Friday, December 30, 2005

The Worst Is Over Now... I Guess We Can Breathe.

So Christmas is FINALLY over... yay. Finally. No more family... no more presents... no more food... so I celebrated.

I celebrated by going to school for 12 hours over the past few days... for PIT and drama practice. Yay. Then I had Katie over on Tuesday playing ghetto pool ball... :) and we ate copakakas... dont ask. And my brother broke his finger. And I have my required CAPA done. And I still have to read that book for English and write one more journal. I started my song lyrics book. I went to Chelle's. I watched Madagascar, Crybaby, and Phantom of the Opera. I went to get her new car. I went shopping at Target. I bought a Las Vegas light thingy to put in my room. I bought a couple cheap CDs. (Hawthorne Heights and 3 Doors Down to be specific) I recieved a lovely red bow from Elizabeth off of Kelly's christmas poptarts. I sat on my ass and played the piano for God knows how long.

And tonight I'm going to Aleksa's. Hopefully to Karlie's for new years.

I havent had TV since August. My dad just turned it on this very moment... and the first thing I see? That ProActiv commercial with Alicia Keys.


Beccanator out.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Extra Toppings

On Thursday, Chelle picked me up to go to grandma and grandpa's house... but a little something got in our way...

"Oh no, we're stopping." At first I thought a cop had stopped her for her reckless driving habits, but actually the old junker just quit. We pulled off as far as we could to the side of the highway (the HIGHWAY, no less!) and Chelle tried to get through to my mom (since we were only about 100 yards away from the entrance ramp from Williamston). Good thing our phones are down (which none of us knew). Chelle got through on my mom's cell, though. Then, she called her dad who told us to turn it off. The car's temperature was rising, the battery light was on, apparently there was no oil left, and she needed gas. But that wasnt the real problem.

We didnt really know what the real problem was until 45 minutes later when the tow truck guy and Uncle Don came. (Matt Cutcher saved our lives, Chelle has a low tolerance for scary situations and so we passed the time with the random Statistics and Facts book he got me for Christmas). Every time a semi-truck passed us at about 60 or 70 mph, the little red blazer shook and trembled- so did Michelle.

Anyway we got out alive, actually I thought it was rather exhilirating. We got to grandma's house and just chilled for a bit, then went to the store to get some fabric for grandma and suncatcher kits to ease our boredom. We stopped at Wendy's (because by now we were STARVING) and then went home to paint the little suncatchers. Then we watched Its A Wonderful Life and part of The Nutcracker, then off to bed.

In the morning we had a huge breakfast, then went to run some errands with grandpa. We came back, made peanut butter fudge, then went to Los Gringos for lunch. Then grandpa took us home.

Fun fun fun fun fun.

Lazy vacation days... yes. I can hardly wait for tonight... I'll go right back to grandma and grandpa's for the Christmas Eve thing... anyway...

I guess that's it.


Beccanator out.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I need to take a walk.

Friday night was a blast. Chelsea and I went to pick up Cliff and Amanda at Cliff's house... I met Cliff's grandma, it was sweet. We drove to the Cobblestone Events Center and got a table... then waited SO LONG for food to come. First there was the cheesy fondue stuff that came at like 8... then the salad that came at like 9 ish... and the actual food that came at 11... there was a little escapade with Pamela's burning chicken... but we wont get into that... :) Then the chocolate fondue around 11:30. mmm... food... I got some really funny pictures of Amanda, and we danced the love shack :) That never gets old.

We arrived at the church around 12 ish and played hardcore DDR. Playing heavy DDR from 1-3AM is a blast, let me tell you... (especially when I kick everybody's butt) We watched Pirates, Bruce Almighty, and Finding Neverland... I lost steam around 5 in the AM so I basically just dozed off until breakfast.

We were all SO groggy... I went to bed around 8 in the AM, and had to wake up at 2:30 PM so I could go perform at my piano recital. Yay, because I was cranky. Oh well, I did fine. Mr Parmalee forgot to turn my page though... actually I thought it was funny.

Anyway that's pretty much it. I'm really tired... and I'm going to my grandma's church's Christmas program, like always.


Beccanator out.

Friday, December 16, 2005

That Time That I Felt Loved

Today I just felt an enormous amount of love from my friends. That's just what I needed. I know it's because of Christmas, but it was wonderful. Chris Eidt had drawn my name in drama, and wrote me a beautiful poem... and Chelsey I love you! I drew Chelsey's name and wrote her an AWESOME poem... about monks and copy machines of course.

And Hanny gave me the best gift ever: A Jar O' Happiness. This contains little slips of paper with memories of us... 40 to be exact...

1. Touching ALL the frosting when we were trying to make our edible island project
2.Going to Sunnyside Cafe when we didnt have a band final
3."What am I feeling? Its lumpy... but I'm not sure... I hope its not waht I think it is... because I'm still feeling it..."
5. Me going to your trumpet lesson
6. Being Married by Lisa
7. R-rated snowman movie
8. Making K Nolen mad
9. corn mazes
10. "I'm Becca. I'm a freshman! I'm not supposed to be here!"
11. Flashlight Tag project
12. Filling up water balloons in your bathroom
13. Our labels commercial
14. Express lanes
15. Singing at your house with Chad and Joe
16. Squeaking at the band concert
17. Pinkies up!
18. Relient K concert
19. Ice Cream on the window at McDonalds
20. All the wonderful times in pit with 'Mr K.'
21. The Family of the Sun!
22. Popcorn down your shirt!
23. Plowing
24. "You're taking out your earrings just to plow?"
25. Broadcast
27. DDR at my house
28. Giving those guys money when we were coming back from Hilary's
29. The REAL plan
30. Impact and Crosswalk
31. Liquids *hand motion* Close *hand motion* SWOOSH BANG! *hand motion*
32. Trying to find a cure for the 'Foot poppin', thumb crackin', liquid chokin'' disease
33. Little Ricky (may he rest in peace)
34. The scary hallway
35. The Grudge
36. The TARGET from art class
37. Eating popcorn off the floor (siiiiiiiiiiiiiickness)

38. Federal Fudge
39. Singing in DC
40. Attempting an Ice Cream Diet

Hannah Marie: I PHIL YOU!!!

