Thursday, November 10, 2005

And I

So I most definitely come with lamentations from the office- yes- I have at last completed every single required LON-CAPA problem for the past three assignments... :) Struckles is a brute, let me tell you. Actually, no. They were easy. I'm actually beginning to enjoy this course.

Let's talk about drama. It's one of my favorite subjects this year, that's for sure. It's just too fun. Lead by my favoritest teacher in the whole world... ShaNolen :) hells yeah. Anyway today I worked with the nuns for a really long time. Me, Mary, Kelsey, and Emily worked on our song and blocking and singing while acting. Thaaaaaaaaat was funny. "She's a MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!"

Wow, much love and respect to the core nuns of the Nonnberg Abbey...

Like alot of people asked me what was wrong today. Okay, like two. But people dont leave me alone. ShaNolen told me that I always wear my emotions on my sleeve. I said that wasnt good. I said nothing was wrong, but they wouldnt believe me. Hmm... I'm so bad at acting like I'm okay. Note to self: work on that.

Shoutout to Casey and Mary- They're GOOOOONE!



Anywho I've found refuge in my office for the past... hmm... 2 hours? Gawd. Effing slow computer. I got absolutely nothing done other then LON CAPA, which should've only taken about 20 minutes. Nope. Not when this thing keeps kicking me off. Or my sister keeps "accidentally" unplugging the cord from the phone jack. Yay for siblings.

The Computer Geek (I dont know his name) that keeps fixing this old hunk of dinosaur crap that I call a computer put a bunch of MP3s on here. YAY! More Skillet for Becca. Some of the old stuff. It's not as good as the stuff produced in '04, but hey, it's not complete bull.

Oh, and Dupuis, whom I now do not mind at all asked me if I wanted to switch to French Horn. Although I get highly annoyed with most if not all of the individuals in that section (but Alyssia's okay, it's mostly K-Good...) I like that instrument much better. Dude... I dont know what I'm gonna do without Cliffie and Chels... Brad and Awesome Austin... *tear* I dont know! I think what I'll do is the songs that Cliff needs me on I'll play in that section and other songs I'll be a FH. drama... fun stuff.

Gotta love band.

Hmm.... what else can I rant about?

Crosswalk was fun yesterday. It was options night so me, Cliff, Adrienne, and Chels just kinda chilled out. I stuffed some envelopes for Pamela. Adrienne got me a wicked adorable wallet thing. I love my Adrienne. :)


Beccanator out.


Matt said...

To be honest becca, I am one of the best people at hiding my emotions. Ask cliff. And if you join the French Horns... im sorry but you HAVE to sit next to me, who cares what dupuis says, your sitting next to me.

Becca said...

HELL YEAH!!!!!! WOOO!!!!!!! *jumps in air* I didnt even think of that!! wooooo I'm so excited now... dude... this excites me to no bound...

YAY! :)

Katie (Olivena) said...

sounds like a fun time

Listen to The Used, one of the songs mentions 'emotions on my sleeve' plus the screamy to melencholy music will cheer you up...

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

hey, i remember i did a song in choir a few weeks ago called "lementations". sweet song lol...

Nettie said...

We are not talking about sheep, black or white, Sister Margaretta!