Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm Sure Chopin Baked Cookies Too

So yesterday I composed the music to go along with Kadijah's song... well this should be interesting. Hopefully she likes it and all the words fit in a way that she likes. *crosses fingers* It's simple, yet complicated... with the structure of the song not quite fitting the structure of the composition... but I shall make it work.

Today I went over to Joe and Cliff's with Chelsea, Matt, JoJo, Amanda, and Melissa. We made like a zillion million cookies for church... dude it was so fun... me, Amanda and JoJo had mild flour fights and "compared finger prints" in the bathroom... haha you had to be there. "Mine's more swirly than yours!"

And Chelsea attacked me with dough... and I have MAD egg cracking skills. We had mixed drinks.... haha aka red mountain dew and coke...

"Did I just say the word: 4 koala bears?"

"And the Empire State Building was made out of toothpicks in 1973..."

"Angry Chinese citizens will attack you."

"Just keep swimming... just keep swimming..."

*me and Chelsea imitating Sleigh Ride and Christmas Festivals* "Reeeeer da da da nanananana na na na na reeeeeeeeer da da nanana" (or something...)

I can do anything better than you :)


Beccanator out.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

"BASTARD! Ooh... dont use that word."

Today I went to school for 4 hours... to work at the craft show. I hung out in concessions with Kayla, her mom, Mr. Adleman, and Ms Reynolds and Matt her son. IT WAS SWEET!!!! I've decided that I love Abby's mom (Ms Reynolds) because she's kindof just like me in a way... :) Then me, Katie, Aims, Cara, JoJo and a bunch of other kids helped tear down. Like the guy with the dolly who, when the automatic door closed on him, said "BASTARD! Ooh... dont use that word!" That was pretty much the highlight of my day. AND we got free muffins! Yep. That's Williamston for you.

Then we went to the lady who has really smelly-good things and we helped her tear down. I accidentally broke that metal stand thing... imagine... the one thing I break at the craft show is metal. Woo. :) Go me. I gave JoJo a ride on the rolly table and that was pretty fun... ya know...

Then me, Katie, and Aims walked downtown to eat at Kountry Kitchen. That was sweet... "NOPE!" haha... nice.

Then we walked down to McDonalds to get some cheap dessert and saw Matt and Ski uptown. "What?? You're out of apple pie?? MATT! They're OUT of APPLE PIE!" "Becca are you at McDonalds?" "Yesss..... represent!"

I'm just too cool.

Then Katie and Aims went to my house and we played DDR and karaoke and then watched A Series of Unfortunate Events. "Soda, soda, banana." "Bite me."



Beccanator out.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Because Its Thanksgiving, Kids

Okay, technically not, but I got home too late last night and didnt feel like updating.

So yesterday I went to my cousins' house and chilled with them. Actually only like half our family was there because the other half was in New York City for the Macy's parade. *lucky* Anyway we just sorta hung out there... eating good food, playing Apples to Apples and DDR, singing Christmas songs and watching Polar Express.

Yeah. Good times.


"Becca I am going to practice then take you in Dance Dance Revolution and WIN!"- Bob

Yeah, dare to dream, Bob... :)

*Jingles Bell* I BELIEVE!!! Wow... we got too much amusement out of watching Polar Express... only us.

Anyway that's pretty much it, today is the traditional day to decorate for Christmas *joy...* but lucky me I have no shelf space in my room so I dont know what I'm gonna put in there... at least we have our 9 ft tall fake tree already so we can decorate that.

Somehow I'm just not excited about Christmas this year. It came too soon. I dont know, I guess I'm just feeling something that I cant explain. The year went by too quickly, and I'm not sewn for snow.

Maybe by the time December rolls around *cough*5 days*cough* I'll be excited. I figure that's gonna be the case.


Beccanator out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So yeah guys. I got a myspace so I could talk to Lena, Bobbi.... all those kids and Double Stuffed Oreos out there. However dont cry, kids, I'm still sticking with this thing. I'll just copy and paste stuff from this thing to that thing... man I'm becoming cooler by the minute.