So now I'm off to the Baquet with Cliff, Amanda, and Chelsea.... then the afterparty... so have a nice life. :)


Beccanator out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

There's A Visene For That

I dont really feel like posting but I feel like I should... since its been 6 whole days since my last one. *sigh* I know, I know.

Friday we had a snow day. For those of you in the South who dont know what a snow day is, I'll define it for you. Snow Day (sno-dey): A day, usually after a strong winter night storm, in which schools are closed and roads are slippery. This is a time to catch up on the homework, sleep in, watch the two foot blanket of snow accumulate out the window, and chat with friends. That's pretty much all I did.

Saturday I went christmas shopping with Chelle. Since I'm cheap I only got a few things, but then I went home and eventually made about... ehhh... 175-200 cookie bars to distribute among friends. Fun. Other things happened too. But we can feel free to forget about that. *whew*

Sunday I went to church from 8-12... trying to keep control out of 110 small choir children and hustling them onstage for 3 different services to deliver their awesomeness in the form of a huge musical number by Michael W. Smith... then back again to keep them from killing eachother in between. After this I went back to the Ronald McDonald house with Crystal, Karis, Adrienne, Aunt Laurie, Cliff, Joe, Matt, and some other people. We made more food, and chiseled burnt brownies out of a glass pan. Good times...

Monday was the great and powerful band concert... me in all my solo glory. That's pretty much it.

Tuesday was dull.

Today was the band party... and me and Amy came up with a way to remember the Ideal Gas formula... PV=nRT... but it definitely isnt PG so I wont post it here.

Yay for my life.


Beccanator out.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

To Anything Tabooed

Went to see RENT on Tuesday. It's effing amazing, kids, go see it. Right now. Get off your tush and go see RENT. :) Me and Hanny are SO getting FIGHT AIDS shirts because we're just cool like that.

Today. Bipolar. As usual on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday.

I love how yesterday I texted Chelle all through the first two hours of class. She hit a deer after dropping me off from RENT. "And its legs just flew off..." Sick. :)

Thats amazing. I never thought I'd meet anybody of your stature that shared that... that little connection. I like that. I wonder if it means as much to you as it does to me.

I PHIL HANNAH MARIE HERBERT!!! *target demonstration*

"Wipe that confused expression off your face and LISTEN!"

"Dont do that, GOSH!"


Some people are just morons. But hey there has to be morons in the world. It makes me laugh.

Crosswalk yesterday... good times. We frosted cookies. You know it kids, represent. Me, Cliff, Chelsea, other kids.

And the rise of Riser's Latino Pimpettes has begun. (Miss Riser's gang that I made up... long story kids, for a rainy day) Check it, kids, 29 or two for 50. *hand gesture*

You're kidding me. It's still snowing hardcore. Hmm... we're snowy with a high of 3 degrees. Yay Michigan. We're all depressed. We have a hardcore snow warning. Watch us all die from freezing-ness. Time to roll out the Numb Bum/Froze Nose ballad...

Then there's band. And the new little lovely song I have made up. Wonderful, wonderful. Dont even think about it, Amy. Listen to your baaaand... when they're playing for yooou....


Beccanator out.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Is There Such A Thing As A Tongue Doctor?

Yesterday I went to the Breslin to cheer on my Lansing Christian girls basketball kids... including my cousin Ashleigh and the cheerleader cousin Abbey. :) They lost by two... but it's okay kids it was the state finals game and you got way far without Tiffanie Shives. We sat behind Shakira Scott's (the new star) family and there was a little one-year-old and we gave her a pom pom and she was SO cute... wow... its amazing what can amuse a one-year-old.

Dad bought me a cappuccino and it burnt my tongue. I have little blisters on it now. Wonderful.

I spent the next three hours getting ready for the Christmas Lights parade. I looked way festive, let me tell you:) I had tights, then sweatpants, then my I Love You boxers... a cami, tanktop, long-sleeved shirt, and my Winnie-The-Pooh christmas pajama tshirt. Then I put garland around my waist and put a giant bow on the side, my hair in a giant side ponytail and a giant bow in that, massive green eyeshadow on my WHOLE eyelid, and little red circles on my cheeks. I was the freaking epitome of adorable. And it was the epitome of the North Pole in Williamston, MI last night.

I went to the parade around 6 and we marched... doing our little thing and obnoxiously singing Jingle Bells. Then me, Katie, Josh, and Kevin walked back the opposite way of the parade in the street (like always) waving at the people (like always)... oh yes!

I found the Drama people and walked with them too. We were all freezing, so we decided not to sing at that godforsaken gazebo. :)

I got Nolen to drive me to Spag's after that. "Go home, Mrs. Ereg, and make yourself a dang quesadiLLa!!"-ShaNolen

I met Katie's mom, Katie, and Kevin at Spag's and we got our macho nacho plate (like always) and then Ski called me inviting us to a party at his house. We went to Ski's and watched Batman Begins. About 10 people were there... me and Aleksa were making fun of the movie...heehee "YELLOW FACE!" Aleksa is cool.

And pizza rolls are good.


Beccanator out.