Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Take Your Tears, Put 'em On Ice

Yeah. So my keyboard is being super slow, and the letters dont show up until about I'm done with 5 letters after. Yay.

I kindof hate slow computers.

I also hate how I've lost interest in art. However, not THE arts.

I hate how I really dislike riding bikes. I just dont like it.

I also sorta hate random acts of kindness.

And the color white.

And the fact that Kelsey changed the sixteenth notes in The Green Hornet to a friggen trill. Even though we do lack the talent (well not ALL of us) to do the sixteenth notes.

And the fact that after Dupuis moved me to the 50 on Hawaii Five-O, Kelsey moved me off.

And the fact that Grand Ledge is tomorrow, my lips are shot, its from 3-11pm, and Kelsey wont let us do homework in the stands.

But thats pretty much all that I hate on the surface, yay!

General announcement: I love Anna Ashby and Sarah Zichi. Because they're so friggen cute. Arent they??

And Elizabeth since she's getting us into the Relient K concert for free... but I loved her before too :)

"Those are ENORMOUS!"-Elizabeth

You'd definitely have to be in PIT to figure that out.


Oh yeah so I have a story!!! haha okay yesterday I had this little Chef Boyardee spaghetti ohs thingy in a little lunch pack and I forgot about it at lunch so I was gonna eat it during drama. Mrs Nolen doesnt care, so I just ate it. Except there's just one problem, I broke the little tab thingy off that you use to open it. So, I went in to the teachers lounge in search of a can opener, and I found one, except it sucked and I had to just clamp it down all around the top to poke little holes, then pry it open with my thumb.

I guess that didnt really make any sense, but it doesnt matter. Because it was friggen funny.

Anyway... so I guess I'm done now.

Tootles, kids.

Beccanator out.


Chelsey said...

I helped with the spegettis o's...yeah me!

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

gotta love them... good luck with all the things u hate too...

PirateKayle said...

white can be pretty cool color in my opinion but only if its worn with black or dark denium (so can't spell). White pants kinda wierd me though. And I think bikes are kinda over rated it's too hard to talk to my friends when I'm riding a bike, not to mention my bike is a piece of shit. And I'm so confused, band? What? So lost? oh well (laughs).

Nettie said...

This isn't a random act of kindness. This is a random "Guess where I'm blogging from?"

Melissa said...

It sounds like life is becoming more livable...I loved the song in the previous post...to to funny...sounds like something my sisters and I would do!!!

Becca said...

ches-ley- heck YES you helped out!!! WOO! WE WIN!

KL- haha thx!

Sair- yeah eew white

Nettie- WHAT are you talking about?

Mel- yeah... a bit! And I love our song <3