Saturday, October 29, 2005

"Its Like Committing a Slow, Painful Suicide!"

Okay, BIG and CoLoRfUL for Becca today...

Yesterday me and Hannah shot our Label Video... and I must say that KaNolen is gonna hate us SO much.... (Yes KaNolen, not the way cooler ShaNolen)

Then I headed over to Ski's to pick out a pumpkin at his patch. I met his 2 year old cousin and his grandma... they're pretty cool.

After that I walked over to Dillon's house for his Halloween Party and holy moly Holly makes the BEST food EVER... its pretty sweet when your friend's mom is a caterer. :)

We watched 'The Shining' and it was pretty stupid... we all made fun of that hideous looking lady and how ugly all the characters were... and what's with that creepy old hag and that random person dressed up as a gerbil? The only slightly freaky part of that movie is the little kid and how his imaginary friend Tony keeps screaming REDRUM... REDRUM... (which is MURDER spelled backwards... haha... yeah)


"Hey Becca lets make Christian babies!"

ooooooookay Chad. :)

Well tonight is Katie's Halloween Party so I better get going to find something to wear...

Good golly gosh I dont have a costume yet!

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


"She just kept going click click click type type type!"



"McBride... you're fifth grade picture is UGLY"

"Karlo! You have a big purple vein that sticks out when you play!"

"It has three wheels, you dont need a kickstand."

"A mole's not an animal in Chemistry...."


"And then here's me, saying something retarded like 'arsenic is poisonous, why would you drink it?'"

"Oh, woe to me, business is bad. I send Taki to the dry cleaner store, and now I have no time with him!"

"That's the way... uh huh uh huh.... I like it... uh huh uh huh!"


"Little choose-y Suzie... shopping around... PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN!"

"What do you mean you dont eat no MEAT?"

"Me and Chelsey are going on a date to Mr. Bowles' room!"

"My thighs are so gross..."

"I'm lovin' your nuts Becca."

"Hey SARAH want some NUT SEASONING?"

Wow. The past couple days... were sweet.

Beccanator out.

Friday, October 21, 2005

"Sometimes its Better..."

Yeah, me too.

Beccanator out.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Scratch That, Start Over.

So since I have a spastic English teacher who told us that we're destroying ourselves, we're off the ice cream diet.

Which is a good thing, because I felt so weak and also because I dropped 4 pounds in one day.

Enough said.

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day One

Yes, the rumors are true.

Hannah and I really ARE going on a strict 7-day ice cream diet for English class. :) All we're eating is ice cream and water.

So our point is gonna be to find the difference between "lowfat" and "regular" ice cream. Right now we're on vanilla (but darlin we're gonna have to change that real fast!)

So if my system backs up and I die, you're all invited to my wicked sweet funeral :)

Beccanator out.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sophomore Slump

AHHHH.... curse Chemistry class... darn you LON CAPA... eek!


Yeah. So anyway today was pretty boring... Lisa had that kneeldown thingy and Ski gave us a very interesting Pow-Wow conversation... ugh *shivers* haha

Then Carolyn gave me another Henna.

Then after school I saw McBride and Alli... with DOOGAN!!! aww that puppy is so cute!

Anyway this entry is kindof pointless I guess.



Well I might go to Midnight Madness at the Breslin Center tonight. Sweetness.

And tomorrow we might go to Uncle John's after Katie takes the PSAT. Then later is her partaay!! :)

So I guess I'll just end with a quote from The Harvey Girls... that 1946 musical that Miss Dawson let me borrow:

"I don't know whether we're the Three Musketeers or the Three Blind Mice."-Judy Garland, The Harvey Girls

How true, how true.

Beccanator out.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Darling, What Did You Expect?

So yeah. I love fall. It's my friggen favorite season, yo!!!

So right now I'm pretty much staring at all the rich people pulling up my driveway to go to my rich neighbors' fall party in the Spanish Garden. Gawd, I'm so glad we didnt have to go to this one.

Hey, is that Lauren Stasek? Poor girl, I bet she doesnt wanna be there. I dont. Only reason I would is for free food. And to frighten the people. :)

Wow, that person is ugly.

And that guy's old.

Heh heh. Oh there goes Mary. She's certainly the partier (no not Mary my friend, Mary DeWeese my rich neighbor lady) She's nice, but I dont think she likes me. Oh well. I have more then my share of people who like me. *hah* Anyway... she throws like 300 parties a day... heck yeah...

eew who's that?

Oh gross what did that lady do to her hair?

Ugh is that a man?

Nice bald spot, dude.

HAH I love myself. 'Specially when I'm brutally critical. It's just so amusing.

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Take Your Tears, Put 'em On Ice

Yeah. So my keyboard is being super slow, and the letters dont show up until about I'm done with 5 letters after. Yay.

I kindof hate slow computers.

I also hate how I've lost interest in art. However, not THE arts.

I hate how I really dislike riding bikes. I just dont like it.

I also sorta hate random acts of kindness.

And the color white.