Beccanator out.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

We'll Get Along Well

Yesterday I went to get my new fishie. I wanted to get a slightly-bigger-then-a-guppy fish... actually I wanted a full grown Oscar or a Pirhana. Pirhanas are seriously the prettiest fish in there, but the fish people said they wouldnt do well in hard water or in our high pH.

I settled with a "baby" Tiger Oscar. He's about 3 inches long, 2 inches high. His name is Tango.

The fish lady told me that Oscars were dramatic fish. I said we'd get along fine. She said he probably wouldnt eat for a week and lay on the gravel and play dead.

He ate just fine, it's the laying down in the gravel and playing dead that he's best at right now.

Everytime I walk in he's either stuck himself to the filter, hanging out by the heater, or hiding behind the castle. Maybe he's just afraid of the giant Finding Nemo poster I put directly behind the aquarium on the wall. I mean, come on, if I was a small fish, I'd be apprehensive about a giant paper shark behind me 24/7.

I think he's just mad at me.

He actually played dead for me once.

I peeked in though, and whenever I'm not looking he's swimming around all fancy-free and whatnot. Spaztic. That's what he is. And moody. Gotta love Tango.


Beccanator out.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Have Fun In Surgery!! *smiley face*

So for the past few days KaNolen has been out for surgery. I mean, surgery is no picnic, and she's really a nice lady but... *tries to conceal joy* that woman drives me up the wall. She's simply too happy. And when she's not happy, she's completely and utterly bipolar. So when the "get well" card was passed around, well, what could I say?? *angel halo*

And every since she told Lutzke to air me and Hannah's label commercial, about half the school has asked me to do my 'Maureen' accent. And here's the cherry on top: Lutz calls me 'Maureen' now because he'd rather call me by my 'stage name'... well then...

I suppose I've made alot of new friends this year mostly because of band and drama. I mean I miss my seniors like hell but new buddies are always welcome. It's been such a weird year so far. It's more of a reflection year... a trying and failing year... and a "why on earth havent you gotten over that yet" year. I'm trying new things now, seeing what works for me and what doesnt. It's just sweet that I found people who would bear with me through this. Although sometimes it can rather annoying when they dont let up... it's nice to know that some people care enough to bother me.


Beccanator out.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ode To Ches-ley In All Her Glory

Dixit dominus domino meo:
Sede a dextris meis.

Donec ponam inimicos tuos,
Scabelleum pedum tuorum.

Domimus a dextris tuis
Confregit in die irae suae reges.

De torrente in via bibet:
Propterea in exaltabit caput.

Gloria Patri, et Filio,
Et Spiritui Sancto.

Sucut erat in principio, et nunc et semper,
Et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Which in English OBVIOUSLY means:

Chelsey my red-headded goddess of love:
You are ridiculously hot.

With your sparkling personality
Everything in you is sweet.

You make me go crazy for you
Because of your attractiveness.

Your eyes glitter like diamonds in the moonlight
And cast a lovely shadow upon the earth.

Every day you make me smile
Everytime you pass my way

You make my spirit soar on the wings of a bluebird
And you are incredibly sexy. Hell yeah.

HAHA of COURSE! That is my sonnet to Chelsey... see I TOLD YOU I'd write you a song!! WOO! Wow. I'm cool. And that is SO going on Ches-ley's video that she's taking with her to college... yay!



Beccanator out.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Blindly Leading the Blind

The past few days have been delectable. Where to begin?

How yesterday? Yes. That works. I set up my aquarium so maybe tomorrow or sometime next week I'll get me some fishies. Let me know of any name suggestions, k?

Then I went bowling with Matt, Ski, McBride, Alli, Hilars, Alexa, Cliff, Amanda, Emily, Brendan, Brandon, Crystal, and Amanda's friends from Fowlerville: Jordan, Lisa, and Emilee. It was pretty darn hilarious. Wow... we were SO all on Mountain Dew by the end *slurps up mountain dew from the table* wow good times... "MY CHERRY IS DOWN THERE!" Sorry Matt, couldn't get it :) BUTT MUNCH! Emily I dont think that was asprin you gave me. I only fell about... umm... 5 or 6 times... setting off the gosh darn foot foul alarm... AHH! And thanks SO much for paying for me Matt. I'm sorry I'm a deadbeat :( "My bank account just got raped" Yeah Matt, sorry! Now I feel bad for whore-ing your money away... *cries* Sorry!

