Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why Have You Forsaken Me

So I guess I havent updated in a while. I guess that's because I havent really had a moment to myself lately. Whatever.

So last night I went over to Katie's and we just kinda chilled.... took a walk and made oreo shakes and started on song lyrics (and yes, we made a hilarious one about The Cow)

But we had alot to talk about too. We talked about how we hate people that make huge deals out of things that really shouldnt matter. Especially, at least at our age, politics. I mean seriously guys, lets be realistic. We are just loser teenagers who couldnt make a difference if we tried. Honestly, there isnt a thing that we can do until we're 18, and people wont listen to us then either. People who would put friendships and relationships on the line because of different political views make me sick. There are some people like that, whom I know, and I love them to death, but honestly guys it's a waste of hot air, and a waste of my life.

We also talked about how much we hate Chem. We've never felt so retarded because nothing has ever been this difficult to understand. I mean, I understand the material, just not the way the book is worded. And it doesnt help that I'm terriffied of Struck. *hides*

The staff at WHS, at least most of them, should realize the immense amount of respect that we have, or should have, for them. Honestly, what they do amazes me because I could never have the patience to teach. Ever. Even though I work with my kids at church, that's church. It's not the same thing as school.

Especially the performing arts teachers, like S. Nolen and Miss Kelsey. Because Nolen is just that motherly figure of the school for me, because so far I've had her for my entire HS carreer. She just has a way of dealing with things that is...motherly I guess. That's the way she treats us. Miss Kelsey as my undying respect because she's a music teacher. And to me a music teacher is the most worthy thing a person can be. The one thing that keeps me alive is the thing that she can teach me.

Anyway, that's enough words of wisdom from a kid who probably wont be heard much anyway.

Beccanator out.


Becca said...

wow.... 24 hours without a comment... I guess I consider myself out of the 'sphere now...

well thats one less thing I have to worry about

Nettie said...

Hey, ya know I'm always here, my net was down is all. And if someone like me cna make a difference before I'm 18, then imagine what you could do. And I mean that.

PirateKayle said...

I'd have to say art and music teachers both alike rock. And yeah politics blows, it makes no sense at all. And three cheers for hating chem and eating oreo milkshakes (I can at least relate to eating oreos)! *Cheers* (drinks coke).

Katie (Olivena) said...

yeay for talking!