And the fact that Kelsey changed the sixteenth notes in The Green Hornet to a friggen trill. Even though we do lack the talent (well not ALL of us) to do the sixteenth notes.

And the fact that after Dupuis moved me to the 50 on Hawaii Five-O, Kelsey moved me off.

And the fact that Grand Ledge is tomorrow, my lips are shot, its from 3-11pm, and Kelsey wont let us do homework in the stands.

But thats pretty much all that I hate on the surface, yay!

General announcement: I love Anna Ashby and Sarah Zichi. Because they're so friggen cute. Arent they??

And Elizabeth since she's getting us into the Relient K concert for free... but I loved her before too :)

"Those are ENORMOUS!"-Elizabeth

You'd definitely have to be in PIT to figure that out.


Oh yeah so I have a story!!! haha okay yesterday I had this little Chef Boyardee spaghetti ohs thingy in a little lunch pack and I forgot about it at lunch so I was gonna eat it during drama. Mrs Nolen doesnt care, so I just ate it. Except there's just one problem, I broke the little tab thingy off that you use to open it. So, I went in to the teachers lounge in search of a can opener, and I found one, except it sucked and I had to just clamp it down all around the top to poke little holes, then pry it open with my thumb.

I guess that didnt really make any sense, but it doesnt matter. Because it was friggen funny.

Anyway... so I guess I'm done now.

Tootles, kids.

Beccanator out.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

So There Was This Really Awesome Girl Who Had A Party...

Yeah... so after that horrible football game (and telling Cliff about my dream...heehee), we all crashed at my house to party :)

Dude it was sweet... thanks to Kevin, Ski, Matt, Cliff, Dillon, Josh, Katie, Lisa, Amy, Mary, Jenn, Hannah, Erin, and JoJo for coming over!!

"Maybe its a monkey, Becca."-mom
"But it has four legs!!"-me


I feel so loved... my mom insisted on showing old baby movies of me... so that was... erm... fun...

And then we reviewed our 8th grade version of the L-O-S-E-R Channel... and THEN shot another HS week version!!! AHH it was so fun.... "Who's Jerry? Jerry Springer?"


and then we sang the Numb Bum/Froze Nose ballad!! (Because at the football game I made up the second verse which was Froze Nose) so I shall now enlighten you with the lyrics...


One day I went to see the band
On a very chilly afternoon
I went up to sit in the stands
But pretty soon...

My bum
Went numb
Because those freezing bleachers
My bum
Went numb
How silly of my band teachers
To plan an outdoor event like that
When some forgot their mittens and hats *cough*LAURA*cough*
My bum
Went numb
Now I need a butt transplant.


One day I tried to play in band
At the very last home football game
But when I went up in the stands
I was put to shame...

My nose
Is froze
Because this autumn evening
My nose
Is froze
I really feel like leaving
Cuz I've got better things to do
Then sit around and watch our team lose
My nose
Is froze
And I still need a butt transplant.


*random thought*

anyway I think its pretty sad when I start counting down the days to when a new post on PostSecret comes out.

I'm pretty much done. (and have you noticed I figured out the link button? Click on them... some of em have pretty funny pictures... blackmail I'd say... ) wow I'm cool.

~Beccanator out.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yeah... I'm Cool.

Happy birthday to me :)

Yeah, Cliff (and Alaina), it's the big 1-5.

Beccanator out (to go partaay)...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why Have You Forsaken Me

So I guess I havent updated in a while. I guess that's because I havent really had a moment to myself lately. Whatever.

So last night I went over to Katie's and we just kinda chilled.... took a walk and made oreo shakes and started on song lyrics (and yes, we made a hilarious one about The Cow)

But we had alot to talk about too. We talked about how we hate people that make huge deals out of things that really shouldnt matter. Especially, at least at our age, politics. I mean seriously guys, lets be realistic. We are just loser teenagers who couldnt make a difference if we tried. Honestly, there isnt a thing that we can do until we're 18, and people wont listen to us then either. People who would put friendships and relationships on the line because of different political views make me sick. There are some people like that, whom I know, and I love them to death, but honestly guys it's a waste of hot air, and a waste of my life.

We also talked about how much we hate Chem. We've never felt so retarded because nothing has ever been this difficult to understand. I mean, I understand the material, just not the way the book is worded. And it doesnt help that I'm terriffied of Struck. *hides*

The staff at WHS, at least most of them, should realize the immense amount of respect that we have, or should have, for them. Honestly, what they do amazes me because I could never have the patience to teach. Ever. Even though I work with my kids at church, that's church. It's not the same thing as school.

Especially the performing arts teachers, like S. Nolen and Miss Kelsey. Because Nolen is just that motherly figure of the school for me, because so far I've had her for my entire HS carreer. She just has a way of dealing with things that is...motherly I guess. That's the way she treats us. Miss Kelsey as my undying respect because she's a music teacher. And to me a music teacher is the most worthy thing a person can be. The one thing that keeps me alive is the thing that she can teach me.

Anyway, that's enough words of wisdom from a kid who probably wont be heard much anyway.

Beccanator out.