Saturday, October 08, 2005

So There Was This Really Awesome Girl Who Had A Party...

Yeah... so after that horrible football game (and telling Cliff about my dream...heehee), we all crashed at my house to party :)

Dude it was sweet... thanks to Kevin, Ski, Matt, Cliff, Dillon, Josh, Katie, Lisa, Amy, Mary, Jenn, Hannah, Erin, and JoJo for coming over!!

"Maybe its a monkey, Becca."-mom
"But it has four legs!!"-me


I feel so loved... my mom insisted on showing old baby movies of me... so that was... erm... fun...

And then we reviewed our 8th grade version of the L-O-S-E-R Channel... and THEN shot another HS week version!!! AHH it was so fun.... "Who's Jerry? Jerry Springer?"


and then we sang the Numb Bum/Froze Nose ballad!! (Because at the football game I made up the second verse which was Froze Nose) so I shall now enlighten you with the lyrics...


One day I went to see the band
On a very chilly afternoon
I went up to sit in the stands
But pretty soon...

My bum
Went numb
Because those freezing bleachers
My bum
Went numb
How silly of my band teachers
To plan an outdoor event like that
When some forgot their mittens and hats *cough*LAURA*cough*
My bum
Went numb
Now I need a butt transplant.


One day I tried to play in band
At the very last home football game
But when I went up in the stands
I was put to shame...

My nose
Is froze
Because this autumn evening
My nose
Is froze
I really feel like leaving
Cuz I've got better things to do
Then sit around and watch our team lose
My nose
Is froze
And I still need a butt transplant.


*random thought*

anyway I think its pretty sad when I start counting down the days to when a new post on PostSecret comes out.

I'm pretty much done. (and have you noticed I figured out the link button? Click on them... some of em have pretty funny pictures... blackmail I'd say... ) wow I'm cool.

~Beccanator out.


Katie (Olivena) said...

i loved the links.... those are awesome chica... dont forget about the reinaction of Miss Kelsey's love sonnet!

Becca said...

YES!!!!!!!!! haha


hahahahaha.... good times good times...

Nettie said...

Here's the story
of a girl named Becca
who figured out how to
do really nice links...

Becca said...

You liked em?? OH check out my sexxi friends in band uniforms... heck yes...


Hilary said...

AHH!! Sorry I missed it!! Did you pretend I was there like I told you? lol Im cool =P

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

nice lyrics lol. couldn't have said it better myself... and i still feel like a total asshole for missing ur party. add that to the list...