Then today after church we went to grandma's for Cousin Day!!! I love Cousin Day... anyway... so yeah me and Kellie worked on some piano songs that she wanted to learn... and we had CHEESEY POTATOES!!! The ONE thing I've been anticipating for SO long! *teehee* "It's Red Berry Cran Hot" HAHA KELLIE way to be...

Fun times with the cousins...


Beccanator out.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

And I

So I most definitely come with lamentations from the office- yes- I have at last completed every single required LON-CAPA problem for the past three assignments... :) Struckles is a brute, let me tell you. Actually, no. They were easy. I'm actually beginning to enjoy this course.

Let's talk about drama. It's one of my favorite subjects this year, that's for sure. It's just too fun. Lead by my favoritest teacher in the whole world... ShaNolen :) hells yeah. Anyway today I worked with the nuns for a really long time. Me, Mary, Kelsey, and Emily worked on our song and blocking and singing while acting. Thaaaaaaaaat was funny. "She's a MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!"

Wow, much love and respect to the core nuns of the Nonnberg Abbey...

Like alot of people asked me what was wrong today. Okay, like two. But people dont leave me alone. ShaNolen told me that I always wear my emotions on my sleeve. I said that wasnt good. I said nothing was wrong, but they wouldnt believe me. Hmm... I'm so bad at acting like I'm okay. Note to self: work on that.

Shoutout to Casey and Mary- They're GOOOOONE!



Anywho I've found refuge in my office for the past... hmm... 2 hours? Gawd. Effing slow computer. I got absolutely nothing done other then LON CAPA, which should've only taken about 20 minutes. Nope. Not when this thing keeps kicking me off. Or my sister keeps "accidentally" unplugging the cord from the phone jack. Yay for siblings.

The Computer Geek (I dont know his name) that keeps fixing this old hunk of dinosaur crap that I call a computer put a bunch of MP3s on here. YAY! More Skillet for Becca. Some of the old stuff. It's not as good as the stuff produced in '04, but hey, it's not complete bull.

Oh, and Dupuis, whom I now do not mind at all asked me if I wanted to switch to French Horn. Although I get highly annoyed with most if not all of the individuals in that section (but Alyssia's okay, it's mostly K-Good...) I like that instrument much better. Dude... I dont know what I'm gonna do without Cliffie and Chels... Brad and Awesome Austin... *tear* I dont know! I think what I'll do is the songs that Cliff needs me on I'll play in that section and other songs I'll be a FH. Anyway...band drama... fun stuff.

Gotta love band.

Hmm.... what else can I rant about?

Crosswalk was fun yesterday. It was options night so me, Cliff, Adrienne, and Chels just kinda chilled out. I stuffed some envelopes for Pamela. Adrienne got me a wicked adorable wallet thing. I love my Adrienne. :)


Beccanator out.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Well At Least... I Thought I Was...

Great googley moogley...

Justin Bailey is- in the words of Mary Wardell- the EFFING MAN! (and I apologize if my links dont work correctly, I'm not sure what's wrong with them...)

jbails007: When it comes to socks and wood floors, I turn into Usher.

Nice, Justin. You make a good Captain Von Trapp. And you give very good advice. Hey, it makes sense to me.

Today was fun, I sat with Missy in church and we've decided not to live in the land of "ing"... according to Brad... and the GodCam...

Missy- The GodCam is spazzing out!
Me- No, God's just blinking.

Brad- Many people choose to live outside the God Zone, even many christians. They tend to live in the land of "ing"... whether it be Cloth-ing, House-ing, or BLING BLING!!

Then I accompanied my kids in choir...

