties I've had. Everyone left, and Ski showed up. We played Candlyland and virtual Wheel of Fortune. I kicked my brother's butt by $79,000. Bang.

Tomorrow: Church, rehearsal, whatever.

Monday: Leave for band camp.

I'll be back soon, so don't cry for me, Argentina.


Monday, July 31, 2006

Such an Old Man.

My dad turned 50 today. Dang. My brother and I were too sick to go to church but we went out to lunch when he and the girls got back. Dad got pied in the face by some Mexicans at Cancun. It was sweet :)

And also as a birthday present my dad got to take me to Meijers to pick up some more Nyquill since I drained what we had left. Today was the first day of my life in which I used a nasal decongestant spray. I don't mean to be ugly, but really... squirting diluted hydrochloric acid up my nose is not my idea of fun. However... it actually felt kind of cool. Still... I couldn't help but shudder.

Be careful what you snort, kids.

I REALLY need to be well by tuesday. Tuesday is Hannah's birthday and I don't want to go infect her when delivering her gift. Also, Elizabeth and I are going to go see a movie sometime next week... so I better be better! (Ugh... already missed a party and two movie trips... grr!) Thursday is Amy's party... PLUS rehearsal number 2 for August 13th performance at church. Band camp is the 7th through the 12th so I'll just have to tell Miss Kelsey I wont be doing too much yelling... gotta save the voice.

By the way... Little Miss Kelsey put me in the friggen Wind Ensemble. I guess I expected that anyway. Oh well.

I suppose that's all there really is to say. Not much at all.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chukleslovakia... Chuk is the MAN.

So camp was last week... I'd definitely say that this week was second best out of the 9 years of going there. Best counselor, second best week. Miss Jessica (as Jazzi and I decided to call her) pretty much let us get away with anything :)

I made some sweet new friends (including Jazzi and Meg who live real close). I guess I'll describe them here.

Jazzi: Spunky, spontaneous, trouble-making sweetie. Love her to death.
Meg: She and Jazzi are joined at the hip. She's just darlin... we'll definitely be hanging out.
Erin: My beastly door-swinger with cute feet
Amanda Love: Just a cutie :)
Alyssa: Really quiet, but really fun.
Charlotte: Smart, strong, loud, theatre kid like me :)
Lauren: One of the cutest most friendly Tawas cheerleaders I know
Amy: Known her since 7th grade. Really intellegent. Fast reader :)
Miss Jessica: My favorite counselor pretty much. She's my Argentenian hero and I'm her best friend.

I wrote a poem about the week and read it at the talent show at the end. I actually called it a "comedic ode". It was wonderful... I'll put it up some day.

Our group of tribes was called Chukleslovakia... run by the one and only Chuk Pierpont. Doug was our speaker again... good stuff. :)

There are WAY too many great memories to put... but if you go here then you can check some pics. I'll have some sooner or later... hopefully.


Beccanator out.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Love the F-Arts.

So yeah. I'm in Charlevoix. Fun things are happening here... promise. :)

Cousins were here, but they left today. The Voss family will be back Wednesday (WITH KELLIE!) But I dont know when the other Robinsons will be back up. Uncle lost his job... entire company went bankrupt. *cries* Sucks.

Anyway the water skiing and tubing have been sweet. Went to Lake Michigan through the channel... got my thighs all burned. Lipton tea is my new fetish. Kinda cool.

There's really not much to say. The 4th was fun... as usual... they had a smiley-face firework :)

And every parade I've been to this year has gone wrong. For instance... the 4th parade in Boyne. There happened to be a fire so the fire trucks up and left while they were parading themselves clad with children. I actually found it amusing.

Anyway... I cant even begin to sum up the past week in this post, so fare-thee-well until... whenever.


Beccanator out.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Breathe Romance... WHO?

Yesterday I had a BLAST with Adrienne... we went to my old house to clean and we decided to make a cleaning company called Partners in Grime: The Dust Busters You Can Trust!

Of course, when we made our bill for my mother, we were cheated 12 dollars each because we're "inexperienced". Of course, that could be 22 dollars each because we added a 20 dollar fee for "cleaning an already-clean house" because it wasted our lives. Boo.

Then we decided to walk 5 miles to Subway and Starbucks in 85 degree weather. Wow. We underestimated that one :) It took us about an hour and a half. We were dead... but we love Subway and Starbucks. The guy at Starbucks was cute, too :)

Then we went back home and played kareoke... then we went to Crosswalk.

Karis and Bri were there and we met HUMPY... Karis's new dog!! Humpy is SO CUTE... and you can just guess why they named him Humpy... *looks away*

Then I worked in the cafe during Crosswalk... ate the free chips and the AMAZING peanut butter :) Accidentally forgot to put the nozzles back on the pop machine so it accidentally sprayed Aunt Laurie... oops.


I'm leaving on Saturday for a month. I reckon I'll be on tomorrow... but probably not another post. Never fear... there will probably be at least ONE opportunity to post during the month of July. Write if you please. :)

Love you all.

