Friday, December 30, 2005

The Worst Is Over Now... I Guess We Can Breathe.

So Christmas is FINALLY over... yay. Finally. No more family... no more presents... no more food... so I celebrated.

I celebrated by going to school for 12 hours over the past few days... for PIT and drama practice. Yay. Then I had Katie over on Tuesday playing ghetto pool ball... :) and we ate copakakas... dont ask. And my brother broke his finger. And I have my required CAPA done. And I still have to read that book for English and write one more journal. I started my song lyrics book. I went to Chelle's. I watched Madagascar, Crybaby, and Phantom of the Opera. I went to get her new car. I went shopping at Target. I bought a Las Vegas light thingy to put in my room. I bought a couple cheap CDs. (Hawthorne Heights and 3 Doors Down to be specific) I recieved a lovely red bow from Elizabeth off of Kelly's christmas poptarts. I sat on my ass and played the piano for God knows how long.

And tonight I'm going to Aleksa's. Hopefully to Karlie's for new years.

I havent had TV since August. My dad just turned it on this very moment... and the first thing I see? That ProActiv commercial with Alicia Keys.


Beccanator out.


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Wow, sounds productive.