Friday, November 04, 2005

Young And Depressed

Well I was going to put a picture of me at Katie's halloween party but this thing wont work so you can always go to her site and scroll down to the pictures :)

I've resorted to chewing gum to stop myself from eating all my candy.

So on Wednesday I went to the Relient K/MXPX/Rufio concert on MSU campus and it was SWEET! (except during MXPX some 7 million foot tall dude squished me into the chairs in what almost became a mosh pit... but other then that...

I went with Kirsten, Chelle, and Hannah. I bought the Rufio CD and some other stuff. Yay merch.

Anyway I just kindof felt compelled to write in this thing again.

Today we had a stress speaker dude today. Contrary to my popular belief, he was awesome and nobody fell asleep. Anybody who manages to keep our auditorium dead silent has got to be pretty good. His name was Guy Doud. His stories were funny and amazing, but also sad and horriffic. I pretty much got depressed sitting there, and havent been able to shake the feeling of pure exhaustion mixed with depression. Yippee. I'm completely... okay, but I cant get rid of the strings attatched.

Anyway enough ranting from Becca.

Beccanator out.


PirateKayle said...

Relient K is pretty sweet, sounds like a fantastic time!

Josh said...

do not question my authority

Nettie said...

Come on, eat all the candy. You know you want to.

Katie (Olivena) said...

that guy was the best. ( i couldnt go to Relient K. I guess they ran out of tickets cuz Karlo didnt get back to me)