Oh yeah... and Adrienne left the rest of the 3 gallon tub of birthday cake Ice cream at my house... it was her "evil plan"...but there's no possible way I can be angry with that. :)

Delicious. Literally.

Beccanator out.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I Promised the Spirits

I've been up in TC for the past few days.

Found a diving mask at the bottom of the lake.

Went diving some more.

Found a golf ball

and a "burned plate".

Ate so much strawberry shortcake that it's unbelievable.

Dad took me shopping.

Went on a rampage at Younker's.

Slept for what seemed like days.

Roasted marshmallows.

Tripped over the "Caution: Wet Floor" cone at the grocery store.

Watched Pocahontas.


Oh, and Nettie? Kindly thank your company for marketing products that would counter the smell of cleaning several freshly caught fish.


Beccanator out.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust.

So this morning I went over to the Posthumas' house to clean. The Mrs has her mom coming over who will sit on her butt and critique every single friggen piece of dust on the cabinet when she arrives. Me and Adrienne decided to change that.

We cleaned for about 3 hours... had to breathe through a towel for some of that. Oh well. Got paid generously. *smiles* We rocked out the whole time.

Then lunch.

And after lunch... I broke the trampoline. The spring almost took off Adrienne's head. Well... foot... but it could've been her head if she was laying down.

And then... what else?

Oh yes. I fell in the pool. You know you're jealous. :)


Beccanator out.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Three Lefts Make a Right.


I'm in a quiet mood at the moment.

Just feel like listening to music.

and I just feel like... being alone.


Beccanator out.

Friday, June 16, 2006

If God is a DJ

then life is a dance floor.

Awesome couple o' days with the ladies. They brought a massive 3-gallon bucket of ice cream. Crazy. We went to the zoo, bowling, shot off fireworks, the usual. Good times.

So... yeah.

I'm pretty much having a good time not having school or anything to do... and not having LON CAPA. Report card came in today. I 4.0ed my chem final. *pats self on back* The GPA, however, fell to 3.964. Fuck Becca and her stupidity. It should've been higher. Ok, I'm not gonna lie. It's pretty damn good, but I can do better. I should've done better.

I'm kindof an only child at the moment. Michael is at a friend's house because he's going to film making class every day. Steph and Hannah are away at Barakel, which I drove them to and got 200 miles in for the record.

I may be just crabby, but I'm pretty sick of the emo-ness of society. For heaven's sake... its like a spoiled drunk 15 year old waving a gun in your face. It makes you wanna scream "Put it down, damnit, and just walk away."

Now that I'm pretty much over stuff I have a low tolerance for everybody else. I think that's what happened. However... I still have my days. No day but today, as they say. But hey, you have to deal with your selfishness and your little emo instincts. Yeah. I'm guilty of the emo-ness too. Suck on that. What a hypocrite am I. Love it.

What a selifish bitch I'm becoming. Let's see how many lives Becca can ruin now! I suppose I better shape up before camp... or you'll end up crying every night like last year because you wanted so badly to... wow. Nevermind. Heart to stone, ok?


Beccanator out.

Monday, June 12, 2006

It's Me Against the WORLD.

I'm pretty glad.


I'm really glad.

I'm glad for everything that has happened over the course of the past few years.




the girl I've become.

No matter what.

Everything that happened has shaped me.

And I love it.

I sneer at the girl I might've been. I mercilessly slaughter her. She is of no use to me. She is not to invade my mind.

I love who I've become.

No matter how





I get.

I love it.

No regrets.


Beccanator out.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


School ended Thursday. I had a chem final, then had a blast in theater. It went well.

I then went galivanting around the town with Laura, Emily, Carolyn, Amy, Mary, Erin, Matt, and Alison. (forgive me if I forgot anyone...) We went to Dairy Queen and Brain Freeze... both were closed... so we decided to head on over to Ginelli's. Laura and Emily and the rest of the catholic youth group got me a pillow that says "HOT STUFF"... you'd have to be at the youth group to know that particular story. Quite a blast.

Then we headed over to the park where I met my family, but I decided I was wearing WAY too many clothes for a day that hot. I went home and changed, then me and Chelsea headed over to Aleksa's for her party.

At Aleksa's we played with Sophie her puppy and played mad DDR for a few hours. It was pretty intense. My face turned purple. Yay slow metabolism excercise-induced purple face. Love it.

Then mom and I went over to the church to try out for the adult choir. We got in, plus a spot on lead team. Sweet. We have so many vocalists right now, it's even impossible to have one person go every month. I dont care. I'll be busy next year anyway.

Bunches of open houses... fun times. I just got back from McBride's. "ALEKSA GET YOUR BUTT HAIRS OUT OF THE POOL!" Wow... good times. I'm really gonna miss the seniors next year. Especially during band camp... gah. Now? I'm the sparkle factor. One problem. I lack sparkle.

Sitting on the roof is good. Begging your pardon while I have a chat with myself.

Things went wrong, not very wrong though. You were supposed to do better. Congrats, failure. No really though. You did fine. Go back. Dont go back. Whatever... just wait for a night with stars. And remember to put the ladder away.


Beccanator out.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Damn Straight its a Yacht."