Little Jacob Hartges- May I please step out of the room so I can relieve myself? (later) EEW I GOT HUGGED BY A TEENAGER!!! (me, I was intentionally trying to freak him out, my evil plan has succeeded, muahaha)

Then after the services I met Crystal, Adrienne, Karis, and Aunt Laurie to go to the Ronald McDonald house to clean. We ate a Jersey Giant and then went there. Me, Crystal, and Laurie disinfected all the toys, because they always have to keep them clean for immune-surpressed kids. They have one coming in tonight-keep him in your prayers. I made sure to do a thourough job- having a kid be more sick because of you is a terrible burden to carry. At least, I think so. Adrienne and Karis cleaned the room he is supposed to be staying in. It was pretty much awesome, and we're gonna go back on December 11 to serve food and stuff. Man, this makes me sound so goody and churchy, but hey, I had fun. And it definitely wasnt a waste of my time.

Then we went to the 24 hour beaners... wow that was sweet...

"Yes, mother..."
"I taught a class of 31-36 yr olds... one girl's skirt kept falling down... oh I mean 31-36 MONTH olds!"
"What are you pushing? Oh that clock has an HOUR button? THATS how you set it! What would I do without you?"
"When I was younger me and my sister used to think Burt was gay because he lived with Ernie."

Good times.

Then I went to Catholic youth group to hang out with Erin, Carolyn, Allison, Emily, Jeremy, Jake, Mary, and Scott. We watched some movie about the holocaust and it was sad, yet so demented it was comical. Anyway...

That's pretty much the extent of my day. The insanity never ends.

Beccanator out.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Young And Depressed

Well I was going to put a picture of me at Katie's halloween party but this thing wont work so you can always go to her site and scroll down to the pictures :)

I've resorted to chewing gum to stop myself from eating all my candy.

So on Wednesday I went to the Relient K/MXPX/Rufio concert on MSU campus and it was SWEET! (except during MXPX some 7 million foot tall dude squished me into the chairs in what almost became a mosh pit... but other then that...

I went with Kirsten, Chelle, and Hannah. I bought the Rufio CD and some other stuff. Yay merch.

Anyway I just kindof felt compelled to write in this thing again.

Today we had a stress speaker dude today. Contrary to my popular belief, he was awesome and nobody fell asleep. Anybody who manages to keep our auditorium dead silent has got to be pretty good. His name was Guy Doud. His stories were funny and amazing, but also sad and horriffic. I pretty much got depressed sitting there, and havent been able to shake the feeling of pure exhaustion mixed with depression. Yippee. I'm completely... okay, but I cant get rid of the strings attatched.

Anyway enough ranting from Becca.

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Its Amazing What You Can Find Off Random Websites

I found this off some random site. Dont ask me where because I dont remember. I thought it was pretty, anyway.

'She would rather die a thousand deaths then pawn herself off to a man. That is how she put it, at least. She would never get married. If somebody ever came along that she could even think of marrying, she’d push herself away as if she were terrified of him. But then, maybe she was.
Her story is not something that would come up around a coffee table amongst friends. Perhaps not even amongst enemies. Sometimes she wonders if she even has a story. Most of the time she thinks that she’s done a pretty good job of screwing it up. If there was a being in heaven documenting everything she had done, the pages of her book would be strewn across hell and the cover would lay in pieces.
But then, she gets what she deserves.
Wonderful, merciful Savior… the words from the vocalists seeped through her pores, into her bloodstream, and flowed straight to her soul. “That was my song,” she thought to herself. Even though she was in a room of thousands, it felt like the only person who could see her was God himself. Or herself. Whatever God was, ‘it’ was watching her; and ‘it’ was the only thing she could feel, apart from the tears rushing down her face. Ever since things happened, she hasn’t been quite the same. She cannot sing that song without choking up. Precious redeemer and friend…
One thing she could not let go was how misunderstood she had been. What had hurt her more than that? Nobody has an answer. ‘Well,’ she muttered, her thoughts jumbled and confused. ‘Don’t ask me to do anything for you again, because it is certain I wont.’
She had done plenty to deserve things. Plenty. Nobody believed her when she said that, however. They don’t know who she is. She would never let them know. As much as she hated lying to them, the person they saw was much more flattering then the person she felt like.
She refused to let that matter. However with each passing day she found herself dwindling away into a deep evil pit. She could not find anything else in her life worth waiting for.
She had done all she could do. She did her best, but as usual, her best did not cut it. Thinking of the end makes her relieved. No more stresses, no more traumatic events. What she longed for was death, and to be perfectly honest, she could not wait one second more.'