Friday, December 16, 2005

That Time That I Felt Loved

Today I just felt an enormous amount of love from my friends. That's just what I needed. I know it's because of Christmas, but it was wonderful. Chris Eidt had drawn my name in drama, and wrote me a beautiful poem... and Chelsey I love you! I drew Chelsey's name and wrote her an AWESOME poem... about monks and copy machines of course.

And Hanny gave me the best gift ever: A Jar O' Happiness. This contains little slips of paper with memories of us... 40 to be exact...

1. Touching ALL the frosting when we were trying to make our edible island project
2.Going to Sunnyside Cafe when we didnt have a band final
3."What am I feeling? Its lumpy... but I'm not sure... I hope its not waht I think it is... because I'm still feeling it..."
5. Me going to your trumpet lesson
6. Being Married by Lisa
7. R-rated snowman movie
8. Making K Nolen mad
9. corn mazes
10. "I'm Becca. I'm a freshman! I'm not supposed to be here!"
11. Flashlight Tag project
12. Filling up water balloons in your bathroom
13. Our labels commercial
14. Express lanes
15. Singing at your house with Chad and Joe
16. Squeaking at the band concert
17. Pinkies up!
18. Relient K concert
19. Ice Cream on the window at McDonalds
20. All the wonderful times in pit with 'Mr K.'
21. The Family of the Sun!
22. Popcorn down your shirt!
23. Plowing
24. "You're taking out your earrings just to plow?"
25. Broadcast
27. DDR at my house
28. Giving those guys money when we were coming back from Hilary's
29. The REAL plan
30. Impact and Crosswalk
31. Liquids *hand motion* Close *hand motion* SWOOSH BANG! *hand motion*
32. Trying to find a cure for the 'Foot poppin', thumb crackin', liquid chokin'' disease
33. Little Ricky (may he rest in peace)
34. The scary hallway
35. The Grudge
36. The TARGET from art class
37. Eating popcorn off the floor (siiiiiiiiiiiiiickness)

38. Federal Fudge
39. Singing in DC
40. Attempting an Ice Cream Diet

Hannah Marie: I PHIL YOU!!!

So now I'm off to the Baquet with Cliff, Amanda, and Chelsea.... then the afterparty... so have a nice life. :)


Beccanator out.


Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

speaking of homecoming, be sure to pump that CD...

Katie (Olivena) said...

good times.. lol

Nettie said...

Aww, how sweet.