I love Matt. :)

US history exam=over.
FST exam=3.5 (that's right, kids. That's damn right. *smiles*)

"Your pants are falling apart there, kiddo." -Struck's quote for today, directed, of course, at me, since pretty much all of my jeans are torn.


I'm gonna go make chimichangas now.


Beccanator out.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


In the words of Casey E. Shipman- "I think my heart broke today."

Well... I really wouldn't go that far. I think this year I'm more excited for them than sad to see them go. In a good way. Seniors '06... last day of High School forever. And jealous. I'm jealous too. The school is dull and gray... lacking its color. Elizabeth's smile, Cliff's sarcasm, Matt's hugs, Ski's emotion, Karlie's... uh...Karlie-ism...

Forever I'll miss them, but I know most of them I'll see next year. I saw ALL my band seniors from last year, I bet I'll see a good number of this year's seniors again.

I know they cant stay away. They cant handle it. :)

Because as much as I want to get out, I know I'll come back and visit. Because I cant handle it either. :)

"Becca... you're not out of place. You dont have a place. You're everywhere."-Amy Sierzega

Spoken like a true best friend, and she is a true best friend. Congrats, Miss Drum Major '06 :)

This is the nightmare we fall asleep

Yeah... the FST final is DONE and OVER. The English final is almost done... the band final is nonexistent, the drama final was Three Musketeers, the US History final and the Chem final will be complete and utter HELL. I should study. I have no work ethic. Screw that... for now.

Goal: no. Scratch that.

SMART Goal: (see, KaNolen?) STOP being an idiot, Becca, I know you cant help it... just STOP.

For your own sake. And sanity. And the sake and sanity of those around you.

But I cant help but feel that maybe she was wrong. Is it possible? Of course it is. But it seems so impossible. She makes you believe that she knows what she's talking about. I know she doesnt. However it makes no difference whatsoever. I'm still myself. I cant change that.

I already have. Enough of that. Enough.

I'm done.

God save me please... cuz I dont think she'll make it through the night.

Uh... good. Good thing. Good thing for you, Becca. Great thing.

Just to add to your generous supply of insanity, school's over in 5 days. Well... seven. Technically. Summer will come, and with it you shall be dragged away from your sane state of mind. Dragged. Literally.



Beccanator out.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Plumb Pudding

Verdict: No.

Becca does not get to fly out to Arizona for free to see her friend Brittany and her family who Becca has not seen in a year. Becca's mother has severe trust issues that Becca's mother needs to shove up Becca's mother's ass.

Well just for that, Becca's phone bills are gonna be friggen ridiculous in July. So there, says Becca.

Becca also has decided that she does not want to go to the lake. Becca's mother seems to think that it would be cool to go for the entire month of July. Again. But apparently, since one week will be 4th of July when Becca's cousins will be there, and since Becca does have friends up there, it wont be too bad. But it will be. Becca would rather stay here. But apparently Becca would not like it at home. Because Becca has a bunch of people that like to make decisions for her. Becca has no say. Becca sucks.

Apparently, Becca's friends all hate Becca because Becca is annoying as hell. Becca needs to grow up. Becca doesnt understand anything. Becca's a dumb shit.

Becca loves being hated. Becca loves having people say that Becca's friends hate her.

Becca's afraid because Becca loves her friends.

Becca's psycho. Becca needs to turn herself in to the psych ward. Becca would have lots of fun there. Becca would stare out the window and pray for rain. Becca would color her little white uniform with black sharpies. Becca would decorate her hideous white room while it gradually made her even more crazy. Why? Because Becca hates the color white. Becca cant explain it. Becca knows that nobody would understand why.

Becca has a headache.

Becca just cleaned her house for two hours. Becca earned money. Becca is happy.

Becca wishes exams were not so close. In fact, Becca is not too thrilled about summer vacation. Becca will be bored and go insane. Then Becca will go to the psych ward. Becca is crazy.

Somebody lock Becca up.

Becca says delicious.

Beccanator out.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

And You Accidentally Smashed My Face Into The Wall

So Hilary thought it was cool to stick her saxophone brush into my face.

So I thought it was cool... to instinctively open my mouth

and get a face full of mold.

So I see it coming.

Everything falls out of my band locker at some point.

Especially during first hour with the relay baton.

"Good thing you're not on a RELAY TEAM!"-Miss Kelsey

So much attitude from such a small woman... baffling.

But anyway... back to the band locker story...

I saw it coming, I admit.

I see it in slowmotion... I'm on the floor in its path.

The giant dreaded french-horn case.

Hilary and I scream.

I dive across the room, french-horn in hand.

I probably dented it.

I always seem to fall when I have it in hand.

And when Hilary's around.

And we explode into a fit of laughter.

Flash flood today.

I got drenched, then got in the car.

And drove.

We dropepd my brother off at Impact

Then went to Subway to see Cliff and Matt

Who gave me a sandwich

and a WHOLE extra cookie

Even though I already had three for $1.06.

We talked about summer

And how much fun we'll have

And Matt's having a bonfire saturday

And I'm having a party monday.

Have fun, kids.

Memorial Day Weekend '06


Beccanator out.